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Asia » India » Bihar » Patna April 17th 2016

In the recent past, I had missed Patna's development track. Last visit was in January 2016. I was looking forward to a newer Patna. Lovely to see that the traffic system has improved. There are traffic lights working everywhere. Traffic police was active. The airport is getting more organized. Amazed to see that people accepted the changes as well. Amazed to see the new museum. It's the biggest museum in this part of the world and has the caliber of Asia level. The Sanjay Gandhi zoological and botanical garden was ever well maintained. There is a new park also which has started new Patna Sachivalay. The park is well maintained and is very clean. Definitely more such parks are needed and surely it will come. There were new restaurants which had also opened in almost all ... read more

Asia » India » Bihar » Patna March 28th 2016

Nous voilà en Inde. Nous avions entendu beaucoup de choses sur ce pays avant d'y arriver. Et en effet, l'Inde est étrangement paradoxale. C'est le genre d'endroit où l'on peut passer de la crise de larmes à la crise de rire en une seconde. Européen, tu ne peux pas y garder ton intimité. Il y a constamment une centaine de personnes qui te fixent, et sans sourire. Les trois premiers jours n'ont pas été évidents, et puis finalement on commence à s'y faire. Notre passage est, je pense, bien trop court pour avoir le temps de s'habituer à la vie indienne, je me demande d'ailleurs si c'est une question d'habitude, mais suffisamment long pour nous permettre de voir si nous pensons remettre les pieds dans ce pays. Et oui, personnellement, je reviendrai en Inde. Ce pays ... read more

Asia » India » Bihar » Patna December 18th 2011

We finally made it to the Birgunj/Raxoul (Nepal/Indian) border crossing after about 10 long hours of riding in our taxi. Our driver had no idea what the protocol was when it came to exiting/entering countries. He drove us straight through the border and past both visa stations. Once we finally got him to understand what we needed to do,(ie. actually present our selves to the officials who handle Passport, Customs, Immigration control, both on the exiting of Nepal and the entering of India). It is never advisable to run a border between two countries the way our driver casually did. We had to turn around and attempt to cross the border back into Nepal unnoticed. This had us a little concerned, but we made it through with no problems. Once we got our passports properly stamped ... read more

Asia » India » Bihar » Patna June 14th 2011

Greetings of the day to all, After we finished from Agra, we straight headed back to our Cab. We only had 4 hrs time to reach New Delhi Airport. So I told the driver to drive as fast, but safely, as possible. He did a good job, we were at the IGI airport at 11:00hrs. We boarded the flight, and were the last one to board. Anyways, the flight left on time. We got the seat which was next to each other. I was happy to see some beverages and food coming our way. We were really hungry, because on the way back from Agra, we did not stop anywhere for food. And now it was time for landing again. Excited to get out at the airport in Patna. Almost jumped out of the aircraft. Went ... read more

Asia » India » Bihar » Patna May 12th 2008

It's decided Patna is the Milton Keynes of India. As a city it seems to exist only for itself, it's got nothing to appeal to an outsider there are only a handful of restaurant and no cafes. (I wanted to sit somewhere cool and just have a drink, I had to settle for a burger bar in a weathered shopping mall) It seems to hate pedestrians, not unusual in an Indian city but in a very Milton Keynesian way; the roads are all straight and long, intersecting at crossroads, with no pedestrian crossing points. At the weekends the roads go similarly dead and quiet, not as dead of course, even a Cotswold hamlet musters up more activity than Milton Keynes. There is absolutly nothing to see as a tourist (I was warned of this, but I ... read more

Asia » India » Bihar » Patna May 11th 2008

See below for my previous troubles getting in and out of the pleasant holiday resort of Darjeeling, however I am pleased to report that I've left and am now in Patna which I would affectionately describe as either the Milton Keynes or Bradford of India. But this post is not about Patna but about my journey to Patna. If I've learnt anything about myself so far it's that I much prefer being places than travelling to them. I suspect this is not an especially ground breaking opinion and may be one held by lots of people, nevertheless I feel it's a slightly ironic view for someone who wishes to call himself a traveller to hold. My feelings may also be coloured by the fact that I find it a pain to get anywhere in India. So, ... read more

Asia » India » Bihar » Patna October 10th 2007

When travelers in India think about Buddha they mostly think about Bodhgaya, where he became enlightened... But he spent a lot more time in India than just getting enlightened in Bodhgaya... For instance he also died here, on his way back home... And so I decided to take a look at some of the other places of significance in Buddha's life... First stop, Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh, this is where Buddha died and amazingly for a place where such an important event took place, hardly anybody seems to visit it... I was the only western tourist around, and most people seemed surprised to see me... Kushinagar is a nice and small village with quite a few Buddhist monasteries, a crumbling stupa said to be the place where Buddha was cremated and a beautiful golden deathbed statue ... read more

Asia » India » Bihar » Patna February 12th 2007

Kavli: Saa er vi, i skrivende stund, kommet til Indien, mere praecist Patna. Da vi planlagde rejsen skraemte vi min mor med at ville tage et sted hen hvor der var en fandens masse kriminalitet og doede politikere i vejgroeften. Og gaet hvad, vi er her nu... (Men her er ingen politikere) Chitwan Nationalpark Moenster: Chitwan var godt. Vi tog paa en af pakkerejserne som inkludere tre dage, hvilket egentlig ikke er helt tre dage, men mere halvanden dag, og det var jo ikke nok for os, saa vi blev et par dage til. De foerste par dage gik hurtigt, da programmet var fuldt belagt. Foerste aften stod det paa kultur, serveret paa fad. Hvilket vil sige at vi satte os til rette og saa en masse mennesker (og en enkelt paafugl) hoppe og danse rundt. ... read more
Naesehorn i oejenhoejde
Den eneste tiger...

Asia » India » Bihar » Patna January 21st 2006

The bathroom here poses a bit of a safety hazard. Not only is the power point for the geyser directly opposite the shower, leading to a potential water/electricity interface, but the cord hangs over the squat toilet, leading to a potential McCabe throat/cord interface while I'm taking a leak. The Indian Rail website was still awash in a sea of wait-listed seats, so I decided to try directly at the station using my foreign charms. A bit of grovelling at the reservations manager's office seemed to produce the desired effect - even though I had a wait-listed ticket, he assured me he would make sure I got a seat. I exited while tugging my forelock. There doesn't appear to be much to see in Patna. I saw no other foreigners while I was walking around, and ... read more

Asia » India » Bihar » Patna January 20th 2006

Based on a discussion that we had had yesterday about a book called "The Diceman", George tossed a coin this morning to determine where we would have breakfast. Fujya Green won out, and demonstrated that its slow service was not just confined to dinner. We had one final wander around the main temple complex. Through the stone fence bordering it on the west side, many beggars were sticking begging bowls or even just their cupped hands in order to receive alms from the pilgrims. Looking at these people through the fence was like seeing them behind bars. It was then time for us to catch an auto to Gaya, as both our trains were leaving at around lunchtime. I could be wrong, but it seemed as though our driver booted out his existing passenger when he ... read more
George having a black tea moment
My hotel - the Deep Guest House

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