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After arriving at our hotel, drinking our mint tea and eating some Moroccan biscuits we headed out in search of dinner. We were a little unsure how well we'd be able to find our way around so chose somewhere close by. We grabbed a table on the rooftop and ordered kebabs and a tajine. The food was nice although we were a little shocked at how expensive it was given the serving size. The following morning we set out to explore the area in and around the medina. We made our way through the medina streets towards Dar El Said Museum. Dar El Said Museum houses a collection of traditional jewellery, carpets, lamps and pottery in a palace. We weren't particularly impressed with any of the exhibits which weren't displayed all that nicely and were a ... read more
Cute cats
Marrakech medina street
Dar El Said Museum

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Sea Point May 21st 2017

Capetown. What a relief to step off the plane and experience cooler temperatures. Into the hotel where we crash for the evening. But first, we are given a cell phone for emergencies. There are razor and live wires atop many of the homes gates. Come morning on the bus and up to the 7th Nature Wonder of the World, the Table Mountain. A group of school children high five us and gather for a photo saying 'cheese'. The tram holds 65 people, and ascends 1,067m while the floor slowly rotates so everyone gets a 360 degree view. Up top, the countless trails lead to expansive views including both the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Individuals stand on top of the boulders for impressive photo shots. Once down the mountain, there is a stop at the ... read more
Our residence in Capetown - Blackheath Lodge
Breakfast is great!
Old style colonial

Today is more or less a carbon copy of the previous day. Wake-up at 5:30 am, coffee and rusks at 6, departure on safari at 6:30. Richard wants to see if we can find the elephant herd that lives in the next valley over. To do that, of course, we have to get over the mountain. As yesterday, we start in almost pitch blackness but the sun rises swiftly. Again, beautiful mists from the valley as the sun gradually illuminates and warms us. Highlights along the way include a beautiful kudu and a large herd of giraffes that materializes out of nowhere. I'm still not sure how giraffes do the magic trick of appearing out of thin air. They give us a stern visual inspection, then gracefully lope off in a row. Incredible creatures. We have ... read more
Amarula tree being strangled by a parasitic fig, as giraffes observe dispassionately
An impala harem

We are up at 5:30 am for our first morning game drive. Coffee and rusks (similar to a biscotti) at 6 and in the land rovers shortly thereafter, just as the sun is starting to illuminate the backs of the surrounding hills. A word about the vehicles used on safari. They are modified land rovers, diesel-powered with separate gears for the front and back wheels. Obviously, they boast massive suspensions and extensive structural reinforcements. Besides the front seat, there are three rows of seats arranged in a staircase arrangement. Each row can accommodate three people. There's also a fold-out seat on the front left hood, where a tracker can sit precariously and survey the surroundings. An essential feature: everything is copiously padded. These babies can climb up a steep cliff, ford a stream, take a licking ... read more
Jo-Jo inspects rhino droppings
Landscape in the light of the morning sun
Giraffe and her calf

Today we say goodbye to Dunfeld and transfer to the Humala River Lodge in Songimvelo Game Reserve. By 9 we have eaten and our bags are packed into the two vans. It's about a 2 1/2 hour drive almost due east. I plead for the shotgun seat this trip to ease the misery on my knees and behind. Bakkies has a treat in store for us. He stops by a local chocolate shop with an interesting specialty. You get to pick a a chocolate cup (and by this I mean a small egg-cup-sized cup made entirely of chocolate) with the choices being dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. The cup is then filled by hand from a milk chocolate fountain. Very tricky to eat, but absolutely delicious! Bakkies provides his usual entertaining dialogue on the ... read more
All aboard the land rover
Savanah landscape
Kudu and calf

Hello from Morocco! Adina and I are coming to you from our first country in Africa. After a very long travel day ending with a train in Marrakech and then making our way through the old quarter's twisting, weaving, and very confusing streets we managed to make it to our Riad. A riad is a kind of guest house with an interior courtyard. Part of the Islam faith is that you don't show outward wealth - so almost all of the buildings are as plain as can be on the outside but have immense tile mosaics, pools, terraced roof tops, and even plunge pools to escape the mid day heat. The old part of Marrakech - the Medina - is an absolute labyrinth of markets, shops, squares with markets, stalls, guys with monkeys, and even snake ... read more
Door at a Koranic School
Spice Store
Street Performer rocking out

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Dullstroom May 18th 2017

We wake up in Dunfeld Estates to another fantastic day. Perfectly blue sky. We have been so lucky with the weather on this trip. We can now see where we have ended up. The location is idyllic: a circle of cottages around a central pond surrounded by tall trees. The air is filled with the sound of birds. Buffet breakfast at Dunfeld. Standard fare with an egg station. But there's pap en sous, which makes the whole thing African. Bakkies brings the van out back and we pile in for our day's adventure. He starts with a tour of Dunfeld estates. It's absolutely huge, and actually comprises three separate adjoining operations, all family-owned, one of them devoted exclusively to equestrian pursuits. One yearly visitor is apparently Bruce Murray, Anne's brother. The roads around Dunfeld are lined ... read more
Petting an elephant at Elephant Whispers
Tambo, the largest living being I have ever met
Ride on Shawara

Africa » Ghana May 17th 2017

May 2017 Gonja - Funali - Lobi Feeling our work is done in the south, Kirk and I have been traveling the Northern Regions of Ghana searching for our new home land. We think we have found it. Recently, we took a family trip to the northern town of Damongo. We all fell in love with the tribes and local missionaries. The Lord willing, these three northern tribes will soon be our new neighbors! The Gonja people are asking a lot of questions concerning the gospel. There are few who have the biblical answers to give. In their villages churches are far and few between. Several villages have no church at all. Each and every chief we met asked us to return and stay with his people and teach the gospel message. Kirk certainly has his ... read more
Fulani Friends
Fried Fulani Cheese Sticks
House of the Lobi People

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Dullstroom May 17th 2017

Today we will travel from Cape Town to Johannesburg, and thence to a resort named Dunfeld. Unfortunately I am quite sick today. The cold/flu has its hooks firmly into me. But we soldier on. JP drives us to the airport and we say our good-byes. JP has been our almost constant companion for a week and has done his best to make our visit to Cape Town memorable in every way. Plane flight from Cape Town to Joberg on Kulula Air. Moment of panic when "now departing for Lanseria" is announced in the plane. But that is only the name of the destination airport. The plane is an older 737 and knee space is problematic for me. It's also apparently a super-economy flight, and you don't even get water unless you pay for it. I am ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-T├ętouan » Chefchaouen May 17th 2017

Geo: 35.1716, -5.27069We awoke this morning to the "call to prayer", such a characteristic element of the Muslim world. We enjoyed a nice breakfast of bread, cheese, olives, jams, honey, crepes and coffee, prepared by our Riad host. We then met Morad for a nice, leisurely stroll of the Medina and old town of Chefchaouen. This beautiful, mountain-top city has many buildings which are painted blue, giving the town a cool and unique feel. Unlike places like Egypt, here the shopkeepers do not aggressively try to drag you into their shops, and our walk through the city is most pleasant. We top for a coffee in a cafe on the main square, before heading out to drive back to Tangier.Upon arriving back in Tangier, Morad takes us to one of his favourite old restaurants, with all ... read more
Jim outside our hotel
Chefchaouen the "Blue Pearl"
A old way of washing clothes and rugs

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