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Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an August 14th 2017

Hey everyone, So I’ve officially made it back to the US! However, before I go more into final thoughts about the experience and into detail on what my next plans are, I want to take this moment to spend some time considering an experience I had that left an impression. One of the things that I was really excited to do while I was in Xi’an that I had not gotten a chance to do while in Japan, Korea, or China on my last trip was to visit a cat cafe. Although I heard that California just opened its first one a year or so ago, they’ve been quite popular in East Asia for some time now. There are tons of pictures and images on the internet from people who have been to these cat cafes, ... read more
Not a fan of people
This one was chill

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an August 12th 2017

Another early start. Another eight hour bus. Followed by another overnight train. Despite already having covered 1,750km over land in my first five days in China, I had to keep moving fast and far, in order to keep to my schedule and see everything I wanted to. It was a punishing pace; I was thinking that I wouldn't be able to keep this up for long. On the way out of Jiuzhaigou, our driver had a go at another bus driver who pulled out in front of him and then got stuck because his turning circle wasn't small enough to complete the turn. The driver at fault then suddenly - and inexplicably - completely lost it and so I witnessed the famous Chinese short fuse. I've seen it so many times; a Chinese person can appear ... read more
Bell Tower
Battle Formation
Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an August 8th 2017

Hey everyone, For the weekend following our group trip to the villages and mountain, one of my friends and I thought a weekend trip to Beijing sounded like a great idea. So we bought our high-speed train tickets, about $80USD one way, booked a hostel, and planned to leave campus about 1.5-2 hours before the train left. However, we miscalculated. First, we decided to make a quick stop at the store for some snacks to eat on the 5 hour train ride, so we left a bit later than originally planned. Then, we hadn’t accounted for the half hour walk to the subway stop, thinking that it was a lot closer from campus than it really is (we don’t ride the subway often here; there are only two lines, and they’re just perpendicular straight lines, so ... read more
The Great Wall of China
We found a UN tour group
We're cute :)

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an August 6th 2017

Hey everyone! Wow it’s been a while. And the crazy part is that it’s been so long simply because I’ve been so incredibly busy; I haven’t even gotten to sleep in once in the last three weeks or so. My adventures started with a three-day program-organized culture trip to two different villages and a mountain. The first village was an agricultural village, and students were split into groups in order to experience firsthand some of the various agricultural practices. Some of us picked peaches and plums, some took care of the farm animals, such as donkeys and rabbits, some learned about the traditional forms of fieldwork, and some of us picked vegetables for dumplings. After making said dumplings and eating simple traditional Chinese dishes for lunch, we played some traditional games to finish out the day. ... read more
Traditional lunch

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an July 30th 2017

On les a parcourus a l'extérieur, à pied au milieu des danseurs et des gymnastes, puis en tandem sur le chemin de ronde : avec nous exceptionnellement, le soleil ! On a aussi marchandé dans le souk de Xian, et admiré en même temps que quelques milliers d'autres les fontaines lumineuses en musique au pied de la grande pagode à la tombée de la nuit... read more

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an July 29th 2017

Pour nous consoler de cette énième journée de pluie, 2 merveilles au programme : - le musée de la forêt de stèle dans un temple de Confucius : une collection de stèles historiques gravées de différentes calligraphies et de belles sculptures anciennes d'animaux et divinités bouddhiques - la fameuse armée de soldats en terre cuite, disposée dans 3 bâtiments, correspondant à des fouilles successives. C'est effectivement exceptionnel mais l'affluence est malheureusement tout aussi exceptionnelle ... Aujourd'hui, un intrus dans nos photos (petit fantasme servi par une expo proposée au musée): Saurez-vous la retrouver et surtout la localiser ?... read more

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an July 7th 2017

Hey everyone! I feel like I always forget how busy I am on these types of programs. It's great, because I'm always doing something, and there's really no time to be bored, but sometimes it can be difficult because there's also very little time to rest and taking time out of the day to just relax always makes me feel guilty for not getting the most out of my time here. It's definitely a lose-lose situation in terms of time. Last Monday, our group took a field trip an hour or two out of the city to visit a primary/secondary school. This school wasn't just any primary/secondary school, however. The school we visited is called 留守兒童學校 Liúshǒu értóng xuéxiào, a boarding school that caters primarily to the area's "left behind children." That is, the majority of ... read more
Clock tower
Muslim Quarter on a Saturday night
Inscribing a name stamp

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an July 4th 2017

Zwei freie Tage und die letzte Pause vor dem Angriff auf Peking. Natürlich war der eine Tag der Terrakotta Armee gewidmet. Ich bin wieder mit, denn sie graben ja dauernd weiter. Und außerdem ist es wirklich eindrucksvoll. Statt lustiger Geschichten von der Prinzessin gibt es jetzt Kriegsberichte von Bob. (Bob ist der, der immer alles macht, egal was es ist. Sozusagen ein Sammelbegriff.) Er ist mir böse. Und es ist mir egal. Und deshalb ist er noch schneckenwilder. Ich fragte ihn heute Früh ganz lieb, ob es ihm jetzt besser ging. Aber seine Körpersprache sprach Bände und er trollte sich ins entlegenste Eck des Speisesaals und verschlang sein Frühstück. Das wird sicher noch lustig, denn es gibt halt Leute, denen es an Social Skills mangelt. Er ist ganz zufrieden, wenn man ihn ohne Unterbrechung reden lässt. ... read more

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an July 2nd 2017

Die letzten zwei Tage, vor der Nahkampf Richtung Peking beginnt. Es sind auch nur mehr etwa 1300 km, fùr mich unvorstellbar, ich bin doch gerade erst in Gauting losgefahren. Es war wieder der Strassenbaufachmann am Werk, der großzügig alles aufreißt und dann auf viele Kilometer Chaos verbreitet. Denn man muss dann einfach durch, durch die Baustelle, den Dreck und durch die Löcher. Es waren immerhin weniger als 100 km diesmal, das war ja schon mal was.... An anderen Stellen ist man in China sehr penibel, überall gibt es Reinigungskràfte, die mit kleinen Besen die Straße fegen. Besen sind aus Bambuszweiglein und haben die Größe meines Gautinger Haushaltsbesens. Es ist also ein langwieriges Unterfangen. Der Dreck wird dann mit einer Schaufel, die der Größe des Besens angepasst ist, aufgenommen. Auch in den Städten und Dörfern ist immer ... read more

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an June 25th 2017

We were all put into teams for when we were to make our way to the Terracotta Warriors. I was the leader of one group, while Bethany was the leader of the other. On our way we picked up one of Bethany’s teammates who accidentally got left behind. We took the first bus to the railway station (with a little help from a local). After maybe thirty seconds or less, a Terracotta Warrior bus slowed down next to us and a host ran out of the bus yelling for us to get on board. We did as we were told. Arguing with an Asian woman isn’t a great idea (so my mum taught me). And we were soon on our way. The Terracotta Warriors seemed so spectacular and surreal. How could one man have imagined the ... read more

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