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Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar August 17th 2018

The last stage of the journey had all the hallmarks that define the Karakoram Highway – it required patience, involved the unexpected and had spectacular scenery. After leaving the hostel and walking to the bus station, we passed through the security scanner at the gate and saw Calvin. An Indonesian he has just finished doing a Masters degree in Beijing and is travelling around China for a couple of months before finding his next job or going home. We’d spend much of the evening before talking to him at the hostel and knew he was also planning to take the bus to Kashgar. We were pointed towards where 4 shared taxis were parked on an empty lot. We wanted the bus but weren’t concerned as it was parked just past us. Marie was left with the ... read more

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar August 16th 2018

Tashkurgan is totally different to Pakistan. Dominated by big concrete buildings, many behind barricades, and while only a small town it’s main road is a big 4 lane highway. There was barely anything on it as we walked down the side, we wondered where all the life was. The only other foreigner on the border bus was a Korean woman, also heading to K2 hostel (which is where all the travellers in Tashkurgan go), we had said we could head there together. There was no sign of any form of transport we could take and everything we had read said the town was walkable. The map we had didn’t extend as far as the immigration office so we asked a couple of young Pakistani guys on our bus, who are studying in China to become doctors ... read more

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar August 15th 2018

Crossing the Pakistan/China border is a long and interesting process. We arrived at the bus ticket office 9am sharp as instructed. After a 10 minute wait one of the bus guys walked us down to Pakistan’s customs/immigration. There we waited outside a small hall for 20 minutes before being invited in to take a seat. We watched for another 10 minutes as 2 guys exporting carpets unpacked them 1 by 1 and the customs guys poked a huge number of holes in them before they were placed individually on the floor and had a sniffer dog ran over them. Finally they were painstakingly allowed to repack them in their original bags. When we were invited to the counter our bags got a cursory glance and our passports checked. We were then told to leave our bags ... read more

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar March 3rd 2018

This rather odd system has retrieved missing Day 2 in Turpan, so I have now published it, a bit late. After and excellent night's sleep in the Sultan hotel, we had a very fine breakfast, intrigued to notice that the waitress had sat down at a neighbouring table, put her down down and fell fast asleep, dead to the world. Admittedly it was 9 am Beijing time, only 7 am locally, but one could only speculate about the vigour and possibilities of Kashgar's nightlife, to which he had been oblivious on our arrival. Moving on, we strolled through a neighbouring square, adorned by a life-sized three-dimensional brinze camel train, and past the rather sad nearby trio of an actual camel, yak and horse. Kashgar is evidently geared up for a tourist influx quite soon, but for ... read more

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar June 9th 2017

Ein typischer Tag, der mit Einreiseformalitäten verbracht wird. Das Frühstück war ganz chinesisch, aber immerhin gab s außer Reisbrei und Hefeteilchen auch noch andere Köstlichkeiten. aber einige von uns waren schon überrascht. Das Hotel, in dem wir wohnen ist ganz vornehm, voller Marmor und Gold, riesige Halle... Aber für die Tassen gab's beim Frühstück keine Untertassen, für den Saft keine Gläser usw. In meiner Dusche ist eine Anti-Rutsch Matte, die ich nicht mal anschauen will, geschweige denn benützen will. Sie ist schwarz von Schimmel. Ich weiß von vielen Hotels, dass sie in weit entfernten Gegenden europäische Manager einstellen. Das ist hier offensichtlich nicht der Fall und man merkt es. Aber natürlich ist das Hotel prima, wir kommen aus Kirgisien und Tajikistan - da hatten wir ganz andere Unterkünfte. Ja, und dann trafen wir uns um 11.00 ... read more

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar October 8th 2015

I was travelling in the far west corner of China and one of the most diverse provinces of the country along the Silk Road. I like those travels passing through the desert scenaries: it is enchanting and I love the admire the landscapes on a train I just find it fascinating and I adore to travel for days on it. I traveled through the Taklamakan desert in one of the rometest part of China. Kashgar or also Kashi as it is known by the "bendi ren" local people. Here the people are Uighur which is the main ethnic group of Xinjiang that has about 47 ethnic groups in total. This city with its people of very old traditions, cows, goats, camels, the stunning ancient city and bazaar made me fall in love with this place. Here ... read more
Clouds of smoke
Colours inside the Bazaar
Beautiful Market

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar August 7th 2015

Since we left Turpan everything has been different. The people, the culture, the food, the language, and even - unofficially - the time. We had plenty of time to get to Kashgar so made a couple of stops along the way, one turned out to be a good idea, the other not. First up was Kuqa, the good one. We'd managed to book two soft sleepers on the train and amazingly had the whole four berth compartment to ourselves for the whole journey, but before we could discover that we had to make the 50km journey from the city of Turpan to the closest station which is in a hellhole called Daheyan. In my wildest dreams I can find no reason why anybody would live in such a place, not for the first nor the last ... read more
Kashgar Street
Kashgar Night Market
Kashgar Night Market

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar September 14th 2014

Tashikurgan provincial town, 230km south of Kashgar on the Karakorum highway - a focus of this trip, the town is still in China but only 14km from Tajikistan, a quick look round town and is has all changed again, 60% of locals from Tashikurgan, different hats & they might kiss your palm for a greeting, generally not really pleased to be Chinese. The whole area is steeped in history, back to Han Dynasty. Three mountain ranges meet here in town, Himalaya, Tien-Shan from North (bit annoying as thought I had been in Himalayas for 3 wks already - seams not), and Karakorum mountains to south. The route south passes within 30km of K2, although it requires 10 day trick to see K2. So where is K1?, well K1 is the Karakurum mountains of Pakistan - see ... read more
New travel hotel
Eagle symbol of Tasikistan people.
what is for supper?

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar September 13th 2014

4 nights in city we were ready to leave. Alim arrived with driver 9:30 saturday morning to guide us south, at various check points & his paperwork's gets us waved through, the first section is 200km highway to Karakuli lake and a Yurt stay, very popular with tourists in region. With 80km of roadworks, where locals are building a new road some of it on 50m stilts to level gradient, which does avoid river when it floods, but I would prefer to maintain hairpins bends in an earthquake zone. Karakuli lake is a nice setting at 3600m, surrounded by 3 mountains all over 7500m, was bit cloudy, but U just wat to take better photo, so took all day to arrive there. The Yurt was nice, with thick noodle supper. Restrained myself from following the local ... read more
Harley in dry river wash
New G314 road construction
Bit of gravel on G314 road

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar September 10th 2014

First day in China, we went to vehicle testing centre, for bike checks & permits to drive. Buying fuel for a bike is tricky especially in city, only possible at the 3rd service station, which we drove 100m up wrong side note dual carriegway to get too!. The fast pump flow rate is considered a risk, so attendants fill a kettle then we can pour fuel into bike away from pump, I would suggest this is quite risky too. Kashgar is a city of 1million people, so are there 1000 cities like it in China?. Estimate 200,000 electric scooters in this city - they are everywhere, have own special lanes between pavement and main roads, but seem to just move randomly with purpose, 1 in 30 would carry 4. Police and army are very visible here, ... read more
Decanting with 7ltr Kettle
no mini mart !
scooter conjestion

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