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Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 30th 2006

After having been upgraded on my flight to Hong Kong, I arrived in good spirits to a very hot, humid city. I arrived in the area in which I will be staying for the next few days: Mong Kok. The night before I left London I spoke to guy who had lived in Hong Kong for a year and amongst other great advice he described Mongkok: "It's a shit-hole, mate!". (great, i thought!) The Rough Guide entry was slightly more diplomatic and kind, merely saying it was an example of a "more authentic local Chinese neighbourhood". In reality, I was struck by shades of both these descriptions. It's a supremely over-populated, congested and "non-touristy" area but after a while, there is a certain charm to it. I must admit, I was failing to see this charm ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 27th 2006

A quiet day in Hong Kong! After our very late night it took us quite some time to surface this morning. The knock on the door by the Housekeeping Staff hurried our wakeup at about 9.00 am. Up until that time even the girls were safely tucked up in bed. Once we got started however, we moved like lightening and were out and about at just after 10.00 am and found our way across the road to Delifrance. It has been interesting that there are no restaurants of the Chinese variety in this area open at 10 am. So after another delightful lunch we hit the shops with a vengeance. (Actually we have had a very shoppy kind of day!) We started at Wing On Plus - which appears to be the Chinese equivalent of Target. ... read more
And Little Miss Minnie
Glass Milk Bottles

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 26th 2006

Having found out that my Mum would be in Hong Kong on business, whilst we were going to be back in Bangkok killing time before heading to Perth, in a drunken moment, celebrating England's first win, I decided to look into booking a flight over there for the weekend to see her ... as you do! Further convinced by listening to Bulk and Wigg wax lyrical about how fantastic Hong Kong is, the seed was well and truly planted and I spent the next day trawling the internet trying to find a flight that wouldn't bankrupt me. After a lot of false starts and hassles that I won't bore you with now (At one point I had 3 tickets!) I was booked onto a flight and on my way to see my ma - excellent work! ... read more
Hong Kong Island
The Star Ferry

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 26th 2006

I’ve been involved with so many exciting people and events since my last blog. I will relate a few of them here. But, for those of you who I will visit when coming home, be assured that I have many more to tell, should you be interested. I hope that some of the joy I’ve experienced resonates with you as you share my stories with me. Someone to Talk to A few weeks ago I had lunch with an American who has lived in Hong Kong for the past 21 years. I related my inner struggles with holding in so much frustration about how I’m treated as a blind woman in Asia. My friend, Mark, encouraged me to be as assertive as I am at home. He reminded me that Americans are known for their directness ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 24th 2006

Another Successful Hong Kong night! After our little nap this afternoon (giving the whole travel thing we needed it) we got ourselves up and about and headed off to the Temple Street Night Markets. Now there was a shopping experience. Mark saw a copy of Cars (as in the new Pixar movie) and Da Vinci Code for sale. Roughly about $HK20 ea. Now that works out at about less than $Aud5 ea. Not sure about the quality though. When we came back that way we saw Police on the beat and no DVDs. Funny really. We saw clothes, bags, jewellery, watches and even Air Pistols! Literally anything you want you can buy on those markets! Bamboo Scaffolding: yes we saw lots and lots. Given the changes taking place in the Architectural World of Hong Kong, the ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 24th 2006

Wow! Who knew that Hong Kong is so beautiful!!!! (actually, Benji does, he's been here several times before...) But seriously, once you get past the huge CITY, the surrounding hillsides are quite picturesque! After getting trapped in a monsoon in Bangkok yesterday while checking out the Grand Palace (Long live the king!!!), we're excited to be back in the northern hemisphere and away from the rainy season. We just arrived here earlier today, and managed to find the smallest hotel room in the entire city. It's a wonder we can even fit our packs in it... but I'm not complaining. The city is so vibrant, and SO different from BAngkok (though the weather is similar... HOT!!!) As Benji likes to say, this city is like a furturistic Sci-fi movie. If the TV show Futurama is modeled ... read more
grand Palace
hong Kong, or Futurama??

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 24th 2006

Hello again from Sunny Hong Kong Well after last nights efforts we decided to start off a little later today. Not that this stopped us getting to all the things we wanted to see. Waking up in the hotel after a well deserved sleep we got ourselves organized and headed out to find a suitable place for breakfast - one of the small drawbacks which we thought would be easier to overcome than it really is was that breakfast was not included in the package - so we wandered down Mody Road and found a Starbucks Café. Boy was this an insight. The croissants are covered in coconut and everything comes with Ketchup! I think that the secret is to breakfast get to Starbucks before 10 am! Then off we went on our daily travels. We ... read more
Tin Hau Temple
Those amazing neon lights

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 23rd 2006

We finally made it! After traveling by Skytrans on Wednesday afternoon (there was a bit of bumpy bumpy on the landing) we got to our initial destination. The room was ready and we were really close to the room as we requested. We took a taxi up to the Esplanade which was a simple trip, grabbed some MacDonalds and decided to walk back to the hotel. Elizabeth was terribly unimpressed but we got there. That was the easy part! There was a young group of people staying at the hotel and they decided to party outside in the pool until 3.30am. Unfortunately the room was overlooking the pool. So they yahooed all night and we finally got up at 4am with very little rest. Gee thanks a lot guys!!!! So at 4am we got up (since ... read more
Kowloon Harbour

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 22nd 2006

Greetings! Thanks to everyone for all the get well soon messages. I'm pleased to report that my cocktail of drugs is doing the trick and I am, as of 10.30 pm feeling almost back to normal, barring a bit of breathing trouble and some irrational sweating. . Glynn took me out this evening after another day's rest in the hostel for a romatic stroll along the cheesy Avenue of Stars - it's like the Hollywood Walk of Fame I think, only featuring a Chinese cast - to watch the cheesy light and sound show over the bay. Actually it was nicer than I've made that sound. Imagine a long stretch of decking dotted with multicolured tiny star-like lights and the water lapping gently at the banks. Then add a Europop kind of music soundtrack and some ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 21st 2006

There's not much to report about today as I have been knocked out with a bout of gastric flu :-(( I spent all night yesterday burning up with a high fever and I've hardly eaten for 3 days, so I thought I ought to see a doctor before leaving for Beijing on Friday. At first I had thought I was just suffering from some kind of heat exhaustion (it's hot and about 90% humidity here) but the doctor said different. I'm glad to have a diagnosis and I now have a colourful array of pills to take. You have to pay privately for seeing the doctor and for the medicine but it turned out to only cost HK$250 which is about £17.50. Needless to say, I haven't left the hostel room today other than that but ... read more

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