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Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville January 17th 2016

So the time has come to leave the beautiful beaches of Sihanoukville and travel to the bustling Ho Chi Minh!this entailed a 5 hr bus journey back to Phnom Penh with the giant ibis bus company this time!then get on a connecting bus to Ho Chi Minh taking our traveling time to 12 hrs! (Only bad thing was when we got on the bus, a girl didn't have the correct visa details to get into Vietnam so couldn't get the bus-delayed us by 40minutes with her friend making a massive scene saying how annoyed she was at the bus company and she would use her air miles so they could fly-arse!) Crossing the border between Cambodia to Vietnam was a lot smoother this time compared to the Thailand crossing but we arrived in Ho Chi Minh ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville January 16th 2016

Our week of bliss has been amazing!total luxury-breakfast by the sea with fresh fruit and any type of eggs you want and best of all-unlimited pancakes and crepes with Nutella! The staff working at tamu hotel are lovely too-especially the waiters in the restaurants, very friendly and Ryan has especially enjoyed chatting to them!(esp sammi and Rory). we mostly stayed around our hotel and ate there but there are about 8 bars and restaurants along the beach which we could easily walk too!didn't venture into s. As we thought whats the point when it's so beautiful at the otres beach and guidebooks don't really say it's a must see! Another thing we both enjoyed was foot massages by a lady called sunny who charged $4 for a 30 minute massage on the beach- very pleasant! So ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville December 10th 2015

So we had the bus ride from hell to get here! (the bad, the very bad!)! We were sold a direct ticket from battambang to Sihanoukville, it was meant to take 10 hours. We left Battambang at 7.30 am and arrived in Sihanoukville at 11pm! There was a stop of two hours in Phnom Penh and a change of bus and a beyond crap driver to the coast who must have thought he was driving a tractor (did not go above first gear!) Anyways, we met too funny Greek guys with lots of stories to tell and whining to do lol! When we arrived we took a tuk tuk to Otres 2 (the quieter beach) with the greek guys and two others for 6 dollars. This bargain price was thanks to Jorges who took his mood ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville November 11th 2015 Ce jour seras placé sur un rythme semi-sportif en commençant par la traversée de l'île par la montagne pour rejoindre long beach ou ont y retrouveras plus tard le bon vieux Bast l'estropié qui à choisit l'option taxi-boat, gros calage de hamak, lecture, pic-nic, baignade... Pour ensuite repartir par le chemin longeant la côte avec une tentative de footing avec Arthaz qui ne duras que 20 minutes avant que nos tête devienne rouge tomate submergé par la chaleur et l'humidité omniprésente !... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville November 10th 2015

Gros réveil sur l'île à bases de grosse salade de fruit et de baignade! A 13h départ pour la balade en bateaux au programme: -Snorkeling ( masque tuba ) sur une petit île au alentours -Pèche avec bien-sûr 70% des prise faite par Vinz et moi même ( sachant que nous étions une vingtaine sur le bateaux) -Coucher du soleil sur long beach avec barbeuq des poisson péché et légume grillet - Pour finir baignade avec le plancton lumineux ( il s'agit d'organisme vivant dans l'eau salé qui deviennent luminescent quand ont rentre en contact avec eux )... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville November 9th 2015

Suite à cette nuit dans le bus nous voila à Phnom Phen pour y passer deux heures et partir dans la direction de Sihanoukville pour enfin prendre un bateaux nous emmenant sur l'île de Koh Rong ( Koh en khmer signifie l'île). Arrivé en début d'après midi juste le temps de trouver notre Lounge Natural Guest House et de profiter de l'air marin de cette île et réserver quelques places dans un trip boat pour le lendemain !... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville October 2nd 2015

Sabaidëe!!! Så er det ved at være slut for en helt igennem fantastisk rejse. En hel uge har vi tilbragt på sydkysten af Cambodia, og vi har egentlig ikke lavet det helt store. Vi har boet i en lille bungalow ti meter fra strandkanten, hos Papa Pippo. Papa Pippo er to italienere der har slået sig ned i Sihanoukville og havde ønsket om at lave et alternativ til de andre steder, og for fa***** hvor har det været rart at bo her, Papa laver nemlig de bedste pizzaer og pasta. Og efter at have rendt fra herodes til pilatus for at finde en McD, Burger King eller KFC, uden held, har det været en fornøjelse at få noget andet end ris. Vi er ved at få kvalme af ris :) Langs strandkanten går der massører rundt ... read more
En ginger passion og lidt fodmassage. Så venter vi bare på solnedgangen.
Der er blevet set mange flotte solnedgange her.
Skrald overalt.

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville April 29th 2015

Sihanoukville Sihanoukville is located on the southwest coast of Cambodia and is a popular stop on the traveler route. The Serendipity area of Sihanoukville has a strong tourist influence and is similar to party strips in numerous other holiday destinations. There are copious amounts of casinos, bars and restaurants, playing Western music and serving Western food. After spending one night here we decided to move 5km south from Serendipity to Otres beach. Although still aimed at tourists it has a quieter and more relaxed vibe. The majority of accommodation is located along either side of the dirt track... read more
Riding along Otres beach
Torrential downpour!
Relaxing on the beach

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville March 29th 2015

The night is stifling hot and for whatever reason I am really not feeling well. My head is pounding and my stomach is off, but one way or another, I am going to get to my destination. I looked at the clock on the wall: 1:45 a.m. My bus was supposed to leave fifteen minutes ago. Phnom Pehn in the heart of Cambodia is not only exceptionally hot – ranging from mid-30s to mid-40s – it is extremely dry and dusty. The broken roads are thick with fine dust, the marketplaces a sweltering maze of vendors where lazy dogs lie sprawled along alleyways and sickly-thin cows graze along the arid roadside. I sit on a hard stone bench while the fumes from an idling bus seep into my already dizzy head. It is not long before ... read more
The main highway

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville March 26th 2015

Grabbed our beach towels and snorkeling gear to meet our group for a private tour of Sihanoukville, Cambodia this morning. We walked a long distance to meet our transportation as the port area is restricted. Michael from Australia greeted us and showed us to a broken down, rust bucket of a van. The harbor he brought us to wasn’t any more attractive, in fact it was worse! Strewn with garbage and completely down trodden, we marched our way through and onto the pier in the hopes of finding something better awaiting us. NOT! Still the boat was adequate and we had a great adventure on the rough ride to an island. The water was very cloudy and seemed polluted, the beach on the island was strewn with litter although we did not go ashore. We snorkeled ... read more
Ready to go too!
Luxury Liner
Siesta Time!

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