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Asia » India » Goa » Margao August 26th 2018

After blowing the budget on dinner last night today was always going to be chilled we had a leisurely breakfast, checked our travel plans for later in the day and headed out to the Goa state museum. The museum is now shut. The collection has supposedly been moved to the Adil Shah Palace but on arrival there it also looked very shut.... Quick change to plan B - a walk up the hill and back around to our hostel. The walk took us past some stunning buildings and the higher ground is obviously where the more affluent inhabitants reside. The views from the top are beautiful and exploring the old Portuguese buildings a pleasure. Exploring away from the busy main roads I could understand why people like Panaji. We arrived back at the hostel in time ... read more
Packed bus stopping for diesel!
Margao - municipal gardens

Asia » India » Goa » Old Goa August 25th 2018

Today we got the bus to old Goa. This was a surprisingly straightforward venture and very cheap (10p each!). We were lucky enough to get seats on the way there, although we had to stand on the way back. Old Goa used to be the Portuguese capital of Goa, with a population greater than that of London in the 16th to 18th centuries. Unfortunately they had to move the capital to Panaji in 1843 due to Malaria and Cholera. The area is now a world heritage site and full of old churches and cathedrals to see. On arrival we were surprised at how small the area is and how little there is in terms of cafes or places to eat. The guidebook recommends a day trip there but unless you’re particularly interested in the archeology museum ... read more
Church of St Cajetan
Se Cathedral
Church of St Catejan

Asia » India » Goa » Panaji August 24th 2018

Arriving in Vasco Da Gamma at just after 6am we were surprised at how quiet it was. There were no auto rickshaws waiting outside and most of the stalls and shops were shut. There were, however, a lot of taxi drivers. These seem to be replacing the tuk tuks in Goa. Deciding a taxi was far too expensive we walked straight out of the station, past the deserted tuk tuk stand, and managed to find ourselves a bus to Panaji. Perfect! And only 40 rupees each... The bus stand in Panaji turned out to be a mere 2km from our hostel so we walked there. Unfortunately we were somewhat early. Reception don’t start until 8am, breakfast isn’t until 830 and check in is after 230pm - welcome to laid back Goa! We are staying in the ... read more
Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
Miramar beach
Miramar beach

Asia » India » Goa » Palolem February 20th 2018

Exactly 1 month since our first journey to India together began and we have a daily routine that both energies and exhausts us!! Here is what a typical day looks like lately, as we enjoy our time on Palolem Beach in Goa: 7:30: Taylor wakes up to the sounds of multiple birds chirping and leans towards me, waiting for me to notice he’s awake. He kisses and cuddles me and I nibble at his waist while he giggles, still groggy. 7:34: Taylor is wide awake, sliding off the bed and looking for a ball. We’re already playing! 7:45: we eat pomegranate, with mini sweet bananas, oranges or mangos. Or I nibble at what I can while Taylor devours it all and I start cooking breakfast...scrambled eggs with onions, tomatoes and cheese and chai for me. 9:00: ... read more
Riyash, his Indian brother
Navin, Bettina’s son
Nouri, Annie’s friend who he adores

Asia » India » Goa » Betalbatim February 18th 2018

** Hope Noone is confused but I just mixed up my photos for 17th and 18th. Now sorted ** Went the other way along the beach today, North along the lovely soft sand until we couldn’t walk any further. Easier walking along the harder sand at the water’s edge and then we can cool of as required with a refreshing paddle. Surprisingly my poor right knee doesn’t like the softer sand at the back of the beach, and boy of boy, is there a lot of soft sand round here. My knee says it is too lumpy and now my left knee says the same thing and had to put ice-packs on them last night so being careful today. Along the way there are several separate beach areas. Sunset Beach is one, not sure of the ... read more
fun fun fun
South Goa beach dogs
South Goa beach

Asia » India » Goa » Betalbatim February 17th 2018

We decided to take a walk along the beach, left goes to Colva. Checked at reception how much a taxi back should be in case we wanted to get one. 300 rupees. Best to know proper price as Goan taxi drivers have, it seems, a bad reputation for overcharging. Idea was to walk before the full heat of the sun so we set off at about 10 am after I had liberally slathered myself in suntan lotion. Lovely walk along the beach, nothing better for getting a bit of exercise and also an even tan. Note no suntan has hit my skin so far despite having been in India for 10 days. We stopped quite a lot really to look at things most especially the fishermen and their boats. We’ve seen similar boats in Sri Lanka. ... read more
Lovely beach seller. I didn't want to buy anything so gave her money for a photo instead. We shook hands on it.
Egret or heron ? Not sure, will check later
What I love about the Indians, who we like a lot, is that they love to have their photos taken either together or very often with us. If I point the camera at anyone and say "is it ok ?" they always pose themselves, smile and say Yes.

Asia » India » Goa » Betalbatim February 16th 2018

We checked out of the hotel in good time, before 8.30 am for our Air India flight to Goa. Had enquired as to the price of a hotel taxi to the airport at the hotel reception and was told it would be 2400 (£24) rupees. Given we came all way from Agra for 5500 in a hotel taxi we decided this was taking the mickey and said so. Receptionist agreed, quietly, and advised us to ask for a taxi to be called ‘from outside’ where price would be 600 (£6) rupees. That’s what we did and it was. Delhi traffic as expected, grid-locked in places which suddenly clears and we are on the way again. No problems at the airport apart from being redirected from the domestic gates to the international, even though it was a ... read more
And as for why with this one !
Starting work on a tan
Favourite Frangipani flower

Asia » India » Goa » Palolem January 31st 2018

Day 3: I think...I’m so tired and confused about the time and day that it’s hard to actually know how long we’ve been here. But I imagine something like three days! We basically sleep and wake up and sleep and wake. As soon as Taylor wakes up, He finds a toy and immediately plays! I’ve spent the last three days trying to make sure that in addition to Taylor, all of our stuff makes it with us wherever we go. And there have been many moments on the go...a new destination and new hotel evert night so far. In the past it was quite simple... watch my bags, which are quite sedentary. I’m usually just responsible for a couple valuable items, all of which are replaceable. Now, in my care, are 3 bags and a moving ... read more
Puppy love

Asia » India » Goa November 15th 2017

After another long train journey, the staple of our time in India, we arrived in Thivim in North Goa from Mumbai (which I’ll post about later as we actually visited twice). We’ve found the trains to be a really good experience, perfectly comfortable and on the whole reliable bar the one train from Agra to Jaipur. We’ve mainly travelled on a mix of 2 A/C and 3 A/C, but there isn’t that much difference between them. 3 A/C basically means there are 3 bunks instead of 2 and you don’t have a curtain dividing your compartment from the rest of the carriage. The other passengers have always been friendly and we spent one journey teaching an elderly lady how to play the card game ‘shit head’ although we didn’t teach her the name in exchange for ... read more
Julia on Agonda Beach
Dinner with Agnes & Erik
Another German Bakery!

Asia » India » Goa March 26th 2017

February 20 we arranged a 5:30am auto rickshaw to get us to Hosapet in time for our 6:20am train. The only traffic on the road was endless ox carts heading off to the fields. The drivers and occasional passengers were huddled up in blankets while we were appreciating the breeze. There was a bit of a wait at the station as it was announced that the train was running an hour late - it was actually two hours late by the time it showed up. Right around sunrise the Mosquitos came out in force so we hid inside the waiting room. Breakfast was a "dosa to go" - a rice pancake wrapped around potato curry and wrapped in paper. Quite delicious. So 2 hours late leaving Hosapete and another hour late arriving in Madgaon, Goa. That ... read more
Onion pakora

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