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June 9th 2006
Published: June 11th 2006
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hi all

Kanas park was in it's springtime and it was full of flowers. we were overwhelmed by how many diffrent kinds of flower there were there.

Hagit thought that there is no need to send so many flower photos in our blog so this is a flower appendix to our previous entry: This is the real Kanas Park blog entry

if you got 2 link today then LOOK AT THE PREVIOUS ENTERY. it is more intresting 😊

Additional photos below
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Lake Kanas flowers Lake Kanas flowers
Lake Kanas flowers

I (Yaron) think this was the best flower in Kanas. I hope Hagit will allow me to publish this since she is not arround now :)

12th June 2006

Flora and Fauna
Yaron, technically speaking, your wife is not a flower (and I think you know her father is not a gardener). I could add to this line of verbal games, but this is, after all, a public space. I like the appendix more than the main entry (or at least as much). This is web-writing- concise, to the point, adding next to nothing over the main point, except for a light personal touch. Douz-point. Some of the flowers look really great in the pictures ( and I'm sure they were even better in real life). I liked the Irus-looking one best. As for the main blog- it's good to see you're not wasting time even though you have all the time in the world. Festivals are always a good choice. And celebrating on the road (be it BD, anniversaries, or just plain-old holidays from home) is always an experience to remember. I, personally would like to hear more about travelling with Chinese tourists. Don't know if you'll be up to it again, but it sounds like a weird way to mix local atmosphere with touristy atmosphere. Keep on enjoying yourselves, LK. PS thanks for the Mazal-Tov, and the same to Hagit for being 27 again. PPS It would take some time before I catch up on everything, for obvious reasons... I didn't expect to get to respond that quickly. PPS why comment on this instead of the main blog entry? To be the first, of course! What were you thinking?!?

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