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Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha June 27th 2017

Diarra’s Year in Changsha, China I wanted to make a blog post about my observations and experiences with Chinese culture. This is in no way the end all be all. Although this is my third time in China, considering China’s long history and deeply complex culture I want to be clear that this commentary is simply based on what I have observed and my own experiences. I in no way wish to proclaim that I am an expert or even fully understand Chinese culture. If you want to understand China I would still recommend the old fashioned way, reading or first hand experience. Even firsthand experience can be misconstrued and used inappropriately coming from an outsider perspective. As always I will subhead each section as the topics change. While I love doing my monthly blog post ... read more

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha June 26th 2017

China Blog Post 7 6/26/2017 Intro The last time I posted a blog was in early March. It’s been a long time. A lot has happened since and I’m excited to write about the adventures I’ve had these past few months. When I last wrote, my WT (World Teach) colleagues and I were throwing a going away party for Dom. Unfortunately for personal reasons he had to leave early and return to Australia. Since March I’ve had some more travel stories, teaching disasters and teaching break throughs. Before continuing I want to let all of my friends and family know that I am currently working on a commentary, writing about my observations and experiences with Chinese culture. It will be different from my blog as I’ll solely be focusing on analyzing aspects of Chinese culture. It ... read more
Guangzhou dim sum
Guangzhou White Cloud Mountain

Asia » China » Hunan » Zhangjiajie April 24th 2017

We had a few hours to kill back in Zhangjiajie before our midnight flight to Xi'an so we decided to book into a super cheap hotel near the bus station so we could dump our bags and spend the afternoon in the Tianmen Mountain Forest Park. There were three pretty cool things about this forest park. Firstly your ticket includes a ride up or down the longest cable car in Asia. At the top there were a number of precarious wooden and glass (!) walkways with spectacular views down! And thirdly you could get up close to Tianmen Dong a massive hole in the mountain range that was visible from town. Everything was going to plan. Our bus from Fenghuang had left on time and had been entertaining since the bus host burst out into song ... read more
Tianmen Dong
Coiling Dragon Walkway
Don't look down

Asia » China » Hunan April 23rd 2017

I think we may have stumbled upon Blackpool in China! We've just spent a couple of nights in Fenghuang, which is a wonderfully bizarre destination. By day it's a ancient, picturesque, river side town with houses on stilts, city walls and back alleys lined with shops. By night it's party central, which for the Chinese means banging karaoke blasting out from from every neon lit bar that you pass. Fenghuang was the second of our off the (western) beaten track spots. It was an appealing side trip from Zhangjiajie as there was a direct bus from right next to our hotel which was meant to take 3.5 hours. In the end if took 5.5 hours, but that's China for you! The journey itself would have been pretty relaxing as the Chinese sleep anywhere and especially on ... read more
Crossing the River
Locals doing their weekend laundry in the river
Getting my hair done - doesn't look quite as good on blond hair

Asia » China » Hunan » Zhangjiajie April 21st 2017

As many of you know our original plan involved spending only a few nights in China, to break up the 16 hour flight to Manila in the Philippines. But when the UK foreign office website warned against travel to the Philippines we had to completely change our plans and decided to make the most of the fact we were flying into China (and the fact the visa had cost a whooping £200 each!). Adding on the Yangtze River Cruise was obvious but then Paul started to get creative! The next two places on our trip are somewhat off the beaten track, well at least for westerners. Nowhere seems to be off the beaten track for Chinese tourists! So after one night in Yichang we packed our bags and prepared ourselves for the Big Travel Day to ... read more
Pretty Scenery from Train Window
Anyone have any idea what we're eating?
Golden Whip Stream Trail in the Valley

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha March 4th 2017

China Blog 6 Intro I haven’t made an official blog post since mid-November. I apologize to any faithful followers. I wish I could be more consistent and post at the end of every month but let’s be honest, we all get a little lazy sometimes. As always a lot has happened so who knows how long this blog post will be. Also as always I will title subheadings for anyone who is more of a skimmer or a person who likes to skip to the more interesting parts. With that………………LET’S BEGIN! Thanksgiving The last time I made a blog post it was mid-November. I can’t believe it’s been that long. For some odd reason I thought I had already written about this event. Wishful thinking I guess. Since I live downtown and everyone in World Teach ... read more
Christmas Feast

Asia » China » Hunan February 5th 2017

Geo: 28.1979, 112.969We started off with a visit to a huge book shop. Dingwang Platform Xinhua Bookstore.It was 4 floors of books. None of the escalators were working and the English books are on the 4th floor. Perfect. The only books they had in English was too learn Chinese or to learn English. There were lots of people sitting and reading book. ... read more
Street Food
Oranges anyone?

Asia » China » Hunan » Zhangjiajie February 4th 2017

Geo: 28.4059, 110.66Zhangjiajie to Changsha. Our return train ticket was 25RMB for 20:59 which is 9pm and we arrived at 1:30am. The tickets are very cheap but the only thing wrong was that we didn't have a seat..... We would have to stand the whole time.We went to the train station to see if we could change... read more
Knock down
Boiling Kettle

Asia » China » Hunan » Zhangjiajie February 3rd 2017

Geo: 28.4059, 110.66Wake up early to catch the cable car up to ...... Mountain.1st line up to buy the ticket.---1 hour.Wait in the waiting area until our time Limit. ---1 hour.2nd line up wait for our time 11am to come so we can enter the building. ---1 hour... read more
Suspension Bridge
Simple Beauty
White Winter Wonderland.

Asia » China » Hunan February 2nd 2017

Geo: 28.1979, 112.969Thursday 2nd FEBRUARY 2017Train : K810 11:29am Changsha to ZhangjiajieThe slow train takes about 5 hours.The hard sleepers is the mid range ticket.... read more
The K train.
On the train

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