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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Stellenbosch September 19th 2019

Day 2 of our "tour" started with Table Mountain and another drive through the city. (We decided to go up Table Mountain on Tuesday, even though it was included in our tour, because the weather was good, and the cableway closes if it is too windy or the cloud is too low. Happy to do it twice.) This drive took us through some different places in the city so quite interesting. Then up the mountain to the lower cable station. (So much for hiking mountains to see proteas at the gardens, they grow wild over the slopes of Table Mountain and when you are sitting on the other side of the bus, you can see them! The mountain is covered in fynbos - a word they invented to describe the vegetation on the mountains of the ... read more
On top of Table Mountain
Looking towards Robben Island
Yep, we were there!

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Stellenbosch July 26th 2019

On my last day in South Africa I decided to go on a wine tour to taste some of the greatest wines in the area. I booked a day trip with South African story wine tours. This 8 hour tour took us to four different wine estates in Paarl, Stellenbosh und Franschkoek. Together with our tour guide Bruce, a french couple and girl from Chicago we were on our way to the first vineyard Farview. Before tasting some wine and cheese Bruce gave us a little lesson in the history wine making and we had the chance to take a look at the wine making process. After we had learned how wine was made we moved on to taste some wine and cheese. 8 different wines and cheeses were presented for us to try from white, ... read more
Backsberg wine estate
Farview vinyard
Wine and cheese tasting

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Stellenbosch March 21st 2018

Here we are...I thought Pezula was the most insane course in South Africa, till I play Pinnacle Point. This is not a golf course, it's a post card golf course! Could have done a single post about this place. I play well below 90...and lost only four balls, that was a success in itself! After George, there is Mossel Bay. The drive is only 45 minutes. Here, I play Mossel Bay golf Club, and the seriously astonishing Pinnacle Point. 90usd including the golf cart to play such a place is just a solid bargain. What a day! The sun was there, some wind...but the views are just stunning! We stay in Mossel Bay at the local Protea....super nice suite...great place for a romantic little dinner! Next, the drive to the Cape Aghulas. This is the actual ... read more
Pinnacle Point, they did it!
Wonderful lunch at Delaire Graff

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Stellenbosch April 27th 2017

As I am writing this, it is pouring rain outside, and I mean pouring, a real nice thunderstorm, and I am very happy I am under a roof. And a very nice one! A cyclist that I had contacted when I was thinking about coming to South Africa invited me to stay with him and his wife, in Stellenbosch. I don't know if I have ever met anyone so enthusiastic about tour cycling, it is actually touching to listen to him talking about his experiences and how much he loves to travel on his bike. There is definitely something very addictive about bike touring and it's nice to meet other people who can fully understand why I like it too. As I left Robertson 2-3 days ago, I didn't expect the scenery to be all that ... read more
more beautiful landscape
nice sunny day
just before the Franschhoek Pass

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Stellenbosch October 2nd 2015

Schon bei der Anfahrt gestern hatte ich eine Waescheri entdeckt, und so schleppte ich alles, was ich gerade nicht trug, dorthin. Auch das R Gwand. Um 12.00 war es fertig, hat 65 Rand gekostet, 4 US $. Und aus allem ist der namibische Staub raus! Ansonsten bin ich in Stellenbosch herumgewandert. Es ist die zweitaeltesste Stadt in RSA, Van der Stel hat sie gegruendet, weil ihm die Gegend so gut gefiel - und sie gleich nach ihm selbst benannt. Es gibt immer noch eine grosse Anzahl von hollaendischen Haeusern, meist perfekt hergerichtet und sicher sehr teuer. Die Gegend ist vom Weinbau gepraegt - und vom Tourismus. Es gibt ganze Strassenzuege mit Geschaeften, die Touristen oder die gehobene Gesellschaft ansprechen. Der Unterschied zu Calvinia koennte nicht groesser sein - dort gab es noch eine Auslage, in der ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Stellenbosch October 1st 2015

Calvinia: Aufwachtemperatur: 5 Grad, immerhin ueber Null. Aber im Lauf des Tages wurde eswaermer, bis auf 21 Grad, schoener blauer Himmel - der perfekte Motorrad Tag! Die Bedienung im Fruehstuecksraum trug Wintermantel und Wollmuetze!! Das kommt sicher auch nicht so oft vor. Im Ort sassen schon wieder die Leute vor dem bottle shop - in der Hoffnung, dass es vielleicht heute den Alkohol kostenlos gibt. Zuerst niederes Gebuesch, Schaffarmen. Viele dieser Farmen haben am Haus ein Feld mit Feigenkaktus. Das ist die Notration fuer die Schafe, falls mal wegen ausbleibendem RFegen nichts mehr anderes waechst. Es ging insgesamt ujeber 4 Paesse an diesem Tag und durch wunderschoene Landschaft. Bei Clanwilliam begannen ausgedehnte Orangenhaine, die meisten bluehten gerade und der Duft hing in der Luft. Citrusdal: kleine Pause, Larry, Julia und Brad kamen dazu. Leute mit Bie ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Stellenbosch September 23rd 2015

Despite no flowers my spirits were high(after the wine mostly) as I was about to attend a festival! Cool!!! It was actually a trance party, as I learned, which only lasts Saturday and half of Sunday. I learned this Sunday afternoon when the people I was hanging out with mentioned it would be over in two hours. UNACCEPTABLE! I went and found the head of security and asked him if I could stay Sunday night as I didn’t plan on being there for just one night. I mean come on…what kind of festival is only one night…and what kind of festival wants people to party all Sunday and leave by 4?!?! Weird…but the head dude, Lee, was kind enough to let me stay. Yay! It was a fun party and I got to meet some great ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Stellenbosch September 21st 2015

Citrusdal and down! Man after deciding chasing flowers that aren’t around is a silly idea I found a breath of fresh air chasing the vineyard closing times J Paarl was the first stop on the way to glorious wine, cheese, and chocolate tastings to name a few. At the information spot in Paarl I had to figure out where the F i was going...The “cheap” caravan park was ridiculously expensive but the boss of the info spot knew of a vineyard that hosts campers as well(for super cheap). Aaaaand it happened to be on the way past a few vineyards that were recommended. Yay!!! Second stop was the Fairview Winery which is famous for their cheeses. Its really true…the cheese there was aaaawwweesome…..especially the Jersey milk feta without brine. Woa….Also the wine infused with some brandy ... read more
good advice!!!
tasting menu at fairview

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Stellenbosch July 18th 2015

Let's get back to my old-fashion habit of writing blogs...from the lounge of an airport. We came back 60 hours ago at home in Bangkok. I brought the kids yesterday to the airport for their flight to Saigon. They have well arrived, and I can confirm, their new activity over the coming weeks, will be mainly to stick to their computer...I know, this is not right, but it's like this. Don't worry, beside this blog, there are two more coming about South Africa, with a lot of smiles from Tiffany and Leslie, and not much computer time! On my side, I'm awaiting my flight to... for the next adventure. It feel a little like jumping continents, but it's simple what it is. The last 3 days have been running ones for me...job done, bills paid, did ... read more
Truly fun lunch at Restaurant 96 Winery Road
That's a beautiful area...
Even in winter, this place is gorgeous...

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Stellenbosch March 8th 2015

We drove along one of the main streets in Outdshoorn, featuring the Queen’s Hotel, refurbished and renamed for Princess Elizabeth to visit on her African tour, cut short by the death of her father. Many of the nearby lovely homes were known as “feather palaces”, i.e., built with the fortunes made by the fashion for ostrich feathers before WWI. The homes were spacious for the time and were decorated with “gingerbread” and trellises. About 45 minutes later we were passing through Calitzdorp, when Duane offered to show us the big Dutch Reform church – we had time to burn, having left the hotel in good time. The large church wouldn’t have looked... read more
Coastal Mountains
Calla lilies line the road
Feather dusters

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