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March 21st 2018
Published: May 17th 2018
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Here we are...I thought Pezula was the most insane course in South Africa, till I play Pinnacle Point. This is not a golf course, it's a post card golf course! Could have done a single post about this place. I play well below 90...and lost only four balls, that was a success in itself!

After George, there is Mossel Bay. The drive is only 45 minutes. Here, I play Mossel Bay golf Club, and the seriously astonishing Pinnacle Point. 90usd including the golf cart to play such a place is just a solid bargain. What a day! The sun was there, some wind...but the views are just stunning!

We stay in Mossel Bay at the local Protea....super nice suite...great place for a romantic little dinner!

Next, the drive to the Cape Aghulas. This is the actual Southern point of Africa, and not the well publicized Cape of Good Hope. We did the small detour on our way to Hermanus. Not many tourists around here...and yes, way less spectacular than the Cape of Good Hope.

Little stop in Hermanus. Tonight, we are staying at the very comfortable Arabella for 2 nights in a lovely suite. The plan was to go in the cage with the Great whites. But here it is...visibility was only 2.5 meters...sightings were not that regular the past few days and weeks, so I decided not to throw 150usd for that morning. Did it twice, and I guess it will happen again at some stage!

So on the golf, there was the gorgeous Hermanus course....where I play with three of them being a young 92 years old golfer....walking the course...impressive! That afternoon, I play Arabella carrying my golf bag. What a day! Nice dinner, nice bottle of wine, love South Africa!

Next morning, it's wine time! Our first stop is at Vergelegen. Sadly, they run out already of last season bubbly...kind of understandable, they produce only 600 of this amazing wine! Well, the Semillon is also a stunner!

Lunch was a good 45 minutes away at Delaire Graff! We love the place! A year ago, we just showed up and got a table, when most people needed to book 8 months ahead. Today, it seems you just need to call two weeks ahead. Their wine tasting is a little to turn on the marketing side. But we truly appreciate their Sauvignon Blanc and even better, their Chenin Blanc!

Afternoon time, golf in the completely burn Paarl golf club! Sad to see the result on the lack of water on the local environment. Night was in Stellenbosch, gorgeous little suite at the local Protea. Next early morning, I play Pearl Valley, ranked 5th in the country. They are less than 8kn from Paarl golf club, but they have all the water they need in the ground!

Before picking-up Tiffany at the airport...two more stops...Marianne and Kannonkop. Kannonkop does one of the most famous Pinotage in the country. But Marianne is something else, seriously special! It was recommended by a good friend of mine. The owner is from St Emilion, he owns few Grand Cru Classes in Bordeaux. And it'so our chance, he was there! We spent more than an hour there...I ordered 18 bottles to be delivered at home. And yes, their bubbles are better than most French Champagne...and I know what I speak about!

Next stop...Cape Town!

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