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Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City September 13th 2006

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Africa » Nigeria September 13th 2006

Energy from the sun. Such a ubiquitous, inexhaustible power source, I took it for granted that, with the right technology, it would be accessible to all. My Renewable Energy Programmer internship with One Sky in Nigeria gave me the opportunity to realize that most power issues with solar had little to do with electricity. Importation problems, lack of local knowledge, and ownership issues played a much greater factor in the (non)functioning of the solar (PV) systems. I visited three organizations that had PV systems installed a few years ago to learn from their successes and setbacks, before I worked on installing a system in the One Sky office in Cross River State, Nigeria. The first system was doomed before it was installed. The solar panels were brought from Canada and one was cracked in transit. The ... read more
Knowledge is power
How would you feel?
Because happy system = happy office

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra September 13th 2006

I finally found a cafe that I can plug my camera into with the USB cord. I'm going to be puting all my pictures into Kodak Gallery though because its faster that way and a little easier. Jessica your message was only sent once and it was fine. I don't go onto myspace from here because I only have limited time. I'm so proud of you, that you're learning so much, don't stop and write everything down at the end of the day so that you can tell me all about it when I get home. I miss you so much. Tell eric to get his butt on here and leave me a message :-) Cheryl I'm glad you've started classes, I can't wait to hear about them. I'm soooo happy and proud of you too!! ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier September 13th 2006

Wow this place is nuts!!! I have never experienced anything lilke it really. The closest thing I can think of is the Dominicqn Republic. We cruised down the Costq del Sol and saw Gibraltar and learned thqt monkeys live there and are cared for by the Brits. We took a ferry over from Spain to Africa. The sea is beautiful. We arrived in the early evening and thqt is Where the qdventure begins. PS The Q is where the A should be and I am paying by the minute so there will be typos. Our hotel which has an interesting humid sewer smell is right across from the beach. It is nice enough and clean enough, but very simple. Zane and I decided to check out the beqch before dinner. I was amazed at the amount ... read more
beach across from the hotel
nice fountain

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra September 13th 2006

What a week to finish on. As far as I can see, the NGO is crumbling beneath them. The project manager for Peace Cells is leaving (or being remvoed) so peace cell meetings for this week were just cancelled. The school term starts next week and according to the timeline, painting should have been completed (not yet started), doors and windows should have been put in, still nothing. For this, all classes next week are cancelled. So after teaching in the morning I am stuck for things to do, and the project manager kindly gave me a report to write that he sas, needs to exceed 20 pages. So my last few days will be spent at the guesthouse, typing away. It's ok though, it's been terrential downpours lately so no fun outside. Apparently there's a ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tadla-Azilal » El Kelaa des Sraghna September 13th 2006

365 days ago I arrived on the plane from New York in Casablanca. I didn't speak a word of Arabic and had no idea where I would be posted for the coming two years. Everybody says that the Peace Corps experience is a series of highs and lows. Incredible sights and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, followed by boredom and despair. Training was hard, and homestay was so full of new experiences and cultural learning I didn’t have much time to be homesick. Moving into my own house was exhilarating, and I soon started to feel I belonged in my community. I had a bad case of the blues after about six months of service after swearing in. Most people have some sort of low point around that time, but it hit me pretty hard. But I survived until ... read more

Africa » Tunisia September 12th 2006

G'Day! Up early to enjoy the sights before the sun gets too hot! First stop was the huge Ksar Ouled Debbab, which is currently being done restored and the back part is being made into a 5 star hotel (it will be a fantastic place to stay once finished) It is perched on a low hill and has incredible views with a great restaurant and cafe to just relax and enjoy a sheeshah or cafe olé. Visited the Museum which is at the entrance to the Ksar, the restoration work is great as it gives a different perspective ie. how it would have looked when lived in. Not sure why but they had some huge Dinosours there, which we took photos of for Tommy and Maria (5yr old and 3yr old, Nephew and Neice) Next to ... read more
Inside the Grain Stores
Ancient Douriet
Exploring Douiret Berber Village

Africa » Ghana » Volta September 12th 2006

Ventured back to the Volta last weekend. September 9: Arrived in Tafi Atome, I discovered that the only accomodation in the village was occupied by a small group of Danish volunteers. This initially disheartening revelation soon turned into an opportunity, and a very kind local invited me to stay at her home for the evening! I will not even attempt to spell her name, it was very peculiar, but she was incredibly hospitable and I immediately felt at home in her small place. Before she served supper, I ventured into the village (which was populated by no more than 1,000 people by my estimate) and weaved my way through mud-and-thatch houses, marveling at young boys making kente and old women cooking palm oil. I quickly attracted a flock of young children, who yelled and giggled with ... read more
Mona Monkey Alpha Male
Monkey Gaze, Tafi Atome
Village of Tafi Atome

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone September 12th 2006

Adrenalin day: At 8.30 am we headed out for a day for pulse racing, pure fear events. We began the day by signing a waver for any accidents or death that may occur during our activities -such a reassuring beginning. This place offered; Abseiling- backwards and forwards (don't ask), a thing called The Flying Fox- where you run at full speed and jump off the edge of the canyon (I should say here that you are attached to a body harness and you slide out over the huge gorge and they pull you back in). Then there is the zip slide which involved you holding onto handles as you are propelled to the other side of the gorge........And then there is the big one, which before I came I was not even considering. The Zambezi swing. ... read more
Sarah preparing for the flying fox
Sunset on the Zambezi river on booze cruise
Our gang a little worse for ware post cruise

Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area September 12th 2006

Ngorongoro Crater...because of cow bells innit ... read more

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