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Asia » China » Xinjiang » Lake Kanas July 3rd 2022

Hemu Hem was a relatively short drive from the Lake Kanas National Park. We arrived in the early evening after leaving the Park. As we drove towards the village it looked like there were two locations. The larger habitat was a little bit lower down the valley. We ended up at the smaller and higher of the two. We were picked up and taken to our accommodation. By this time it was getting late and after dumping our bags we congregated in the nearest restaurant for an evening meal. Shortly after to bed. The next morning I arose early and walked around the town. It was fairly small and there was a lot of construction going on. This place is being developed at an amazing rate, Breakfast was simple local fare back at the same restaurant ... read more

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Lake Kanas May 1st 2016

Xinjiang is an amazing and one of the most culturally diversed provinces in China (47 different ethnic groups with the Uyghur being the biggest one). But I have to admit that getting up here is all but easy and I took almost two days before getting there. This part of Xinjiang is situated in the northern part of the province north from Urunqi (The capital city). The area reminds me the Italian towns of the northern part of the country. I stayed in a local village in a one of the wooden houses, which was really welcoming. There are a lot of walking trails surrounding the area and for a couple of days I spent a great time trekking along rivers, mountains, rural villages and the lake. I had also the luck to meet a local ... read more
Wooden houses
Rural village

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Lake Kanas July 30th 2012

Okay everyone! I am back and in a bit of a rush unfortunately, but I am back and all in one piece. It was a pretty interesting trip altogether, but it sure was a pain to get to. Lets begin! I arrived via sleeper bus around 7am to Bu'Er Jin. From there I rode in a share taxi with another Chinese family to the park entrance (about 2 more hours and 80RMB away). The taxi driver was a hoot and was blasting Michael Jackson tunes all the way. He was also singing along but doesn't know English so basically he was spouting out the sounds of the song, not really words per se. Fun ride up actually. You pass some absolutely EMPTY lands on the way, too. Flat, flat, flat! You can see for miles in ... read more
Golden Eagle Fight
All Alone...
Girl Milking Cows

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Lake Kanas October 6th 2007

lake kanas. land of ice and snow (yay, i threw a snowball! an important milestone in any australian's life). beautiful mountains and pine groves. yurts, camels, goats, sheep, horses. kazakh people selling furs by the icy blue river. we signed up for the last kanas tour of the year the day before. it must have been fated, i told kt (who was concerned because we didn't have many warm clothes. we did a quick shop that afternoon). so we got on the tour bus early in the morning. ten hours to buer'jin, which is a sleepy little tourist town near lake kanas national park. it doesn't really seem to have much point to it aside from the slightly crappy hotels and markets. just another town. i wish i wasn't so blase about it, but it's hard ... read more
yurts n mountains
kt n me at lake kanas
washing in a mountain lake

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Lake Kanas September 11th 2007

It will be a 13 days trip. For my living place - GZ, XinJiang is located in another side of China. Fish or Whale? Read a story sent by my colleague, it took me a long time to think about my life, a fish life or a whale life? Obviously a whale life. As all known, fish is living in the water, and whale also. The difference is that the whale looking like a fish use lung to breath, it has to rise to the surface and breath after a long time, but the fish doesn't. I am enjoying the whale's life, even if struggle for the overload work every day, after a long time (half year or more), I'll take a long journey, breath in another place. Maybe too comfortable in the office, some kind ... read more

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Lake Kanas June 9th 2006

Hi all this week we took a long and hard drive up to the north of Xinjiang (look at the map). it is a very unique area in the boarder of china, Russia and Mongolia because it is the only place in China that have a Siberian taiga Eco-system. . the park is not so new but the tourist infrastructure is all from the past year. it is mainly built for Chinese tourists and we saw no Western people for the whole 4 days there. To get there we took a Chinese tour group. we asked to get a tour with a English speaking guide. all we asked for is that the guide have basic English so we can know where and when to go, eat, sleep. instead we got one that not only did not ... read more
crossing the Jungar desert
crossing the Jungar desert
crossing the Jungar desert

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Lake Kanas June 9th 2006

hi all Kanas park was in it's springtime and it was full of flowers. we were overwhelmed by how many diffrent kinds of flower there were there. Hagit thought that there is no need to send so many flower photos in our blog so this is a flower appendix to our previous entry: This is the real Kanas Park blog entry if you got 2 link today then LOOK AT THE PREVIOUS ENTERY. it is more intresting :) ... read more
Lake Kanas flowers
Lake Kanas flowers
Lake Kanas flowers

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