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Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong January 25th 2015

Happy New Year! I hope that 2015 has started off happily and healthfully for all. After a glorious winter holiday, where I was able to share my family, friends, and beautiful Colorado with Mads, my 2015 started off with a big adventure. The Model United Nations group at my school asked if I could help chaperone their trip to a conference in Shanghai! Naturally, I leapt at the opportunity to spend time with the students in a context outside of the classroom and to visit a new city. After a non-stop flight from Copenhagen to Shanghai, it was hard to discern if the landscape was hazy due to our bleary jet-lagged eyes or the haze…time would tell that it was the haze of air pollution. The airport is enormous, and we were slow moving, but we ... read more
Drizzly Shanghai
Eurpean looking buidlings on the Bund
Evening view of Pudong

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong October 28th 2014

In the middle of the night in Shanghai and refusing to pay double the price for our cancelled hotel room booking meant we had to find somewhere nearby to sleep. We were close to East Nanjing Road which is the wide pedestrian mall which leads down to the Bund so I left Jerry with the bags and set off to find a room. Turned away from a couple that were full I eventually found a small room in a very Chinese budget hotel. It was clean, though we had to go through a maze of corridors to get to it, but it gave us a bed for the night. Next morning though we ended up finding a comfortable room in the Jinjiang Hotel in East Nanjing Road. We bought the Jinjiang hotel chain discount card to ... read more
Shanghai skyline
The Jinmao Tower - we were on the second top floor - the 87th
The Yuyuan Gardens

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong October 24th 2014

Shanghai High Speed Trains, Elevators and Googling ;-) What a high speed day this turned out to be as we entered the Shanghai train station to take the MagLev train to the airport and back. The airport is about 18 miles from the station and we will cover the distance in 7 minutes! The train, due to magnetic levitation 1 cm off the track, goes 250 mph (440 kmh). It is soooo smooth except when we experienced a 1 second “bump and jerk” as we passed a Maglev train going in opposite direction, for a combined speed of 500 mph! We sat across from a lovely young Asian couple who spoke English. She was born in Hong Kong and he was from Shanghai. He travels all over China for work. They said they were so surprised ... read more
Mag Lev Train
Old and New

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong May 17th 2014

17.4.14 Destination: PINGWANG. Distance: 109.5 Kms Road Condition: good surface Weather: cool, heavy o'cast Time in Saddle: 6 hours Av Speed: 18.25kph Elevation: mostly flat Up at 4.15 after poor sleep, must have been subconsciously thinking about today. Breakfast at 5.00, everyone also up and rearing to go. Departed hotel at 5.50 for The Bund and group photo. Discovered that my camera somehow had been drained of power. Will need to get a photo from elsewhere. Traffic chaotic and early cycle speeds were poor. As said earlier, people and vehicles like ants, wrong way up one way streets, u turns in awkward places, huge traffic intersections with confusing lights. A relief to escape the mayhem unscathed. Everyone arrived without mishap. Last 40 Kms, had good tail wind so averaged about 28 kph. The roads for trucks/cars; ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong May 16th 2014

16.5.14 Room sharing starts today!! Team meeting to provide route directions. It's all happening - anxiety rising. Haha. Had Team meeting. Well constructed. Apparently only 26 km of convoy before open road, just very built up for next 300 Kms. Early breakfast at 5 am before departure at 5.45 am., to beat peak traffic. Seems may have wifi in early stages but as expected becomes sparser as we head out. Communications 'Officer' confirmed they have a Sat Phone, for emergencies and urgent contact.... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong May 15th 2014

15.5.14 Today I took the Pudong train shuttle under the HUANGPU R. to Pudong, the financial district and modern China. Similar in size to the financial district of HK. Amazing architecture, soaring towers of glass, one building has curves and must reach over 100 levels. At Pudong I found the Chinese tourists, visiting the Jiabao Communications Tower ( once the world's tallest building), an Aquarium and manicured park. It must also have the world's largest pedestrian round about, over 2 football fields in size. A 9 level shopping mall of exclusive shops, but few customers. Prices seemed greater than home for electrical goods. Apparently there is a sizeable luxury goods tax! Have found navigating the streets and lane ways of downtown Shanghai ok. Hopefully this directional sense won't desert me. Went for a test ride to ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong May 14th 2014

14.5.14 Many riders have now arrived. A mixed crew, so spent the morning meeting others. It sounds as though there is a broad range of experience, with many having done some extended distance journeys. Imagine it might make it difficult for the tour leader, so hopefully the personalities will be supportive rather than disruptive. A lazy day with local wandering. Yu Garden seems like it is tourist central, with the tourists being out of town Chinese. Saw some exquisite small tea pots, however they were expensive at $400- up. Also interesting revolutionary posters and bourgeois, decadent posters, but doubt we have the wall space! Went for an early evening wander through the market contemplating dinner. Met a fellow rider in front of a chicken salesman. Whilst standing talking, he slit a live chicken's throat, bleed it ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong May 13th 2014

13.5.14: After breakfast headed off to walk the Bund, the riverside ( HUANGPU RIVER) walkway on the City side looks across to the reclaimed land of the Pudong financial district. Some very striking and distinctive architecture. The district is growing at a rapid rate and rivals the city scape of the Central district of Hong Kong with its imposing towers. Shanghai is situated in the Yangtze R delta. Many large rice barge style boats plied the river transporting huge timber logs, coal and containers. It appears that afternoon/ evening markets are popular. All variety of meat, seafood and vegetable. No flies. Huge cucumber style veg, 3 feet long x 1.5 wide. Suspect flavour would be very bland, mostly fibrous. Also huge live toads encased in net bags are popular. Will need to be alert to what ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong May 12th 2014

12.5.2014: Today was the start of an adventure like none I have undertaken previously. The extent of the challenge I have set myself has started to seep into my brain. 12,160 kilometres over 131 days of consistent daily cycling with the occasional rest day. It seems that the rest days maybe a misnomer, as I understand these days are occupied with sight seeing, washing, bike maintenance, sleeping and eating. Time will tell My day started at 2 am, airport departure at 2.45, then 70 minutes of highway driving, 2 hours of airport waiting before the first flight departure from Brisbane to Sydney. Thankfully checkin with the bike was a smooth process. After waving farewell to Mem I boarded the Sydney flight. It took 70 minutes to traverse the arrival and departure terminals at Sydney airport, arriving ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong April 9th 2014

So, onto day 2 (written by guest choir tour members Sophie and James!). We woke up to an amazing selection of breakfast goodies, including the most delicious pancakes with maple syrup and fruity fillings. After having stuffed ourselves with savoury and sweet dishes, we got ready and hopped into a taxi to continue our sightseeing experiences in Shanghai. We decided to continue our bus tour, sitting on the open top deck with a similarly strong wind gust (but thankfully not as perilous as the bridge yesterday!). After seeing various parks and high end shopping boutiques (think, Cartier, Dior, etc.), we stopped off at the Jade Buddha Temple. There were some beautiful authentic Chinese buildings housing Buddhas with different faces and personalities, and an unofficial tour guide informed us about praying to particular Buddhas and the parts ... read more

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