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Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Dalian July 16th 2013

Dalian is a place TDSB supervisors are familiar with. Our 2009 summer camp had an unforgetable experience here. We are sure we will have a good time here again!... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Dalian July 15th 2012

We got up early to leave for the airport to meet the others and get our connection to Dalian. Caleb and I grabbed a drink and a Danish and used the hotel wireless to check our emails, we are important men afterall! We checked out and took the shuttle to the airport where we met Hongbo and Ing who are Chinese national post-grad students from Durham who will be making sure nothing happens to us! We went through security where I had a dedorant, that i had thought i had left on the plane, confiscated, that could be an issue seeing how much I sweat and the fact that the Chinese dont really sell it! Flight was delayed so it gave us some time to chat and myself, matt and max to grab some beers seeing ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Dalian April 29th 2011

The crew has finally checked in for the night. Jet lag caught up finally at 8pm which is 7am Houston time. They looked liked they pulled a all nighter. Aunt Amana started talking in a deep slow voice at the table and my mom was nodding off in mid-sentence. Carolyn hit the sack at 6pm. Uncle Leslie he running on fumes still talking about running the streets we will see. A recap of the day...... It all began at the airports I hear. Carolyn decided to travel with a giant and heavy carry-on this caused major issue for the DFW team. So they call the Houston team to get cell phone help about what to do. They made it to LAX but major drama happened in the security line again Uncle Leslie escaped it all by ... read more
Yes I will
My new family
I can Sit low

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Dalian March 25th 2011

I admit it--I've been slack. Almost 8 months slack. I apologize (to you family members and friends who keep asking me where my blog is)--I'm sorry! Things got pretty crazy. But here's an entry just for you, probably my last one from China. 1. CHINA: I'll start with the beginning of the year: it was absolute chaos. We have a whole new system in place this year (we changed from a linear to a semester program), we had new policies in place, and we had an extra class to teach, and bigger classes. September to November are pretty much a blur; the only thing I really remember is going to Shanghai with my friend Jessica for the week break, and having my first-ever surprise party for my 30th birthday. Everyone was very burnt out by November, ... read more
Holy cow

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Dalian November 7th 2010

so we arrived in xi'an, i gave a gift from my tea girl to her father at the airport. after that we went to HanYangLing Mausoleum, it is the only museum where you could go downstairs and stand on glass to see what were buried for Emperor's afterlife. that was the impressive! later that day we finished my going to Big Wild Goose Pagoda, which is the most famous and popular Buddhist temple in Xi'an. then we ate at the most amazing buffet dinner ever at our amazing hotel. it was a great day! the next day we woke up early, had breakfast and then headed out for the day. we first stopped at a factory that makes terra-cotta warriors like they use to in the ancient days. then off to the Terra-cotta Army Museum. the ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Dalian November 6th 2010

well a few nights ago me and my german girl walked to get dinner. it was a really nice night, and we were walking on the beach. then she had to stop by an atm, where we saw this woman with her little dog. they were both wearing strips, so we had to get a picture of them! haha! after that we went to youhome to find green friendly product labels. it was hilarious! the workers in the store had no idea what we were doing, and they didn't know enough english to ask. we got some strange looks, but she got here homework done. i also found a box of condoms that read" medicated for long love making. she took a picture of it haha i also recently made a trip to the forest zoo, ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Dalian November 1st 2010

so we got to Beijing on a thursday night. headed to the hotel and then went to their buffet for dinner. it was the best buffet i ever remember going to! Indian, Japanese, Chinese, and American food. it was delicious! i typically am not a buffet person, but this one was wicked good. the next day we woke up early and had breakfast. then we headed out to the Forbidden City. that was pretty interesting. i took a lot of pictures, and fought my way through the crowds to get good pictures. after that we went to the square across the street. it was by some government buildings. then off to the silk market! i love shopping here, everything is so cheap. i am also pretty damn good at bartering. i got shoes, jeans, a belt ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Dalian October 27th 2010

so the majority of my xi'an pics are on my dad's laptop, so i will post them as soon as i can. the xi'an pics i have in here are of the last day we were there. out hotel room was insanely awesome. it was probably the best hotel i have ever stayed in. on the last day there we went shopping, visited a very old mosque and ate delicious food. it was a fantastic trip! since i have been back, one of dad's amazing coworkers showed me and ze german around another part of this city. we ate donkey, shopped and had Japanese food for dinner. then i hung out at the tea shop till two of the girls got home, they taught me a fun card game. i have been keeping up on my ... read more

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Dalian October 20th 2010

you get hit by a car that only has 3 wheels, you see a donkey with a carriage of trash going the wrong way on the road, random people take photos with you, all the english you hear is 'hello' and/or you visit a nice flower park that even has a local man peeing on the flowers. i love china! so dad's coworker made us dinner the other night. it was delicious! shrimp, pork, garlic shoots, dumpling galore! his local coworkers are very hospitable. another one of them is taking me and a german around a different part of town on sunday. other then that i got my nails redone and i LOOOOOVE them. i got a pedicure. bought random accessories. coffee. lattes. finished my second book since i have been here. the language barrier is ... read more
feet and toes
me with a weird container of coffee
star on a horrible mocha frappe

Asia » China » Liaoning » Dalian » Dalian October 18th 2010

so the other night i went out partying with some Germans, Chinese and Australians. it was a fun time. we got really cheap bottle service, and danced. in china you can literally drink and smoke everywhere: street, bus, train, taxi, bars, ect. i love china! there was free coat check in every bar, and the drinks were insanely cheap. i don't think i will go out partying here again, but it was an experience. the next day me and one of the germans went hiking. we weren't feeling very well, but we hiked for about 3 hours. it was a very beautiful day to hike, and the scenery was really neat. we hiked through some mountains to the ocean. some locals took a picture with us and about 8 random locals said "hello", haha. we stopped ... read more
bottle service
food too

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