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Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing October 3rd 2011

We spent the last four days on a ‘luxurious’, ‘all expenses paid’, ‘peaceful cruise’ down the Yangzi river with some ‘extremely courteous’ fellow passengers. Ok so yes the boat and chaotic manner in which all activities were undertaken on board did feel like being in our very own ‘Holidays from Hell’ TV episode but all in all we had a great time! The first day consisted of us getting a bus from our hostel in Chengdu at an extremely early hour, spending a good period of time not really knowing what was going on as we hauled our heavy bags through a grid locked and manic port area in Chongqing and then finally at about 8 O’clock finding our quarters aboard. Once we had paid for access all area VIP passes for the boat we spent ... read more

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing October 3rd 2011

The wedding was more wonderful than we expected for so many reasons. The bride was more than beautiful, in both of her dresses. Jacob, handsome and confident in his dragon coat, made the perfect groom. The young attendants were a great support team for the couple, and we really enjoyed getting to know them. We also met many members of Lynn's extended family from Chengdu and from a small town in northern Sichuan province. And Kathy and I were so proud to be in our Chinese outfits up front in seats of honor with the bride's parents. Jacob pulled off his song to open the ceremony without a hitch, singing into the mike held by the wedding MC as he walked down the aisle, strumming a guitar, to retrieve Lynn from her father. Our performance of ... read more
Groom and parents before the ceremony
Performing Tian Mi Mi
The four foreigners decked out for the party

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing September 30th 2011

It's raining and we are at various stages of fighting colds, hoping we will all be healthy for the wedding on Sunday. Still, the great experiences continue. Last night we were invited to Lynn's parents' home for dinner and to rehearse one part of the wedding ceremony. Kathy and I had enjoyed their hospitality before when Jacob was staying with them last summer in their apartment on the third floor of a 32-story high rise in a the northern part of the city (see “Arrival in Chongqing” post from last year's trip). They are wonderfully friendly, open people, and they clearly love our son. On the wall in the apartment entryway we saw our photo, taken with them when we were there last summer, along with pictures of Lynn and her parents over the years and ... read more
Ready to dive into the feast
Admiring the blanket
Looking at the photos of the San Juan Islands

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing September 29th 2011

Chongqing tea market. After the vows are exchanged, toasts made and the lives of Jacob and Lynn joined until 'death do they part', we will be heading out to explore the sacred tea mountains, the birthplace and only home to Pu'er tea, and the beginning of the ancient tea horse road to Tibet. There can be no better place to start our journey than the tea markets of Chongqing. We begin here to explore the pleasures of Pu'er tea and the rituals sorrounding it. Jacob and Lynn take us to the area of the city devoted to tea. We pass shop after shop dedicated to tea and the implements used to prepare and serve it. We are looking for a shop that specializes in Pu'er; a unique fermented tea grown only in Yunnan along the Burmese ... read more
Checking out the pu'er for sale
Dumpling lunch on the sidewalk

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing September 29th 2011

We managed to persuade Jim to abandon the pleasures of the subway in time to board the train from Beijing to Chongqing. The masses in China travel by train and tickets are not available online or through a central system. Therefore we needed Jacob with his connections to score us "soft sleeper" tickets which are the equivalent of first class in this classless society. We walked by the standard waiting room at the train station, jammed with people sprawled over huge bags and packages held together with string and tape, to find the special waiting room for people with tickets like us. This is communism at its best. Our train compartment had four berths, not especially soft but not too hard either, a place for luggage, and a little table complete with a cloth carnation in ... read more
Our soft sleeper compartment
Hello!, Hello!, Hello!
Jacob presiding over a tea tasting

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing September 28th 2011

So far we've survived our travels without any major snafus. Not got off at the wrong stop. Not been separated getting on and off. Not been hopelessly lost or even anything remotely like that. It's been good. Not to say that we haven't been anxious. We have. Day one at the Beijing Airport. Giant place with tons of people and not a lot of English spoken. Karen, Kathy and I struggle to keep up with Kit. He leads us to the correct platform. Up whooshes the train. We rush in. Of course, the subway car is already full and our entrance makes it even more full. We are really crammed in. But, we're here. We're in China and we're on our way. We have quite a ways to go before coming to the stop for ... read more

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing July 6th 2011

Hi All, So our journey to South-West China has begun and our first stop is here in Chongqing and another ex-capital of China ticked off the list. We can't have many left to visit! We left Shaoyang Monday luchtime on a sleeper coach. First time we've travelled on one of those. It was more comfortable than a normal coach although the bunk was Chinese size ie small. A 13 hour journey from Shaoyang to Chongqing. The first of many bus trips to come. We've enjoyed our short stay here. Well I say we, Dany had to spend a day in bed yesterday with a dodgy stomach. Yesterday flying solo I went to Ciqikou Ancient Town. It was OK but very touristy with the buildings down the main drag being heavily restored and all the shops selling ... read more
Around Chongqing (1)
Around Chongqing (2)
Around Chongqing (3)

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing May 5th 2011

Emei Shan 20-22 April After the Pandas at Chengdu, and the huge Buddha at Leshan, we jumped back on the bus and made our way to the town of Emei, to stay in a Buddhist temple. The Temple of 7 Buddhas as it is known, sits at the foot of Emei Shan (Mount Emei to me and thee) and includes accommodation for about 40 people. We were warned beforehand that the accommodation would be basic at best, and not up to the standard of the hotels we had been in until then, but it turned out to be just fine. The only minor intake of breath happened when we were shown the shower (photo attached) but the water was hot and plentiful so who cares what it looks like! To say it was a unique setting ... read more
The Temple Hotel!
Lunchtime Pagoda
Mt Emei

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing November 26th 2010

Pictures from the cities of Chongqing and Xi'an... read more
Finished Painting
Chinese Painter
No Touching

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing November 10th 2010

Final Day of our river cruise today and a relaxing morning. Another additional excursion which was mainly aimed at the Chinese tourists. It was to a temple that is below the water level of the dam so to preserve it they have built a concrete wall all around the temple and you actually go below the water level to tour the site. We didn't go but preferred to rest again - got a good position on the deck and got some photos despite the heavy fog. Then it was on to Fengdu to the Ghost City - a shore excursion for all tourists. Interesting place - we were told that this is the place that all ghosts (spirits) of everyone who dies (whether they are Chinese or not) go to, to be judged whether they go ... read more

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