Day 3 in Goa. Time we actually swam in the wonderful Arabian Sea.

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March 2nd 2019
Published: March 8th 2019
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Today’s plan was for a little less scootering and a bit more relaxing.

After breakfast, smothered in factor 15, we headed for the beach and the sea. These days in Goa are the only ones when we are fully exposed to the sun as we tend to cover up quite a lot in the cities.

There are red flags along the beach but someone was in the water with a small child directly in front of the hotel so we went in there too.

Then a man in high viz came along with his whistle and ordered us out of the water, said we couldn’t swim at that red flag, we must swim at the one to the left or the right as those had a lifeguard sitting underneath.

So we went left and sure enough there was a lifeguard under that flag so we swam there. Always best to follow orders even if you had no idea they were there to be followed !

It seems the water can come up very fast and there have been drownings on the beach. The sea is wonderful. Nice jumping waves but not the type to knock you over, or under for that matter and the sea is beautifully warm. Had forgotten how nice it was as only paddled up to now.

After the swim we were fully charged for another scooter run so this time headed directly inland to a town called Margao. Managed to drive right past and when we appeared to be on a rather busy dual carriageway with some big trucks I tapped Bob on the shoulder to suggest I was not over happy being there. We pulled over and consulted Map Me and then headed back to town. Surprisingly we got round the roundabouts without any contretemps. Surprising as we have observed that many Indian drivers do not follow the rules of the road and are just as happy going right to left round a roundabout as clockwise. Waiting until the road is clear until you pull onto the roundabout is a total unknown.

We found what we think is the centre of Margao as there were some rather nice municipal gardens and a big council office building and had a little wander and photo opportunity. Had to lend Bob my sunhat to wear against the Goan sun as he has more need as he has a lot less hair on his head than me. Then back on the scooter to the hotel and a lovely time by and in the pool.

We had been following the news as India and Pakistan had been at loggerheads or actually worse, shooting planes down level, after India had objected to a terrorist attack in Kashmir a few days earlier and sent planes in to attack the training camp.

Pakistan had cancelled all flights and the airspace over Pakistan was closed so lots of international flights which overfly it had been cancelled or diverted to avoid the crossfire taking place from both sides across the border.
We were hoping that the Indian pilot who had been shot down and landed unfortunately on the Pakistan side of the border would be returned today as that should diffuse the slightly iffy situation.

Interesting to note that just a week ago we had been at the Wageh border ceremony and this Friday the ceremony was cancelled as that was where the pilot was to cross back to India.

Much later in the day we learned he had in fact been returned and breathed a sigh of relief.

We were somewhat amused by a man we had met at breakfast who most self-importantly told us he had just been ordered out of Delhi as he was sooooo critically important to his company that they could not afford to risk him and was therefore cooling his heels in Goa. Have to say we didn’t believe a word having not seen anything at all alarmist in the press, Indian or otherwise, but the conversation amused us as he talked hush hush with his wife and told her off for saying he worked in Delhi at all. Each to his own but he didn’t look critical to any company certainly without his top on !

Back to Little Palm for dinner as the restaurant on the beach was closed to us. A wedding was there instead. We had watched as the ‘party organisers’ had been setting up the props and stands and tables and lights in readiness.

PS: The Little Palm owner has asked me to pass on the word that it is a brilliant place to eat. It is so I am doing so here.

We went down to the beach just before sunset to catch the light but also the party while still light enough to sneak a few photos.

The Indians do know how to dress for a posh frock do.

The party went on until after midnight, we could hear the music from our room but not in any too loud sort of way. Last day in Goa, another flight, another city tomorrow.

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