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Asia » China » Shanxi » Taiyuan November 21st 2016

In the picture, I was standing in front of a giant Buddha. There are many famous giant statue of Buddhas in China. Buddhism is one of the most practiced religion in China. A significant amount of historical record is based upon it. A significant amount of historical remanning is based upon it. Although I am not a buddhist, I am amazed by the work of many buddhists. Through such giant statues, I can see art, I can see passion and I can see the deep faith of the creators when they built them. One of the reasons why I love traveling is because I get to see creations like this all over the world. Whether it is a magnificent church, painting, moral, statue, sculpture, or temples, I am always in awe of looking at them. They ... read more

Asia » China » Shanxi » Pingyao August 19th 2016

Vandaag onderweg naar Pingyao, ong 400 km rijden vanaf Datong. Het zonnetje schijnt lekker dus onderweg hebben we mooi zicht op het landschap. Soms zien we ook nog stukken van de chinese muur bovenop de bergtoppen. Onderweg vlakbij Pingyao zijn we nog even het landgoed gaan bekijken waar vroeger een of andere rijke chinees had gewoond. Toen we in Pingyao aankwamen werden we aan de rand van de stad bij de stadsmuur afgezet en door de hoteleigenaar afgehaald. Vanuit hier naar het hotel gelopen. Het hotel was heel oud en we hadden zo'n typisch chinese kamer, heel mooi. Toen besloten we om het stadje in te gaan lopen en toen schrokken wij ons kapot. Overal van die elektrische golfkarretjes die overal doorheen scheurden en alleen maar souvenierwinkels. Het stadje is nog heel authentiek maar door deze ... read more

Asia » China » Shanxi » Datong August 18th 2016

het weer ziet er vanmorgen niet goed uit. Het regent behoorlijk hard en het is mistig. Na het ontbijt toch maar richting Datong om de hangende tempel te bezichtigen. Deze tempel is ong 1500 jaar geleden door 1 monnik gebouwd, op ong 75 meter hoogte hangend aan de rotsen! Je vraagt je af wat zo'n gast gedacht heeft om dit te gaan bouwen. Toen we aankwamen op deze plaats regende het nog steeds, dus hebben we hier regenponcho's gekocht en begon de tocht naar boven, natuurlijk samen met een enorme lading chinezen. In de tempel kun je maar op 1 manier er doorheen lopen. Het is dus tegen de rotsen gebouwd, steunend op palen die ook weer tegen de rotsen leunen. Het is vrij smal, maar de monnik heeft ook ruimtes uitgekapt in de rotsen. Na ... read more

Asia » China » Shanxi » Pingyao November 21st 2015

Two bullet trains from Luoyang longmen via Xian bei, a short taxi ride and we walk through the gates of Pingyao city wall and back in time 500 years. It was like being on the film set of crouching tiger hidden hippo. we did attempt to try to find our hotel our selves but after no-one knew where it was we gave up and jumped on one of the electric buggys that flit around the old city. He took us on a tour of Pingyao as he couldn't find it either. Eventually we got there.It was a courtyard hotel and like stepping into the past although a 21th century mattress would have been nice along with some heating. We spent a couple of days here just chilling in some of the bars and cafe's and wandering ... read more
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Asia » China » Shanxi » Pingyao October 26th 2015

Monday 26th October 2015 We checked out of our Beijing Hostel and headed to the train station where we were taking the super fast train again, this time heading west to an ancient town called Pingyao. This is a walled town that has stood for hundreds of years and is popular for tourists who want to see traditional Chinese market streets and houses. We arrived 4 hours after leaving Beijing. As the train pulled into the station, the only people to get off where foreigners like ourselves. As we exited the train at about 3pm we felt the cold hit us. It felt much colder than Beijing and this was probably partly down to the fact that there was nothing around us at all. For miles it was like we were in the desert, only not ... read more
Traditional bed
Eerie night time building
City wall from above

Asia » China » Shanxi » Pingyao July 3rd 2015

One of the most preserved ancient cities and walled areas in all of China. When you try to imagine traditional China you may conjure up images of small cobblestone alleyways, quaint brick buildings with curved tiled roofs and dangling red lanterns bringing colour and vibrancy to these streets. This is exactly what you can expect to find in Pingyao. Well known as the place to go if you want to see the real China. Howevera throw in a load of tourism to what China may have been like and you have Pingyao. From Langmusi we caught an overnight hard sleeper train to Pingyao taking around 19hrs. We always appear to be the only western people on these trains and it's like we are some sort of star attraction with people coming from different carriages to look ... read more
Typical archways
Red lanterns

Asia » China » Shanxi February 25th 2015

Geo: 34.3701, 108.7Xian, the old capital of China, is a must for any visitor even though it will mean an internal flight to get to it. In the lounge in Beijing, we asked when the flight would be boarding and were told that they were announcing the flights. I pointed out that they were only being announced in Chinese not English so they immediately started calling them in English as well which was nice. We were the only westerners on the plane so at least we knew our pick up would have no difficulty in identifying us! We were met by Wallace who took us to our car driven by Mr.Lu. It was great to know that we were the only tourists in the group. They took us to the Grand Noble Hotel in the middle ... read more
Stefan & Wallace by City Gate
Building on wall
No people on top of wall!

Asia » China » Shanxi » Datong October 27th 2014

From there our driver was taking us to see Muta, a five story wooden pagoda which is the worlds oldest and tallest wooden pagoda. It is 67 metres tall and was standing in the midst of a large open area which added to it's impact. It was built without any nails in 1056 and has very little colour on it. Only the bottom floor is open for viewing now - the clay Buddha in this floor was 11 metres high and sitting under a beautiful conical shaped ceiling. We were pleased the hotel had suggested we visit the site as it wasn't one we probably would have bothered with. Surrounded by the usual souvenir stalls, they were at least quite a long way from the pagoda, not shouldering it as is normal. We left the site ... read more
Muta - the world's oldest and tallest wooden pagoda
Close up of the wooden structure of Muta
The large clay Buddha within the Muta pahoda

Asia » China » Shanxi » Datong October 25th 2014

We woke to sunshine and blue skies on our first morning in Datong. Buffet breakfast was a surprise - absolutely everything you could imagine including endless cappucinnos - a lovely way to start the day. We had been planning on catching a bus out to the grottoes - we knew we would have to hire a driver to take us to the Hanging Monastery a it was 70 kilometres from the city but after talking to the staff at the hotel they suggested that we visited both together next day in a taxi which would then take us to the airport (nearly an hour out of the city) for our 7.30pm flight to Shanghai. We decided to follow their advice so once the transport was arranged for the following day we set out to explore. It ... read more
Old drum tower in centre of roundabout in Datong
Ceramic gate at the Fayuan Temple
Painted image within the Fayuan Temple

Asia » China » Shanxi September 26th 2014

A leisurely start saw us hopping onto the coach at a very lazy 10.30am!! First stop was the Little Wild Goose Pagoda - a tranquil place that we were allowed to saunter around at a delightfully meandering pace. Lunch was at the equivalent of a Chinese Cavery - where the chef makes (very elaborate process), cooks and dishes up noodles instead of meat!! After our meal we went for a calligraphy demonstration and then onto the Shaanxi Provincial Museum. In the evening we experienced the Xian lights - a kind of techy version of Blackpool Illuminations. It took our breath away - light/sound fountains, lit up buildings and a mind-boggling animation display on the celing of one shopping arcade I have now come to terms with Chinese zebra crossings - one has to realise that drivers ... read more

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