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Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an December 28th 2015

After spending 13 months inShenyang, the first thing I noticed was my new found ability to breathe. It didn’t smell like rotten fish guts, it wasn't overwhelmingly busy. Downtown Xi’an: To us, the buildings had shrunk to an adorable normal size. What a breathe of fresh air, I have to say this again. Welcome back lungs. Little two-storey, simple and obvious shops. These bricks were made with a simple purpose of building a small restaurant, you will notice, recognize and be able to work out that you can eat here. You can even see English here and there. This isn't the China we are used to. At last, China had put away it’s obsession with heights and super-bright redundant signs. It wasn’t as harsh, as in your face, as unruly. There were actual old buildings, some ... read more

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an November 17th 2015

We darted onto the subway with our bags and managed to prise ourselves on the second train that came along, no chance on the first, was rammed solid. after security checks and ID checks we were ready to jump on the bullet train to Xian, armed with several packets of nutrious crisps and a packet of crunchy peas. The bullet train is amazing it sped through the countryside at 300km/ph giving us exciting views of more grey sky and smog. 1000km and five hours later we arrived in Xian north train station, we being intrepid English adventurers decided to go round in circles and up and down a few esculators before reaching the taxi rank, in other words we couldn't find the exit and got lost. using once again our extensive knowledge of mandarin chinese, we ... read more
xian,luoyang and pingyao 2015 018
xian,luoyang and pingyao 2015 035
xian,luoyang and pingyao 2015 051

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an October 28th 2015

Wednesday 28th October 2015 Upon boarding the train from Pingyao we arrived at Xian roughly 4 hours later. We then boarded the metro and made our way to the centre of the city to our hostel which was based within the city walls. Xian, much like Pingyao is an ancient city and is surrounded by a city wall. Xian however, is much larger and more developed, probably on account of the discovery of the Terracotta Army in the 1970's which turned this place into one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. We checked into our room and decided to explore the town a little before a relatively early night as we would be up early the next day to visit the Terracotta Army. It was around 4pm by the time we mobilised ourselves and ... read more
A well preserved soldier
To add some scale to the size of this place
close up

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an July 14th 2015

Xi'an is the start of the Silk Road. We had two full days here. The first day was a bright and early start to get to HuaShan, one of the five sacred mountains of Taoism. This is a truly spectacular, and surprisingly expensive, place. We semi cheated by taking the cable car part of the way up before hiking the rest of the way. Plenty of incredible views, sweating, a little swearing but no spiritual revelations for us. On the sheer face of the south peak is an amazing only-in-China experience, the plank walk, a narrow (~40cm wide) "path" bolted to the side of a 2000m vertical drop. The whole thing is a bit chaotic, you pay your CNY30 and are strapped into a safety harness, then it's down a vertical ladder to the walk itself ... read more
Always Good Advice
A Long Way Down
Made It Back

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an June 24th 2015

This was one of the main places in China that fascinated us long before considering a world trip or even a trip to China. The famed Terracota warriors - a long forgotten tomb housing a stone army with around 8000 life size soldiers each with their own distinguishable features, discovered in Xi'an in 1974. It was no longer forgotten or hidden as intended. Added to this amazing site, Xi'an also has well preserved city walls surrounding its 'ancient city'. There was nothing more to it, it was added firmly on our list, we had to go. Getting to Xi'an from Zhangjiajie was a 2 part journey. First was a fairly comfortable hard sleeper overnight train (cheapest option) to the town of Nanyang where we sat sleepy eyed at the station for 2 hours until our next ... read more
scaling the wall on bikes for 90 minutes
The famous warriors
Traditional chinese style builds

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an June 18th 2015

Hello dear blog followers, it has been a long time. I have had a few minor adventures since coming back from Laos and Thailand over the winter, but I didn't feel any of them were blog worthy. Then, I went to Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province and the former capital of China itself. A bit of background before I jump into the adventure: Xi'an was chosen by Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, to be the site of the capital of his country and served as the capital of China for a millennium. It was the starting point of the great Silk Road, is nearly 3000 years old, has had settlements in the area for nearly 7000 years, and is nestled in a region where the Lantian Man was discovered (500,000 year old man). ... read more
Terra Cotta Warriors
Gavin and Michael at the Warriors
Kneeling Archer

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an June 18th 2015

And so, some two months after I departed Indonesia for a little downtime back home in Singapore, I'm back on the road again, and this time I'm embarking on what I hope will pan out to be the grand East Asian tour that I've been planning in my head for some time. And what better way to start East Asia than of course going straight to the heart of the Chinese dragon, and its ancient capital of Xi-an. So it's been almost two years since I last left China, memories of the daily border crossings I did between Zhuhai and Macau to save money on accomodation still fresh in my head. Having already spent some time in the southern provinces the last time round, I decided this time to pay a visit to what I suppose ... read more
Muslim Quarter
Drum Tower
Bell Tower

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an May 18th 2015

Today there isn't really much to write about. It is just a day of travel from Xi'an to Dalian. Around 10 AM we took a bus to the airport to make sure that we had time to drive to the airport, eat lunch, and then proceed through security. Security was something interesting, that's for sure... Many of the students got stopped by what was in their luggage, myself included. My luggage got flagged twice. The first time was for a pack of razors, they weren't sure what it was on the x-ray. The second time was for an external battery pack, which they didn't catch on the first x-ray. I'm not sure why they had a problem with it, since it was fine on our flight from Shanghai to Xi'an, but whatever. I guess they wanted ... read more

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an May 17th 2015

I found out the hard way that the sun rises very early in China. Early as in 4-4:30 AM EVERY morning… So that definitely threw off my sense of time in the morning. I woke up and thought I had slept through my alarm, but luckily I didn’t. It’s really starting to set in now that I’m in China and that I’ll be here for 5 weeks. It is definitely a crazy thought! The first thing we did today was go to a government owned/run terracotta factory. The quality of the work there is amazing. They use the same methods that were used before to harden the clay, but instead of stacking slabs of clay by hand and then carving, they use molds. They make all different sizes of terracotta warriors from full-size to only 4-6 ... read more

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an May 14th 2015

Hi everyone, This post will just be about traveling to China, it was a crazy experience for me. I woke up around 5 AM to get ready and make sure everything I needed was packed. I left for the airport around 6 AM with Kevin. The drive didn't take as long as we expected since we beat most of the morning traffic. We got to the airport around 6:50 am. Kevin and I said goodbye and then I was alone in the airport. I'd never been in an airport alone before, it was a little scary. I met up with some of my classmates around 7:15 or 7:25 am. We waited for others for a little while and then decided to get food. Our flight was set to leave at 9:50 am to go to JFK ... read more

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