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Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha » Arusha City December 16th 2018

“The journey to a thousand stars is not too far a journey” when you love a place. That is Africa for me. I keep going back there to smell its red dirt, acacia and baobab trees, unruly callous beauty spread all across that is worth living for. So when the KLM flight 571 sailed like a giant nightjar and touched down at Kilimanjaro airport in Arusha, Tanzania, I took a deep breath. Yes, I was in Kenya just a few months ago. I am back in the neighbouring Tanzania again in November. Why do I keep coming back? “I had a farm in Africa”…the day I watched the movie ‘Out of Africa’, I somehow knew this has now become my all time favourite movie. It was past 9:00 pm and dark…not sure I could notice the ... read more
River Nile under a setting sun- flying over Egypt
He has the right of way!
Elephants taking shelter from the hot African sun

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha » Arusha City September 18th 2018

The Tengeru Cultural Tourism Programme is an organisation for tourists to experience local communities of the locals and culture of the Meru people of Tanzania, this is where we spent most of today. 65% of their profit goes into local schools, orphanages, women's projects and tree planting projects, so it is all good. Glyn found this place when researching coffee tours, as it also does this plus a village tour. The guys at Hekima House had no idea where it was situated, but sorted us out a lift there and as always, it was down a very long and bumpy dirt track including such a steep part that I didn't think the car could make it back up! The building itself was home to Mama Gladness, who owns the business and it was very beautiful with ... read more
Avenue of banana trees
coffee beans on bush
Peeled coffee bean from the bush

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha » Arusha City September 11th 2018

Tanzania Day 3 A flight delay, a car accident, glaring locals and going up north in Tanzania After the theft from another room last night I don’t think we were being over cautious when we took all our valuables to breakfast this morning. I’d barricaded the doors last night as well, just in case. Claire had planned to get up for the sunset but ended up getting woken by a thunderstorm instead. I heard a bit of it but was pretty dead to the world while she managed to get up and shoot some video of some interesting sheet lightening. We didn’t get up until EIGHT am! Crazy, lazy days. Breakfast was odd and I’m not even sure what two of the things on our plates were. There was coffee though that was drinkable so that’s ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha » Arusha City September 11th 2018

A huge thunderstorm awoke me at around 5am, the room was intermittently lit by bright lightening and the curtains were blowing in like a horror movie. The window was open but we were protected by a veranda, mosquito net and wrought iron bars. I got up to watch it over the lake. I've never seen so much lightening in one storm, it was sheet lightening that lit up the entire sky turning the palm trees into black silhouettes. It flickered like a faulty light at varying intensities as the wind attacked the trees and the lake was totally mad. The thunder too was intense and frequent, being particularly loud at times. This went on for around 40 minutes and what baffled me further was that Glyn didn't wake up. Afterwards, the sky was a dingy grey ... read more
view of Lake Tanganyika from our room.
Kigoma airport

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha » Arusha City August 18th 2018

Woken early by a knock on the door. Wake up call. Hmmm, phone didn’t go off, old style manual call. Found out at breakfast that others got a call. Must have knocked the phone so it didn’t work. Good service. Brekky then into the bus for our short trip back to the airport. Back through the check in routine and towards customs, etc. Farewelled our tour guide, Graham. He has been really good and keeps saying we have been the best group he has ever had. We vehemently say he is talking shit but he steadfastly says he has had loads of fun and hasn’t had to work hard at all. Anyway, more hugs and kisses - and handshakes for some. Then we head through his secret security entry which is much quicker than the first ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha » Arusha City November 5th 2015

Day 1-3 (Oct 31-Nov 2) Travel - Probably the most grueling flying experience of my life. Due to the airline screw up we had to change our flight from LAX to SF and buy a one way ticket for our San Fran departure. So we left LA at 1:30pm for our short jump up north, where we had a 4hr layover to recheck our bag and have a couple beers. We took our seats in the very last row of the plane for the 13hr journey. Plenty of movies to watch and free beer although we only had a couple. Half way through we had a medical scare. I fell asleep on my arm so my hand fell asleep. Normally not a problem, but I couldn't move my wrist one bit and this lasted for hours. ... read more
Tanzania (6)
Tanzania (8)
Tanzania (9)

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha » Arusha City August 21st 2014

There inst a day when I don't see their sweet, sweet ebony faces. One is young, maybe four years old at most. The other wrinkled and worn, with teeth poking out of her mouth, telling me shes had a long life. I presume the pair to be "grandma" and "granddaughter". At first the "grandma" would stick her hand out hoping to collect a few coins when I passed. Although I am not one for begging, and simply wanted to smile in their direction and be on my way, Jesus had bigger plans. I felt his heart asking me to follow him. I said yes. This question is one that I am asked daily. What I felt him asking me to do was to provide them something small each day. A lollipop, a banana, or "mandazi" something ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha » Arusha City June 28th 2014

Gleich nach dem Frühstück brechen wir zu unserer letzten Wanderung auf. Es geht durch das Dorf in den Wald in welchen wir wieder die verschiedenen Affen bewundern können. Diesmal sind wir schnell und kommen früher als geplant am Treffpunkt an. Somit müssen wir auf den geplanten Tanz warten. Dies stört die Afrikaner aber mehr als uns. Zunächst bekommen wir eine Führung über die frühere Lebensweise und eines traditionellen Hauses wie sie früher gebaut wurden. Dann folgt der Tanz. Dies ist uns und den Tänzern unangenehm. Versprochen wurde und nämlich ein Besuch eines Dorfes welches nicht touristisch ist. Nun finden wir uns in einer künstlichen Veranstaltung wieder. Danach dürfen wir noch das typische Essen der Region probieren. Dieses bestehe aus Kochbananen, Fleisch, Toma... read more
Columbus Affen

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha » Arusha City June 24th 2014

Total Distance Travelled Today: 301 km Elapsed Time of Travel: 11hrs 22 min Lodging for the Night: Meserani Snake Park Campsite Today was our first real day on our adventure from Nairobi to Cape Town. We woke early, had a great hot breakfast at the hotel and boarded Umfolonzi, our overland truck. By leaving the hotel around 7:30 we were able to beat most of the Nairobi traffic on our way south to the Tanzanian border. Still jet lagged, we had only slept a couple of hours overnight, but we managed to stay awake for the journey. We entertained ourselves by watching 'TV' (eg looking out the windows) for the drive. The roads to the border were, mostly, excellent, although we we're detoured off the main highway about 6 km from the border (and these detours ... read more
Umfolonzi is named after a river in Africa
Outskirts of Nairobi
Kids playing football near Namanga, Kenya

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha » Arusha City June 22nd 2014

19 juin 2014 : Nous nous levons à 08h00. Pas d'eau chaude car tout est en énergie solaire dans le camp et hier le ciel était couvert. Nous prenons notre petit déjeuner à 08h30, puis à 10h00, nous partons pour Arusha. Nous enregistrons et avons nos tickets à 14h15 pour un vol prévu à 15h25. Nous arrivons à Zanzibar à 16h30 avec 5 minutes d'avance, L'hôtel Al Minar a envoyé un taxi pour nous récupérer. Nous sommes à l'hôtel à 17h00 et retournons manger au 6south. Nous rentrons à l'hôtel et allons nous coucher. Nous regardons le match Uruguay-Angleterre. 20 juin 2014 : Nous nous levons à 07h00 et prenons une bonne douche chaude puis petit déjeuner. Le taxi arrive à 09h45 afin d'être à l'aéroport 2 heures avant le décollage. Nous décollons pour Dar Es ... read more

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