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Asia » China » Zhejiang » Jinhua December 1st 2017

…and fruit flies like bananas…hard to believe I will be home in less than a month. I think this China trip has gone by the quickest of all. I’m really not sure why, but maybe it’s a combination of being totally at ease with what I do here and, to some extent, with China itself. China is always going to be a mystery regardless of how long you spend here as a foreigner, but at least some of the mystery becomes less, well, mysterious. Overall, the Chinese people that I am in contact with, even if just for a few minutes, have been great. Gentle, generous and genuine. (How’s that for alliteration?) As a ‘for instance’, I have been going to a restaurant by my supermarket for dumplings or noodles from time to time. The husband ... read more
Joel Rubuchon's Le The Salon, Shanghai
 Shanghai: chaps playing checkers
It really is just recycled...

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Jinhua October 14th 2017

Fall is here finally. Today, Saturday, is in the low 20's C (just started to rain! Yippee!), which is still shorts and tees, but last night I found myself surreptitiously eyeing my sweatpants; managed to stave off the temptation, though. As soon as you slip those bad boys on, it's a slippery slope to admitting that you are snivelling weenie that can't handle a bit of a nip in the air. Still, it does make for a much more conducive environment for "teaching", if that's what we're calling it these days. The students are a little more perky, but only marginally so. They just had the Fall National Holiday break, so theoretically they should be all energized and zippy. I'm still waiting for the zippy bit. The students are still scampering around in cut-off denims and ... read more
Duck necks...
Kids on Diggers...
Dumpling place...

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Jinhua September 17th 2017

Some time later...I've been back at school for a week already and as usual time slips by in a weird warpy continuum. As we used to say in Korea "The seconds go by like hours, the weeks go by like minutes". Jinhua is simultaneously alien yet so familiar, everything is in the same place and there are no surprises, yet I still feel out of step with the rhythms of life in China. Meal times are earlier and quicker--if you aren't in one of the many school cafeterias by 1:00 pm you are pretty much out of luck as the kitchen staff are clearing stacks of (thousands!) dishes, chopsticks (millions!) and mopping tables and floors getting ready for the next flood of staff and students. Gary and I are in the newest cafeteria and a huge ... read more
Freshmen students...
BBQ Duck and stuff stand...

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Jinhua September 8th 2017

I won't bore you with the mundane details involved in travelling from Nanaimo, via Vancouver to Shanghai and then on to Jinhua, Zheijang Province, PRC for my third teaching semester at Jinhua Polytechnic University other than it went smoothly and without serious aggravation. Even the security clearance procedures at either end were relatively painless, apart from long queues at the Air Canada counter at YVR as passengers for three Asian flights were all checking in more or less simultaneously. My flight was on a sparkly new Boeing 787 with all the bells and whistles like newest version in-flight entertainment and spiffy cabin 'mood' lighting. Shanghai was hot and humid and predictably smoggy, although not as bad as the media would have you believe. My Shanghai hotel was great as always: old school service and a solid ... read more
The world's saddest breakfast...
Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Jinhua April 21st 2016

The return to Jinhua was a bit of a downer moment for me. It seemed liked such a small city once I compared it to Wuhan. I now understood the comment that Jinhua felt too small to Terry. It seemed so much smaller and uncultured when compared to what I had vaguely seen in Wuhan. I knew how Terry felt “trapped” in the small city that Jinhua offered to him. It felt so small to me even if I was used to living in this city. It was but a stopping point along a much longer journey I needed to make but still an important stop for me to understand what actually faced me if I travelled around China. I had felt like my entire hometown could fit snugly in nothing but a block or two ... read more

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Jinhua July 15th 2015

“Tianning Temple of Jinhua” With a late start, because we needed to grab breakfast at around noonish, Terry and myself set off in the light rain to our new destination. We used a taxi since it was safer than navigating the rain slicked roads of Jinhua on an E-bike. The ride felt long to reach Tianning Temple of Jinhua (金华天宁寺) but we soon discovered we were not as far off the beaten path as we thought we were. This temple was definitely inactive. As a typical tourist attraction, it held none of the flashiness other places use to draw in the crowd. It was in disrepair and time had not been kind to this small place. I must admit that at first we ended next door to the temple in the yard of a hotel. The ... read more

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Jinhua July 14th 2015

“Jinhua Aiqing Cultural Park” The next adventure with Terry started on a misstep as we discovered, after a long taxi ride, that the place he planned to show me was closed. Undaunted, we looked at Terry's prepared list for a good alternative site to visit. Within moments taxi was flying back over the route we had came on, our new destination was the Jinhua Aiqing Cultural Park. I must admit we could not visit the entire massive riverside park. Only a section was photographed and explored before crossing one of the many bridges to lead us into a secondary sister park (Jinhua Architecture Park) that sat on the opposing bank of the Yiwu River. I must believe that my presence had reignited Terry's passion for exploring since he kept saying how he had barely visited most ... read more

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Jinhua June 24th 2015

Another adventure for Michel and myself, as normal it started off with a late lunch at FeiRock Cafe but by the time we actually left it was too late to visit the spot we had originally had chosen to see. Which was the Jinhua Shuanglong Castle at the foot of the Jinhua Mountain, so having a backup plan of seeing the Taiping Tiangou Palace and the Shiwangs Residence of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. We both knew we were cutting it rather close when we left. When we did finally arrive we arrived at its gates we managed to see briefly on the inside when the guards informed us that they were slowly closing the doors that we didn't have enough time to explore the grounds. That the place was closing in 30 minutes. So sadly we ... read more

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Jinhua June 13th 2015

Tanning Temple of Jinhua and Wuzhou Park ITs a nice rainy Sunday here in Jinhua, the signs of Spring has arrived. Our current voyage of Jinhua is to the site of Tanning Temple of Jinhua. Located on the banks of the Wu River in the lovely Wucheng District. Of course, as per a recently started tradition, we had to have our lunch with a cup of coffee. After which, the goal was to find a taxi. But while having lunch we had an unexpected visitor. A young child around the age of 9 or 10 years old and became interested in us staring intently and interested in our activities. We had also met his younger sister who at first glance became scared and ran away to her mother. But after some convincing that we weren't crazy ... read more
right pillar
Left pillar
sign once again

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Jinhua June 12th 2015

Paris is far behind me now as I sit in Jinhua. The flight from Paris boarded late delaying my arrival in Shanghai. I am happy that my friend Terry (travellingterry) was able to meet me. We did have minor issues to get ourselves en route to Jinhua, mostly due to my overweight baggage. I already knew the hardships of trying to manoeuvre my suitcase, carrier bag, and secondary bag while arriving and leaving Paris. None of this had prepared me for dragging it all around Shanghai, using it as a foot stool during the train ride, and rolling it around the streets of Jinhua at midnight. Terry settled me in at one of the outside restaurants as he went to a near by motel to secure me a room for the night (which became my “home ... read more

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