Tanning Temple of Jinhua 金华艾青文化公园 and Wuzhou Park婺州公园

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June 13th 2015
Published: February 21st 2016
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Sign next doorSign next doorSign next door

The sign and entrance way to the Tanning temple Hotel
Tanning Temple of Jinhua and Wuzhou Park

ITs a nice rainy Sunday here in Jinhua, the signs of Spring has arrived. Our current voyage of Jinhua is to the site of Tanning Temple of Jinhua. Located on the banks of the Wu River in the lovely Wucheng District. Of course, as per a recently started tradition, we had to have our lunch with a cup of coffee. After which, the goal was to find a taxi. But while having lunch we had an unexpected visitor. A young child around the age of 9 or 10 years old and became interested in us staring intently and interested in our activities.

We had also met his younger sister who at first glance became scared and ran away to her mother. But after some convincing that we weren't crazy and were actually nice she relaxed a bit with the presence of her mother. After lunch we were once again off. So, Allsoni-y.

We had finally got our taxi which we had to share with another passenger. It wasn't long until we were at our destination. We had walked up the drive to reach the building which i had originally
right pillarright pillarright pillar

The right pillar of the sign
thought to be the temple were we would have to pay to enter it. But it ended up being the hotel that was beside it. The staff at the hotel was kind enough to redirect our search to the proper place. We entered the first building which was the entrance. Outside the entrance was two statues and of course the sign above the double hard wood doors. Both myself and Mike took turns having our photos taking in-front of the door. The fee to enter this place was of course free. We crossed into the temple area on the other side of the first building both to the right and left were stairs where we had to take up to see everything else. As we walked up the stairs looking out towards the street seeing the roofs of the building we had just exited. once we had gotten to the top of the stairs we had seen a couple of buildings around on this level.

The first building we saw was a small pagoda with with pillars on the inside made of concrete with Chinese writing on two of the four sides (inner sides) of the pillars
Left pillarLeft pillarLeft pillar

the left pillar of the sign
a slab with writing on it also. As we walked out from there we ventured right to the front of the many building snapping shots as we went. This is where I was somewhat disappointed in the experience here. I was expecting to see inside the main build some sort of religious place, but all i saw was a near empty room with a bell near the front of the room on the right of the tall double oak doors. and near the back a sign that explained the history of this once proud temple after snapping some shots of this room and a video of the sign i proceeded out talking a walk around the building hoping to see what else i could find in this place. The place was deserted, empty and abandoned. I wouldn't say neglected it did look kept, I would say more abandoned and not used as a tourist sight.

As Michel and I left this empty shell of a place and proceeded to decide where to go next. It was an obvious of where to go next. We decided to go to the Wuzhou Park that was across the street from the Tanning Temple.

Now what can I accurately say about Wuzhou Park that others have not written about the place? Well, during our walk through the park the heavens decided to open up and start the downpour or rain. And yet Michel and I still went through. The lush greenery that was in abundance here. The quiet serenity of the park, which helped instill a peaceful nature around the area bringing to light the river that was near by. Most parks here in Jinhua I found bordered the YiWu River. The photos of the Wuzhou Park span a couple of visits to the area and at different points during the day as well. If anyone has a chance I do suggest visiting this park in the future.

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The hotel The hotel
The hotel

the hotel is the building on the right

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