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September 11th 2007
Published: September 11th 2007
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It will be a 13 days trip. For my living place - GZ, XinJiang is located in another side of China.

Fish or Whale?

Read a story sent by my colleague, it took me a long time to think about my life, a fish life or a whale life?

Obviously a whale life. As all known, fish is living in the water, and whale also. The difference is that the whale looking like a fish use lung to breath, it has to rise to the surface and breath after a long time, but the fish doesn't.

I am enjoying the whale's life, even if struggle for the overload work every day, after a long time (half year or more), I'll take a long journey, breath in another place. Maybe too comfortable in the office, some kind of people would like to prefer hiking with a 70L travelling bag. When come back, they can work with passion once again.

To our surprised, some other kind of people who haven't much moneny usually live like a poor, once got the salary, it will drive them shopping until a coin gone, they prefer to be rich man one day, and live in debt in the coming days.

Sometimes, a special thing can fulfill your lifetime, make it fruitful, colorful & meaningful.


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