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Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong December 1st 2021

Background When I left China at the end of 2019, I was only meant to be gone for a few months. Do a bit of travelling around Eastern Europe, get a new work visa and then return to start my dream job. Well Covid 19 truly screwed up that plan. At first I wasn't too bothered as it meant I got to stay in Europe for a bit longer and snuck in an extra couple of weeks travelling. Then China and most other sensible countries shut their borders and eventually the UK went into lockdown. When things started to open up in summer 2020, I thought I would get back to China, but the job I was meant to start back in March didn't seem possible as only major companies in major cities could secure the ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong May 19th 2020

I have never been very good at languages. I took Latin in high school, from the teacher who probably invented it. Then German at U.C. Berkeley, which I enjoyed but could not dedicate much study to. My grandparents across the street spoke mostly Japanese. Since we grew up with them, we have a decent vocabulary, and know the correct pronunciation of much conversational Japanese. And I have studied numerous online Japanese language courses prior to our visits to Japan. I enjoy Pimsler the most, very straight forward, conversational and interactive. No hangups on grammar. But Japanese, German, and English do not compare in difficulty to the five most difficult in the world. What are they? Turkish is the 5th hardest, perhaps most prevalent in its agglutination, in which multiple individual words are pushed together to create ... read more
Polish cheers

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong July 7th 2018

My flight from Seattle to Shanghai was three hours late, so I missed my first connection, Shanghai to Denpasar, Bali. It had been a long flight and my legs were really aching and I was a little rummy; you know...a little fuzzy headed. I Arrived in Shanghai and went to Immigration. Oops! By accident…I meant to go to Transit. From there things got a lot more interesting. You remember that time four years ago when I got punished in Beijing? Well…don’t mess with the rules, Folks. I was told to step off to the side. A few more officials arrived...lots of head shaking and talking. The gentleman holding my passport asked me if I had overstayed my transit visa four years ago? I answered yes, right up front. I still wasn't alarmed, but getting a little ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong December 15th 2016

Sizzling and Spectacular Shanghai – December, 2016 Mainland China has always beckoned to me, and even though I have visited Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan previously, I consider them to be just tasty appetizers compared to the dazzling entrées that China offers. When the Chinese government decided to expand their visa-free transit policy for a few specific locations back in January, it was a sign…..destiny was knocking on my travel door….Shanghai here I come! For anyone also considering Shanghai as a destination, this newly-expanded policy is a godsend, but of course there are restrictions which apply (isn’t there always a dark side?) Currently, travel to Shanghai is allowed for a layover of up to 144 hours (6 days in total, as the clock begins counting down at 12:01am the morning after airport arrival). The caveat here ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong August 26th 2016

Vroeg opgestaan om de taxi naar het vliegveld te nemen. De vlucht naar Shanghai was niet echt fijn. Heel veel turbulentie en het was net of de piloot pas net zijn vliegbrevet had gehaald. Maar ja, toch goed aangekomen. Vanuit het vliegveld naar de stad is best ver dus ook hier hebben wij het hotel voor de laatste nacht geannuleerd en een hotel dichtbij het vliegveld geboekt. Om van het vliegveld naar de stad te gaan, kun je het eerste stuk ( ong 45 km) met de nagneettrein gaan. Deze trein kan max. 415 km/u halen, maar helaas voor ons was de maximale snelheid vandaag maar 302 km/u! Daarna nog een stuk met de taxi naar ons hotel. Wat ons wel meteen opviel in Shanghai was het rustigere rijden van de auto's en redelijk veel politie ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong April 8th 2016

I woke up Thursday morning at 5am, which apparently was my new normal wake-up time, and did my usual routine of work, gym, and getting ready before breakfast. Once again I stuffed my face at the buffet - my low-cal start to the day included a Japanese beef soup, sesame ball, kim chi, Singapore friend noodles, air-dried beef, shrimp shumai, sushi, and a few other things washed down with coffee and watermelon juice. I had to refrain from a full plate of seconds. The morning in the office was again fairly leisurely, with only a couple hours of training before it was already time for lunch. My coworker Xiuran invited me out with him for a sort of street food from a hole in the wall own the street. "Not healthy, but I like it", as ... read more
My spicy fried chicken and wonton-filled pancake
Literally can't stop taking pictures of these massive buildings
Food court realness with chicken feet, crab soup dumplings, and iced lemon green tea!

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong April 5th 2016

My first night's sleep went reasonably well considering all of the warnings I received regarding the jetlag, but people are also basic and don't know how to help themselves adjust. I woke up a couple of times in the middle of the night but fell right back asleep, and by 6am I felt relatively well-rested. Due to the crazy commuting situation for the millions of people in the city, our offices don't open until 10am and people work a later shift as a result. That being said I had a solid 4 hours to get some work done, hit the hotel gym, get ready, and do breakfast before meeting Monica to walk over to the office. The breakfast area was legit - everything from sushi and kimchi to eggs benedict and western-style pastries were available. I ... read more
Shanghai Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center from the office
Assorted meats - pork, chicken, and goose along with some eggs
Fried bullfrog? Yes please!

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong February 19th 2016

The tour guide in Beijing said that ‘Beijing is China today; Shanghai is China - future!’ within moments of arriving I see what she means. We arrived at modern Shanghai Honqiao station and within minutes we were heading towards the centre on the busiest subway system in the world. Our destination for the next five nights, was to be a hotel near Peoples Square, as we would later find out, very convenient for exploring Shanghai. We thought we had booked a hostel, but had been previously bought and renovated by a big chain. The first words from the receptionist was that our room was in use, our tired bodies slumped, ‘so we have upgraded you’, yes-result! It turned out to be a very nice suite which done us well for our time here. With large cities ... read more
Aquarium Tunnel
Chinese Crowd Control
Shanghai Aquarium

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong August 24th 2015

Only a little time for captioning... but wanted to share these views of Shanghai at night. Major rainstorm and a 12 hour flight that should have been 2:15... prevented a planned early arrival and 1/2 day of touring. We got only the evening but made the most of it. And no, the Chinese economy downturn has nothing to do with us. Or ...does it...?... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong August 3rd 2015

Well, it's been a month now since I've come to China. It hasn't been an easy road. When I left for China I was ready to have an amazing time. When I got here things didn't come as easily as they have in the past. This trip so far has been filled many issues that I've had to overcome. There are days where it feels like I can't overcome them. But I'm not alone. God put some amazing people in my life over this past month. They have helped me through when I felt like giving in. I'm now in my apartment. This is one of the things that has been so hard about this trip. I've had so many problems with the apartment. The air conditioner in the bedroom wasn't working so that delayed my ... read more
Summer Camp
Summer Camp
Summer Camp

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