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Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China October 19th 2014

17/10/’14 Vandaag zijn Yana en ik exact één maand in Beijing. Wat vliegt de tijd! Mijn project in het labo is ondertussen opgestart, al is het voorlopig vooral oefenen op technieken die ik ga moeten gebruiken. Regelmatig zijn er nog frustraties. Mijn supervisor vertelt mij nooit op voorhand wat hij van plan is en dus kan het zijn dat ik een hele dag aan mijn bureau zit te lezen en te wachten tot we iets praktisch gaan doen. Soms komt hij dan om 20u ’s avonds nog af met een experiment dat hij plots wil starten. Het is niet dat hij de hele dag druk in de weer is -ik heb hem zelfs al ene keer betrapt terwijl hij World of Warcraft aan het spleen was op zijn computer!- dus waarom zou je dat toch niet ... read more
Met de great papsie op de Great Wall
De liefste ouders

Asia » China » Beijing » Temple of Heaven October 18th 2014

Another flight. Another country - this one would take us to China where we were to spend the next three weeks surrounded by skyscrapers. We arrived in Beijing at the enormous airport, which opened prior to the Olympic Games in 2008 and is the largest airport in the world. Despite it's size, or maybe because of it, we found it ghostly quiet and very quickly we passed through immigration and soon had found our way to the BRT (metro) station. Stopping at an ATM to fill our wallets we were a little shocked to find that the exchange rate was lower than we were expecting.... It was an easy trip into the city but we did get confused when we walked out of the underground into the gloom of the late afternoon. We had booked a ... read more
The Forbidden City
Old city gate near Tiananmen Square
Front Gate of Tiananmen Square

Asia » China » Beijing October 1st 2014

its autumn in Bangladesh now. all gloomy from morning to evening and yup the load-shedding!!! to get rid of all this troubles i thought of giving a visit to china. so i turned on my PC and......started my journey. its not the first time that i am visiting china. but don't know why i keep coming back again and again. the most amazing thing that attracts me about china is of course the great wall. not because that it is the longest man made structure ever but because it was built over 2000 years ago. now in this modern world building something massive has become quite simple as we have the smartest engineering tools in our hands. but think about that time when the smartest tool was a hammer and the strongest element was stone. and ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Haidian district September 27th 2014

Deze week heel wat uren in het labo doorgebracht en de frustraties beginnen lichtjes te groeien. De sfeer tussen de Chinezen onderling is goed, maar jammer genoeg wordt er absoluut geen Engels gesproken. Enkel als er expliciet iets tegen mij gezegd wordt is het in het Engels, maar zelfs algemene dingen die voor iedereen bedoeld zijn inclusief mezelf worden meestal niet vertaald tenzij ik ernaar vraag. Als ik iets vraag is iedereen wel heel vriendelijk en helpen ze erg goed dus ik denk dat ze gewoon erg onzeker zijn over hun Engels. Ik hoop dat het verbeterd één keer ik echt meewerk aan experimenten. Op het einde van de verhuis trakteerde de prof het hele labo op een etentje. Er was geweldig veel en lekker eten dat op een draaischijf in het midden van de ronde ... read more
Temple of Heaven  Beijing
Temple of Heaven  Beijing
Temple of Heaven  Beijing

Asia » China » Beijing September 24th 2014

We were greeted by a very rare event in Beijing this morning - blue skies and sunshine. Clearly yesterday's rain had temporarily cleared the smog. What's more we enjoyed a leisurely start - breakfast at 8am!! We started off in Tiananmen Square, in which we bathed in the sunshine and took a few photographs. The Square holds Chairman Mao's Mausoleum and so is very popular with the Chinese people. The locals need to pass through a lengthy security process before entry - I suspect this is a really strategy to limit access. From Tiananmen Square we entered the Forbidden City - home of Chinese emperors for many centuries. Impressive or what. This is not small set of buildings - unsurprising as it housed the emperor, his wife, his 100+ concubines, their children and a multitude of ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing September 23rd 2014

Today was full-on and damp. A wake-up call @ 5.45am set the tone for the day and the coach left at 7am prompt. First stop was The Great Wall, where luckily the rain was only light enabling us to clamber up to one of the higher Watch Towers (although some colleagues scampered up even higher) - this is indeed a remarkable construction. Next stop was a Jade factory - the hard sell was unwanted, but the talk was illuminating and the lunch a cut above. Back into Beijing, it's traffic jam and rain, we visited a soggy 15th century Temple of Heaven, followed by an even soggier Liulichang Street that boasts many caligraphy shops. Last event of this long day was a gravity defying Acrobatics Show (luckily inside) -the finale entailed four stunt motorbikes riding inside ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing September 23rd 2014

After a solid 8 hours sleep, we felt nearly normal again. Breakfast at the hotel is 50% 'western' and so we tucked into eggs, bacon and toast - although the coffee got a firm thumbs down. This morning we braved the daily Beijing traffic jam and visited the Summer Palace - actually an enormous park/lake area with a few buildings that the Emperor would retreat to to escape the hot Beijing summers. Beijing has a population of 25m, and many were clearly also visiting the Palace today. On the way back we stopped at the Olympic Stadium (Bird's Nest) for a photo opportunity. We are clearly making an impact - we've been asked on a number of occasions to have our photograph taken with the locals!! The evening started with the now customary 'Sit around a ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Haidian district September 22nd 2014

Na een 10-uur durende vlucht vol babbels en films landen Yana en ik woensdagmorgen in Beijing. Het vliegtuig had voornamelijk Chinezen aan boord en dat hebben we geweten! Nog voor het toestel stilstond klikten ze om ter snelst hun gordels los en drumden ze naar de uitgang. Yana en ik bleven rustig zitten en keken het vol verbijstering aan. De tengere stewardessen probeerden de situatie in de hand te houden maar konden het maar met veel moeite baas. Zowel jongere als oudere Chinezen leken wel kinderen die ongeduldig naar de speelgoedwinkel wilden. De politie kwam er nog even aan te pas maar een half uur na landing gingen de deuren dan toch open en wrongen de passagiers zich om ter snelst naar buiten. Yana en ik bleven rustig zitten tot het einde om in alle rust ... read more
Summer palace
Verboden stad
Verboden stad

Asia » China » Beijing September 21st 2014

After a good licking from the neighbour's dog, we set off on a rather damp drizzly morning. Despite many spurious warnings on the M4 we arrived at Heathrow with little fuss, allowing an earlier than expected visit to one of the many coffee outlets at Heathrow. The flight was uneventful, other than the presence of Michael Wood (TV History presenter) sitting two rows ahead of us. First impressions of Beijing - the smog and also the number and density of high rise flats. Tour members arrived all day and so we were left to are own devices in the afternoon - a group of six of us undertook an hour's walk to Long Tan Park - a delightful oasis in an overcrowded city. We'll hopefully sleep well tonight!! Chopsticks Rule!!... read more

Asia » China » Beijing September 15th 2014

Sept 20: Fly to Beijing Sept 21 - 24: Beijing Sept 25 - 27: Xian Sept 28 - 30: Yangtze River Cruise Oct 01: Chongqing & Chengdu Oct 02: Chengdu Oct 03: Kunming Oct 04 - 05: Dali Oct 06: Guilin Oct 07: Li River Cruise Oct 08: Yangshuo Oct 09 -10: Hangzhou Oct 11 -12: Suzhou Oct 13 - 14: Shanghai Oct 15: Fly to Heathrow... read more

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