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Asia » China » Henan » Zhengzhou November 14th 2010

Hi All, It's been a while. Here are some photos of the city. Jah Bless... read more
Eastern Zhengzhou 10-11-10
day out 6-11-10 (10)
day out 6-11-10 (11)

Asia » China » Henan » Zhengzhou October 17th 2010

Hi All, Well we went for a day out into the city. We wanted to see a church and a mosque but unfortunatly both of them were closed so we only saw them from the outside which was a shame. Whilst we were walking around we stumbled upon an anti-Japanese demonstrations. The people demonstrating seemed to be mainly students and it appeared to be in good humour. I can't tell you what they were shouting or what the banners mean, although the crossed out rising sun has a simple message. My favourite photo is the one of the baby boy. Just look at the fear on his face. I think he was scared of me don't you? Enjoy the photos and Jah bless Until next time... read more
City centre, demonstration, mosque, zhengzhou 16-10-10 (29)
City centre, demonstration, mosque, zhengzhou 16-10-10 (4)
City centre, demonstration, mosque, zhengzhou 16-10-10 (5)

Asia » China » Henan » Zhengzhou October 6th 2010

Hi All, Well with the weather being so beautiful at the minute we decided to go to the Yellow River yesterday. It's only 20 km north of the city. So we hopped onto a bus which was stuffed to the gills, seriously the driver could only just shut the doors! It was very pretty with a mount Rushmore type of affair with two faces carved into the mountain, who they are I'm not quite sure. I think they maybe two old emperors who met here many years ago. Anyway we only really went to see the river and didn't fancy a trek around the mountains, so we went to the river sat down and had a picnic. Lovely day with lovely scenery and fantastic weather. Enjoy the photos Jah Bless... read more
Yellow River Scenic Area (78)
Yellow River Scenic Area (1)
Yellow River Scenic Area (69)

Asia » China » Henan » Song Shan October 6th 2010

Today we drove to Song Shan mountain which is where, among other things there is the famous Shaolin Temple. I think this is a or the birth place of Kung Fu but I'm not sure. This site is highly commercialised by Chinese standards but it is so touristy that it is hard to find out what the real story here is. There are certainly many schools around the area where parents send their children to study with Kung Fu as extra classes. There are a whole heap of temples and mini pagodas (that were destroyed in the cultural revolotion, and rebuilt recently) and stack of people selling crap ! Don't get me wrong it was interesting but it kind of felt Disney-fied. There was a really cool Pagoda that is the oldest in China, but the ... read more
jack pole dancing

Asia » China » Henan » Anyang October 5th 2010

Another early start and we off to wedding 2.0. Todays proceedings were far less formal with a huge meal, no speeches and a massive load of fireworks (awesome). Theluch must have had over 400 people and you should have seen the mess on the floor afterwards. The food was really good, in fact it seems to be getting better and better but there is just far to much !!!Two Chinese guys were sitting with us Mr kattle and english teacher and Mr Yeu a worker at the Train yards. They were both really cool and made us feel very welcome. There were the usual stares and hello, how do you do's which is very funny - you feel like a rock star over here. After lunch we went and checked out the markets near our hotel, ... read more
mike and the mini bike
photos with the locals

Asia » China » Henan » Zhengzhou October 4th 2010

Hi All, So I'm on holiday for a week for the national day celebrations. We went out for a ride on our bikes on Friday and Saturday and here are the photos Enjoy! Jah Bless... read more
Ladies drumming band 02-10-10
Ladies drumming band 02-10-10 (1)
Ladies drumming band 02-10-10 (2)

Asia » China » Henan » Anyang October 4th 2010

Today we said goodbye to Beijing and headed via train to the city of Anyang in Henan Province. The train station was sooo busy - like everything in Beijing. The train was good and without incident, except Jack wanted to punch some chinese wanker who was getting impatient with @#!* foreigners, apparently ! - we weren't worried he was some little squirt, we are all twice his size and we have two judo instructors with us. ot very nice. I don't think they get many foreigners in Anyang as people were really suprised, curious and super friendly to us (small city ?). We went and had another banquet / feast, had a lie down in out 4 star (ha ha) hotel then went to a historical museum. Anyand was one of three capitals during the Shang ... read more

Asia » China » Henan » Zhengzhou October 4th 2010

Hi All, Well the weather here at the minute is incredible mid 20s and none of that horrible humidity. It feels like spring not autumn. So we decided to go to Nanjie Cun which is the last Maoist collective in China. What a strange place, so clean, so free from people trying to sell you things, so organised. The usual chaos one finds in Chinese towns and cities seemed to have evaporated. There was piped music interspersed with messages in Chinese being played over the loud speakers all over the collective. We found a petting zoo for children with some deer, some camels and a couple of osteriches. There was even a mosque, how bizzare! There's not all that much to see there. I suppose the main attraction are the paintings of Uncle Joe Stalin and ... read more
Nanjie Cun 04-10-10 (82)
Nanjie Cun 04-10-10 (7)
Nanjie Cun 04-10-10 (33)

Asia » China » Henan » Song Shan September 24th 2010

Greetings one and all, So yesterday we went to the Shaolin Temple. Now the day didn't quite go as I had planned, we ended up on a tour of other scenic spots around the Shaolin Temple and didn't arrive there until 3 o'clock in the afternoon, bearing in mind that we left home at around 7.30 am and the temple is only 80 kms away. We had to change buses 3 times. I wanted to visit the pagoda forest and go up into the mountains but unfortunatly due to lack of time, the last bus leaves Shaolin at 6.00 pm, we only got to see the temple itself oh and the obligitory kung-fu show. The temple itself is small and all fairly new. The temple itself was burned down in 1923 and most of the halls ... read more
mount songshan scenic area (23)
mount songshan scenic area (1)
mount songshan scenic area

Asia » China » Henan » Zhengzhou September 20th 2010

Greetings! As our first unprogrammed day of the entire trip so far, yesterday was filled with thankfully lighter fare than the day prior when we visited Julia’s orphanage. Many of the babies in our group seemed to have a night of fitful sleeping following trips to their respective orphanages. I suspect it was an equally emotional visit for babies and adoptive families alike. Baby Julia enjoyed trips to a little playroom here in the hotel and to the pool as well. See attached pictures of this. Emma and Joshua continue to do well with her and my parents continue to be a source of tremendous assistance at every level of the process. We are grateful for their involvement. Additionally, we were fortunate to connect with Shannon's parents again by skyping so they could see the Baby ... read more
Julia makes progress in motor skills each and every day at this point.
Baby Julia having fun in a toddler tunnel.
Joshua had fun in the playroom!

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