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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Green Point May 24th 2019

Why oh why did we buy that damn duty free gin and vodka ?!We are now starting to realise what a millstone it is around our neck getting on and off aeroplanes and hauling it around airport lounges, resting up between flights and then getting back on it was mainly the 5 hours wait in damn uncomfortable seats at Singapore airport that is bringing this nightmare to the surface. And all for a saving of a couple of bucks on each bottle. And now we have to drink it before we get to the safari stage of the BBA V4 as you are not supposed to take your own booze. Secretly though we are stockpiling, well 2 any way, 1 litre tonic bottles for whatever we have left of the gin and vodka by then. ... read more
The gin and tonic terrace
View towards V & A and Cape of Good Hope
Table Mountain from V & A

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Green Point May 21st 2018

Despite still being still critically short of water (though improving), and still under water restrictions, it has pissed rain virtually all day with heavy low cloud. So our trip up table Mountain was cancelled. Mainly due to wind at top (shut cable car if over 35km/hr), though wouldn’t have seen anything anyway. Also cancelled was our sunset champagne cruise for same reason. As this is our last day it’s not possible to reschedule so will just have to either come back or buy the postcard. I suspect the latter. Got good views of it over last couple of days so mustn’t grumble. Overall had a fantastic trip and will be returning with some superb memories and, of course, a thousand photos to bore you all with! Did a city tour this morning and some shopping at ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Green Point May 20th 2018

Set off early for full day trip to Cape of Good Hope, via boat trip to Duiker Island to see Cape Fur Seals. Like thousands of them. The cape was spectacular but so much to see today that took funicular railway up to lighthouse to give us more time at top. Ok, we’re getting soft....missing my long walks with Dougal back home and too much sitting on buses and jeeps! Saw a few more animal and bird species on way. Then African penguin colony on Boulders beach... such cute little creatures and almost as small as the South Australian Fairie Penguins we saw off Melbourne. Also caught glimpse of a Rock Hyrax, looking like a rodent, it’s related to the elephant! Unbelievable. Mind you, our guide today was a somewhat elderly lady who did not stop ... read more
Next stop Antarctica
The Cape peninsula
African Penguins

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Green Point April 26th 2017

Flying into Cape Town last Sunday, we were understandably tired after our fifth flight in two days but all signs of tiredness quickly vanished once we caught our first glimpse of Table Mountain on the descent into Cape Town. Breathtaking. Amazing. Mother nature at her very best! With all the last minute preparations for our year away I don't think we had allowed ourselves to get excited about our week in Cape Town. But before our feet had even touched the ground I think we both knew we were in for a magical week. And that was BEFORE we found out that the Western Cape was experiencing an unseasonal heat wave with 30+ degrees Celsius. #winning First stop this week was the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront (V&A) - Cape Town's most popular tourist attraction - with ... read more
V&A Waterfront
Camp's Bay and the 12 Apostles
V&A Waterfront

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Green Point June 11th 2014

En ja hoor, precies op tijd, stond daar onze taxi om 15.30 voor het huis te wachten. Voor een bedrag van 300 rand (pp) worden we naar Port Elizabeth gebracht, toch weer een ritje van 2 uur. In Nederland kun je daarvoor niet eens het openbaar vervoer nemen, dus super fijn hier! We hadden wat extra tijd gerekend, voor files en vertragingen enzo. Alleen natuurlijk hadden we die dan weer niet, waren we een uur te vroeg in Port Elizabeth bij de Intercape Office. Maar op een stoeltje plaats genomen en ons brood, beleg en mes tevoorschijn getoverd, ons lekkere avondeten. Ach je moet toch wat als je zo’n strak tijdschema hebt als wij hadden. En ja hoor, iets na 18.00 kwam onze bus eraan gereden. Wij gelijk instappen en ons werd verzocht helemaal vooraan te ... read more
Het hostel - De slaapkamer
De Tafelberg - De Klim
De Tafelberg - De top

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Green Point April 15th 2012

The fair Judge Leaves so Nasser Mandela goes back to Prison So up early for breakfast, farewell to the Judge then off to the Waterfront for a trip to Robben Island. But first....a 10km run snaked its way around the city and needed to be crossed twice. No problem for the boys filtering into the runners and sidestepping back to the pavement on the otherside. We got to the Robben Island museum to ready ourselves for departure but first the safety brief: "This is a life jacket, if the time calls, put eet on." Puck became the Capholder as our guide demonstrated. "If the call comes to abandon ship, you have no choice." "We will come and get you, I maybe late, if so sorry but you have a whistle so blow it and it means ... read more
Ah this place looks interesting
What the hell did I do?
Look out for the iceberg

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Green Point April 14th 2012

So the third match day commences. The Manager sees the Photographer and Surgeon off as the meet their taxi at 6.30am before nipping out for a jog (yep, starting to feel horribly unfit). All talk of a training sessions seems to have evaporated for the Key and Choir masters due to a dodgy prawn. Ears' Grandma Jenny was at the hotel bright and early with freshly laundered kit waiting for Kingsley to ride shotgun into the township. What weighty subjects would be discussed at breakfast? Einstein's theory of relativity? World politics? No none of the above, the debate focused on whether Captain was having Cornflakes or Frosties for breakfast. How could you tell? Sox got to the nub of the matter when he espoused that to know for sure there was a need to try them ... read more
Brian O'Driscoll
Down to business
Local Fans

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Green Point April 13th 2012

Cleaning up from Day 4, good to see Forest Bywater and include him our tactical decision making discussions. Required an emergency session of the United Boys Security Council to lobby the Judge for a short notice court session. Fortunately we were able to whip up a lynch mob (jury) at short notice and justice was dispensed. Ricko greedily put on his bikini top to fulfil his long held dream of becoming a Victoria Secret Angel; you saw the pictures yesterday, you be the judge! Photog and Manager took the chance to buy some (so the salesman said) "freshly stolen" sunnys for 50 rand a pop. The salesmen said we'd look like George Clooney and Bruce Willis, some said more like Homer and Kojak but the particularly unkind thought Cagney and Lacey. So onto breakfast all the ... read more
The Rutting Seal
The touch team

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Green Point December 26th 2011

Boxing day was a good day; it was the day of climbing up Table Mountain. We got told by some people we met in a backpackers to take a specific route, ‘it’s a little longer but so much more scenic’. We took it and quickly realised that it wasn’t a stroll in the park but actually a climb up a mountain (who would’ve guessed). We left at 11:30am ready for a 3 hour climb, over the hottest part of the day. I had taken my t shirt off, sweat pouring off my head as I reach for my bottle of water to rehydrate… That was just getting out of the car before climbing. We got overtaken by a couple of young folk wearing sports gear closely followed by some old folk, not breaking a sweat but ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Green Point November 1st 2010

Greetings Family and Friends, I hope that this blog finds you all well. It is Monday November 1, 2010 and we are in Cape Town, SA. I owe you a lot of updates. The internet connectivity has not been the best. Just found an internet cafe, jumped on for a little, but will do so another day and update you a little more. Cape Town is absolutely beautiful, mountainous, picturesque and lovely architecture. We will be leaving today on our way back to JoBurg (Johannesburg, SA), where we will stay till Thursday when we return to England and then Toronto. Take good care and will touch base soon again. Continue to keep me and the team in your prayers. Blessings SMW... read more
Nelson Mandela Sculpture
Nelson Mandela
 Beautiful view of teh ocean

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