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Asia » China » Jiangsu » Changzhou January 22nd 2014

Jeg fant ut at jeg også måtte komme med noen ord i bloggen. Etter å ha reist litt rundt i Kina må jeg faktisk si at det er mye her som imponerer meg veldig. Kina er jo liksom kopiens land og det er sikkert riktig, men når kineserne kopierer så forbedrer de alt og gjør ting mye større. I går tok vi toget fra Changzhou til Suzhou, vi tog «bullit train» altså lyntoget. Stasjonene er så store at man kan plassere terminalbygget på Gardermoen inne i stasjonsbygningene og hypermoderne og utrolig effektive. Togene kommer og går på sekundet, (akkurat som NSB) dessuten er alt så rent og ryddig. (Gjelder selvfølgelig ikke i bakgatene da). Men at Kina har ett kjempe forurensingsproblem merker vi ganske godt både med smog, men ikke minst alle kullkraftverk som man ser ... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Changzhou January 21st 2014

Vi har nå kommet oss til byen hvor Christina har bodd den siste tiden. For å komme oss til Changzhou tok vi hurtigtog - trur det har en toppfart på oppimot 400 km timen. Før vi kom oss på toget vardet et sant kaos, kinesere har ikke køkultur og de presser seg forbi deg som den største selvfølgelighet. Togene her går når de skal, har man ikke kommet seg på toget pga. alt kaoset kan man oppleve å bli stående igjen. Det samme gjelder alt av offentlig kommunikasjon. Må kanskje være sånn i et land med så mye mennesker!! Byen Christina holder til i er en "små" by, kun 3 millioner innbyggere!! Her er det KALDT, så jeg måtte en tur på H&M for å kjøpe meg en varm jakke og varmere votter!! H&M er eneste ... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Changzhou May 27th 2012

On St. Patty's day, we met fellow Travelbloggers Splakawitz in Hangzhou through mutual friends. That weekend we had fun and have kept in contact and knew we wanted to go visit them in the neighboring province of Jiangsu. They just moved to China to teach English in February and are teaching at a Vocational College just like ours. So Friday afternoon, we set out to the train station to catch a high-speed train from Hangzhou to Changzhou. Zhou means city in Chinese so that is why so many cities have zhou at the end of it, especially in the Yangtze River Delta. The train ride was around 2 hours passing through one of the most populated regions on Earth. Per Wikipedia " The urban build-up in the area has given rise what may be the largest ... read more
Hongmei Park
Hongmei Park
TGI Summers Burger

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Changzhou April 17th 2012

Living in china presents numerous, some quite shocking, differences in culture from what I am used to back home. I am one for watching people so sometimes just sitting in one of the food markets over here watching people interact is something that I like to do. One of the most notable differences anyone who does this will see straight away is the apparent lack of manners and courtesy. People over here don’t care about waiting in a queue in the slightest when waiting for food. It’s rather funny when you see someone waiting and is next in line to be served; and someone comes out of nowhere and barges in front. It’s strange in that nobody seems to say anything when it happens: it has happened to me a few times and the shock on ... read more
A Busy Crossing
Food Stall

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Changzhou April 9th 2012

Now that the weather is finally starting to turn here and we aren't layered up until we look like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, we are able to bring some of our favorite American things to China. With the opening season of baseball, we decided what better time than now to buy a BBQ for our China home? Nick settled on a nice red one, that is just big enough to get the job done. We got it back to our place, unpackaged it, and Nick did just fine putting together our Made in China grill :) He celebrated the feat by grilling up some tasty garlic-ginger marinated pork chops. This happened to be one of the same days the Mariners were playing a couple expo games in Tokyo, which is just one hour ahead of ... read more
BBQ -- After!
Easter Brunch "Spritzers"
Easter Brunch

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Changzhou April 6th 2012

Before I started looking for jobs this side of the world, I had a thorough look online for any helpful advice and tips for both finding a job and what to expect once I got here. Although I did find some useful tips in terms of the sort of companies to avoid, I couldn’t find anything that really did outline everything I wanted to know: from how to find jobs; to the cost of living over here; to how much of a salary to expect. So maybe if I write this, people looking for jobs in China will be much more informed than I was before departing. Firstly, there are lots of websites with hundreds of jobs advertised, but for me the best one I could find (apart from the actual TEFL Scotland website) was Dave’s ... read more
Food Market
The River
The Olympic Stadium

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Changzhou April 5th 2012

About a month ago, when Lauren and I had submitted our passports to the local immigration office for the processing of our residency permits, we stayed here in Changzhou for the weekend. One of the first things we did was purchase bikes to help us get around town a little quicker. The following day, I had the crazy notion to take my new bike on a 40+ mile long ride to the shores of Lake Tai. The lake is very famous throughout China, and is the third largest lake in the entire country. Several large urban areas have been built near its edges, but most areas remain fairly rural. A piece of the Changzhou municipality touches the lake, so I decided to check it out for the day. It took several hours to get to the ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Changzhou April 1st 2012

New photos on: …..I am honoured. Miss Piggy phones especially to tell me about her new boyfriend, who has now been introduced to her family. He is from Taizhou, a city of about 5 million an hour to the east of Yangzhou by train. It's close to her home, the satellite town of Jiangyan. She'll continue to work in Suzhou for the rest of this year but she sounds pretty serious about putting her faux wedding & the preceding year & a half in the remote mountain farmhouse in Guizhou behind her. She sounds very happy. “I am honoured because you are my foreign friend, so I phone tell you”. Well I'm honoured to be held in such high esteem & of course she is honoured that I am honoured, etc... I expect I'll meet ... read more
Moxibustion demo
Moxibustion demo

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Changzhou March 28th 2012

I work in a small English training centre called MacMillan-Tyne English. It is named such simply because the course materials the school uses are from Macmillan publishing, and the first and only teacher the school had for a long time was from Newcastle. It’s located in an office building in the Xinbei district of Changzhou. I believe the area is called ‘Lan se gang wan’ but my spelling is probably wrong. It is a very good location for me because it’s right across from a Starbucks and a Subway, and right next to the building is a very nice wee park, where I’ll ne going a lot once the weather gets hotter to try and get a tan. In fact, it was quite hot the other day so I went to the park and looked like ... read more
The Reception
The Office

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Changzhou March 12th 2012

This past week was a very exciting one for Nick and me! We have now been in China for over a month, we found what is probably the best food district in the world, we had our first official Chinese pay day (direct deposited into our Chinese bank accounts and everything!), and we were approved for residence permits. Living in China while you are working in China is more or less a three-step process. First, you need your employer to formally invite you to China, then you need to apply for a work visa that will get you into the country but is only good for 30 days, then you must apply with your local police department for residency once you have actually arrived in China. Step three is now complete and we feel so official ... read more
Jade Buddha Temple

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