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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town February 18th 2015

Here it is, Monday report ... It was bright and early, and we are heading to the waterfront area for today's discoveries. In the morning the time will be spent at the Two Oceans Aquarium featuring enormous aquarium displays of the indigenous fish and marine life of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, which wash ashore on South Africa's two coastlines. I won't visit the Indian Ocean coast as thats too far away, but have already seen the rugged and beautiful Atlantic landscapes. At the right time of year - or the Southern Hemisphere winter months - it is common to see whales and sharks in the waters off the coast here! but these are the summer months now. The Aquarium gives me the best opportunity to know what's in these waters. But neither Great Whites nor ... read more
Trying a selfie
Judes and Alison
A pond with Rays, young and small

Africa » Swaziland February 18th 2015

February 18, 2015 (Ntfonjeni, Swaziland) TLC has four nurses that make a deep impact on empowering the Swazi people in the organization and enable a lot of what happens in the rural outreaches. The senior (if 30sh is senior) is Rebekah. A former labor and delivery nurse in Kentucky, Bekah has been in Swaziland a little over three years now and considers it home. She is talented, meticulous, systematic and tireless in achieving workflows and system-based approaches – especially focused on the surgical programs. Bekah will coordinate this team of nurses and Swazi’s to help develop eye surgery services that eventually evolve on the campus. Her focus is detailed execution and training. Melody (Mel) is the logistics queen. Aside from her nursing responsibilities in the male circumcision (MC) program, she coordinates and oversees the assignment of ... read more
Mel Explains Logistics to Jeff
Bekah and Tiffany

Africa » Swaziland February 18th 2015

February 18, 2015 (Ntfonjeni, Swaziland) Early Wednesday morning, we met the 5:15 sunrise at Miracle Campus again to gather up the caravan and head to the opposite extreme of the country, the north eastern border town of Ntfonjeni. The names of the communities are cool, but seem to get less and less pronounceable as we get further away from the middle of the country! It was a two hour drive through some of the most lush and spectacular valleys in the country that took us to the community school. The rooms were selected, and setup began like the workflow clockwork that TLC. Many long queues had already developed by the time we arrived…and they just kept on growing. School children are all in uniform, and each school has a different color: blue, red, green, yellow and ... read more
Station 9 Queue
Station 9 Queue
The school grounds

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Prince Albert February 18th 2015

Wednesday 18th February 2015. Oudstshoorn Judith and I really wanted to go on a game drive and view some of Africa's wild animals in their natural habitat. Problem was it costs heaps of money to stay in a game lodge/camp and do the evening and morning game drives: we were lucky, because we found a viable alternative....... The Buffelsdrift safari park, if they didn't have a full in house guest list, allowed 'outsiders' ( us ) to pay a nominal fee and join the morning safari game drive. So at 0545 (true - Judith managed to be up first as buzzing with the prospect of seeing wild animals) we were up and away to the safari park for our guided tour. It was a particularly hot day ( forecast to be 40 degrees ) but we ... read more
Elephants, giraffe, antelope, hippos, and a rhino
Our own balcony over the watering hole
How lucky were we

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town February 18th 2015

Robben island. A moving experience. Monday afternoon. 1pm ferry to Robben Island off shore Cape Town. There were hundreds of passengers who looked like tourists waiting, and a good sprinkling of passengers who looked like Black South Africans. I don't know the accents so I can't tell. There were Japanese, and Germans, Americans, Brits and Italians plus a Trini for good measure. As we queued to enter the crowded waiting room, to have our bags scanned before boarding the ferry, I noticed the mood was somber befitting the pilgrimage we were about to make. Reminding me of my visits to Ann Frank house in Amsterdam. Even that normally unruly lot- a teenage school group from England- weren't actually behaving in an outrageous manner. The waiting room walls and stairwell were chock full with several visual representations ... read more

Africa » Morocco February 17th 2015

It is true that I have gotten a little distracted by the events and the travel and not given enough attention to the food aspect of this trip. I mean that is the name of the blog "Foodies Unleashed". So here is the first of two blogs about the food One of the highlights this far on this trip has been the Moroccan cooking lesson I took in Marrakech. It is called Souk Cuisine. Souk of course is the name for the marketplace, and thus this course was focused on cooking what comes from the market that day. There are no supermarkets in the souk, little imported foodstuffs and refrigerators are tiny so the custom is that the person of the house responsible for the cooking buys what looks best/freshest from the market that day and ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech February 17th 2015

Some additional photos from the cooking lesson in Marrakech... read more
Vegetable tagine ready for the stovetop
About to chow down.  It was delicious!
The finished vegetable tagine

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn February 17th 2015

Tuesday 17th February 2015 - Oudtshoorn. Oudtshoorn part of route 62 and is just North of the town George ( the N2 - the main road out of the Western Cape heading to Durban eventually )and the start of the very tourist "Garden route" - that Judith and I will be following in a few days. But first it's time to explore and a little adventure!! There are many attractions surrounding this strange town, the name of which everybody pronounces differently! One of the main attractions are the Congo Caves about 30 miles North of town. There are three ways to view the caves.....most people would be content with the traditional tourist or tourist guided tour, but not Judith and I!!! Adventure tour for us. To 'qualify you have to practice squeezing through a 'letter box' ... read more
Bottoms up!
Now that's tight!
The letter box - you had to slide down on your back to exit

Africa » Togo » Lome February 17th 2015

Nous sommes bien arrivés a Lomé. Tout se passe tres bien. Ici il fait 30 degrés et les Togolais sont tres accueillant. Aujourd'hui nous quittons l'hôtel pour aller dans notre premiere ferme située dans la banlieue de Lomé. On a pas trop eu le temps de prendre des photos tellement on en prend pleins la vue mais on va sy mettre ;-) Quel plaisir quand même de retrouver l'Afrique apres tant d'années. Sur la premiere photos on voit le jardin de l'hôtel. Et la seconde cest la biere 100 pourcent togolaise quon a goûté hier en fin d'après midi. Et au passage elle n'a rien a envier au bieres européennes.... read more

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa February 17th 2015

Zbyszek Wodecki miał wiecej szczęścia ;), bo ja żadnego golasa na tutejszej plazy NIE widziałam. Przeciwnie, cześć tubylców kąpie sie w pełnym rynsztunku - spodnie (długie!), szorty, koszulki itd. Takie kąpiele mogłyby kojarzyć sie z religijnymi zakazami - w końcu 90% mieszkańców regionu to muzułmanie - ale NIE dotycza tylko kobiet. Prosto z kroniki towarzyskiej wybrzeża: podobno do pobliskiego hotelu przyjechała z wizyta gospodarska (!) "Mama Ngina" czyli czwarta żona pierwszego prezydenta Kenii - Yomo Kenyatta - i matka obecnego - Uhuru Kenyatta. Rodzina Kenyatta w polityce obecna od 1963 roku, do swojego majątku może zaliczyć kanał telewizyjny, krajowy dziennik, rozgłośnie radiowe, udziały w biznesie bankowym i ubezpieczeniowym oraz oczywiście liczne nieruchomosci. Forbes szacuje majatek samego Uhuru na 500 mln USD. Dwie inne sąsiednie posiadło... read more
Kibicka - polski akcent na wybrzezu
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