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Asia » China » Inner Mongolia July 30th 2018

Our stop in Tongliao lasted a bit longer than we planned or wished. On our first rest day a nasty cold started to sweep over our team. We tried to quarantine ourselves from one another but our efforts likely only prolonged the amount of time it took all of us to get properly snotty. We likely contracted the illness out on the road but the filthy air in the city was not helping, nor was the hotel's air conditioner. Given the heat and humidity, the aircon was the only option for maintaining comfort in our room, but something just never feels right about those machines, especially in old hotels where the filters have likely gone years without service. Looking around, it seemed that quite a few people were similarly ill. Our friend and college housemate ... read more
Outside an indoor ski area

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia July 11th 2018

This first entry in many years is lengthy, with a protracted timeline that is hard to follow. Pour yourself a cup of tea and take your time....or don't. Some things need to be written as much as they need to be read. In 2014 we were crossing the Karakolpakistan border into Uzbekistan on a hotter than hell desert morning. We had heard some rather cross tales about this border and the magnifier it would bring us under. In the last town in Kazakhstan, many people warned us that the Uzbek officials were wary of foreigners in general but that this particular border was the worst of all, mixing corruption and extortion with scrutiny of every kind.... The crossing was hectic. There were a lot of dusty locals queing and no small amount of push and ... read more

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia July 1st 2018

Zhangjiakou- La Segundo Muralla China-26 Junio- Dia 6 Sunrise woke us up at 5am. I decided to walk through a small section of the great wall and to my surprise I started to notice that some of the bricks had holes and ledges, making them surprisingly amazing to grab. Immediately I ran back the the campsite to grab my pair of climbing shoes. And we'll let's just say I spend some time climbing after that. Since the smoke was still around, affecting the views, we decided to move to a new location. We where going to look for the beautiful blue sky's which we missed dearly. A couple of buses took us all the way to Zhangjiakou. We arrived at dark and went to look for something good to eat for dinner. After a couple of ... read more

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Erlyan June 11th 2017

R: We left the hotel, bags stuffed with products from the Mongolian supermarket and a packed breakfast our hotel had insisted on giving us. A 15 minute walk along quiet roads brought us back to Ulaanbataar station. Our train was at 07:30. This time it was a Chinese train we were getting - the previous ones had been Russian - and this was the other train (of the 2 per week) that ran direct from Moscow to Beijing, so it had already been some way before it pulled in to Ulaanbataar. The accommodation was very similar to before, but noticeably dirtier. The carriage attendants on this train (not called Provonitzas anymore) were surly looking men who spent most of their time standing at the back of the carriage smoking. There were no humorous night dress incidents, ... read more
Crossing the Gobi Desert
Moscow --> Ulaanbataar --> Beijing
From the back of the train

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Hohhot April 15th 2016

Geo: 40.82, 111.64BACKDATED. Posted 29th Jan 2017.Why Hohhot?On our pre trip we flew threw Guangzhou and a plane full of people where traveling to Hohhot. We looked at each other and said, “We have to go there. Hohhot.” We had no idea where in China it was, but why not.Four and a half years later we had to opportunity to finally go. April wasn't the best time of the year to travel there but on the other hand there would not be many tourists.Flight was delayed and we arrived at 9pm. We were collected by our guide and ate Hohhot Hotpot with lots of lamb. It was a Friday night and it was very quiet at 10:30pm. I asked why?He replied, “Its cold and the Mongol people wake up early so everyone is home early and ... read more
Xilamuren Grasslands
Xilamuren Grasslands
Xilamuren Grasslands

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia October 11th 2015

So Last week in China was the so-called Holiday “Golden Week”. During this National Holiday it’s common to Travel around in China, visiting relatives and friends or sightseeing spots. I used this week with my family to fly to the City of Harbin, a 6 Million big City in the North of China, and from there on traveling by Car to the Inner Mongolia, through the Jilin province, driving a huge circle (about 2.500 Km), and back to Harbin. Kicking it off with a delayed Plane (Yeah I’m super lucky with that), we arrived at Harbin late at Night. After having a small look on the City, we went straight to Bed. On the next day we had some more time to explore the City. During the Day time we took the Cable Car to a ... read more

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Chifeng October 22nd 2014

If you ever find yourself in the Beijing area and you are looking for a place to get away from it all, head to Inner-Mongolia to enjoy stunning scenery, huge open space, tranquility and good food. In October last year the English training school I work for organized a relaxing 3-day get-away for the staff (teachers and course consultants) in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. I must admit I wasn’t too thrilled about the long drive to get to Wulan Butong (8 hours) but it quickly became obvious we’d be driving through beautiful scenery. We first passed picturesque mountains (with the Great Wall on top!) and then we drove by little hamlets surrounded by sunflowers everywhere. Mountains then turned into rolling hills with herds of cows and sheep lazily grazing, and eventually we reached the grassland ... read more
Fantastic view at sunrise in the hills
some parts of the grasslands have been turned into Disneyland...
making hay in Inner-Mongolia

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia October 4th 2014

Geo: 49.5846, 117.434Local market.The city is still very Chinese looking with its temples, little birds in cages and red doorways. They sold amazing leather goods. Boots, bags and hats. The cowboy boots where amazing and just a little expensive.After a quick lunch we where off to the airport.We had to drive from... read more
Playing games on the side of the road.
Traditional Red buildings

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia October 3rd 2014

Geo: 49.5846, 117.434Erguns Hulun Lake - Manzhouli.Sino Russian Mongolia culture, Fairytale castle town, Doll Square.The day wasn't off to a great start when the scooter with a trailer in front of us would start at the tole booth. So the boys got out of the bus and gave him a push start. The driver was happy and then when he turned around to see western men pushing him he started laughing and then kept turning around and waving and laughing. It was really very funny. We thought he was going to end u... read more
I can see Russia.
Largest lake in Inner Mongolia
Doll Village

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia October 2nd 2014

Geo: 36.8945, 104.166We got up early for a quick walk about the town with the early morning sun light. There was ice in the river so it was pretty cold. There where cows roaming the street, which seemed a little odd. All of the shop signs where not in Chinese but in Russian. That was a little odd too. The houses where pretty basic timber frame with wooden high fences that kept in the horses or cows in the field. In the vegetable garden there where cabbages and the Chinese long lettuce growing.Breakfast was boiled eggs, bread, rice porridge thingy and tea. It was ok. We walked around to the bakery and bought more bread for the journey. It ... read more
House and cabbages

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