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Ross & Shirley..Live in Portmahomack, Scotland... married 43 years with 4 children, Tracy, Craig, Kelly & Emma, their spouses, Louise (Craig), & Cris (Kelly), and 3 Grandchildren, James, Ali, & Freya (Craig & Louise). Retired after 35 years at the coal face. Now full time Leisure Consultant.

Middle East » Qatar » Doha May 22nd 2018

Well, here we go. After an afternoon shopping in CapeTown’s upmarket waterfront last night, obviously punctuated by the odd glass of Paarl estate Sauvignon Blanc to ease the stress of parting with hard earned cash, we had our last African dinner in a sauve Belgian Restaurant (Den Anker) recommended by our Safari pals, Bruce and Nancy. And very nice it was too. Needless to say, on our taxi drive to the airport, the sun was shining again and we had a great view of table mountain from the taxi window!! Ah well, next time maybe. If we’re spared. So now writing this in the air somewhere over Mombassa, about an hour from crossing the equator and need to fill the sink to do the old down the plughole thing…..you know, south, anti-clockwise, north clockwise…..or is it ... read more
V and A Waterfront
V and A
Table Mountain

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Green Point May 20th 2018

Set off early for full day trip to Cape of Good Hope, via boat trip to Duiker Island to see Cape Fur Seals. Like thousands of them. The cape was spectacular but so much to see today that took funicular railway up to lighthouse to give us more time at top. Ok, we’re getting soft....missing my long walks with Dougal back home and too much sitting on buses and jeeps! Saw a few more animal and bird species on way. Then African penguin colony on Boulders beach... such cute little creatures and almost as small as the South Australian Fairie Penguins we saw off Melbourne. Also caught glimpse of a Rock Hyrax, looking like a rodent, it’s related to the elephant! Unbelievable. Mind you, our guide today was a somewhat elderly lady who did not stop ... read more
Next stop Antarctica
The Cape peninsula
African Penguins

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape May 19th 2018

Shpent the firsht day in CapeTown on a full day wine landsh tour. Stellenbosch, Paarl, and Franschoek, I think they were called but after 4 wines at 09.30, paired with cheeses, 5 at 10.30, paired with biltong (springbok, kudu, and beef), a large glass of CabSav with a sumptuous lunch, then 7 (yes, 7) in the afternoon, paired with I can’t remember, things got a little, ok maybe more than a little, blurred. I make that about 17 different wines give or take a bottle or three. Apparently itsh not polite to spit out the wine in South Africa, so we wash forshd ti shwaollw it all. Shirley managed to pry my credit card from me when I passed out and bought 2 bottles of the most expensive wine in the Southern Hemisphere. I now need ... read more
Things getting a bit blurred
Popular guy
After first 3 tastings

Africa » Botswana » North-East May 18th 2018

An interesting 5 hr drive south west following the Delta to Maun, a one street frontier town. An initial river boat transfer to the start of a long rough dirt track, crossing deep pools through open plains dotted with cattle and donkeys. No other wildlife spotted, but then again, if there was, there wouldn’t be any donkeys left! Only a few mud huts seen until arriving an hour later at a large village in the middle of nowhere. An interesting toilet break here where an attempt to flush resulted in the plastic cistern cover exploding skywards, ricocheting off the ceiling and bouncing off my head! We transferred to 2 minibuses and spent the next few hours avoiding potholes that would have hidden a family of mongoose. No, seriously. They dwarf our own much criticised craters. We ... read more
Traditional Botswana Storytelling

Africa » Botswana » North-East May 16th 2018

We left Chobe early for a 90 min flight to the Okavanga Delta. A cute little airport (Kasane) very clean. And empty. We were the only 12 people there in fact. A 3 minute cursory check in, 4 minute security check, complete with the usual X-ray scan, and ushered into the tiny executive lounge (courtesy of our American helicopter pilot friend, Bruce, and his air miles card). Even got a free coffee…Oooh. Too early in the morning for free beer. Someone said. Possibly the American nurse practitioner (Jill Frost doppelgänger).. Can’t argue with that. The pilot walked us to our 3 X 4 seater Cessna 206 planes and we enjoyed a low altitude 90 min scenic flight over African Savannah to the Okanvango delta, the biggest inland delta in the world, drawing from Angola, before spreading ... read more
Can I take the bus please?
Pleeease can I take the fecking bus!
Okavango International Airport

Africa » Botswana » North-East May 13th 2018

Another long drive through Zimbabwe back through Victoria falls to border crossing to Botswana. Despite pessimistic warnings that it could take 2 hours or more, and failure to produce adequate yellow fever vaccine documentation would mean being refused entry, a very cursory glance at the cover (without even opening card) and we were through in 5 minutes. She must have been in a good mood. No sexist, hormonal jokes here, by the way. G adventures had been seriously lax at updating the recently changed rules, despite our CEO (Chief ExperienceOfficer) having been told of this, resulting in several of our group having to make very rushed and costly arrangements to get this documentation. I was somewhat shocked to subsequently learn that they had been issued with false documentation, including batch numbers and expiry dates without actually ... read more
Jumbo mud and weed wrap
Family drinkies
Tilodi lodge roommates

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls May 10th 2018

Very swish afternoon tea in old Colonial hotel. Absolutely stunning hotel almost identical to Grand Hotel in Habana (bit of sneaky name dropping there....did you notice?). With grand terrace and stunning view of falls. Wild Warthogs, Baboons and Banded Mongooses ( or should that be Mongeese?) just wandering around the grounds. Doesn’t seem that much has changed over the years, with about 4 blacks attending each white! Superb opulent service and ambience. A must see experience. Then traditional Boma supper and drum/dance performance. Huge spread of traditional fare inc Warthog steak (delicious), Impala stew, Eland meatballs and roasted caterpillars (they call them worms...quite tasty but probably don’t try this at home!). Now sitting waiting for minibus to drive 3 hours over rough and badly potaholed roads (no change there then) to an African Wild Dog rehab ... read more
Victoria Falls Hotel
Colonial Opulence

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls May 9th 2018

Ok so we had an engine. And it wasn’t a canoe, it was a dinner cruise and rather nice too. Saw hippo and dined with 2 of our remaining couples, who were brilliant company. Adrian and Fiona, newleyweds from Dublin, and Bruce and Nancy from South Carolina. Saw the falls in the morning and very impressive too. Twice the size of Niagara and twice as wet! Rainy season so water very high with trees half submerged though we have had no rain since here. Much warmer than SA. Vervet Monkeys and Baboons everywhere. Now off to the old colonial and rather swish Victoria Falls hotel with Bruce and Nancy for ‘Afternoon Tea’ on their famous Stanley’s Terrace which overlooks the falls. Then off to a traditional Boma tonight for dinner and Drums. ... read more
Victoria Falls
Victoria Bridge
Dr Duff I presume?

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls May 7th 2018

Not something you see everyday whilst sipping your morning coffee. The guesthouse owner’s brother has a farm and this giraffe was head butting visiting cars and getting aggressive so had to be shot. He was quite pushy and a cheeky negotiator. In fact you could say he had a hard neck. Reminded me a bit about the famous Falty Towers moose head sketch. Only weirder. Flew to Zimbabwe this morning. 29 degs up here and wall to wall sun. Our group (now reduced to 7) was hosted by a local lady and treated us to a traditional local meal of peanuts and blackeyed peas, roasted caterpillars, whitebait, chicken and local veg. We spent a fascinating couple of hours hearing about life in Mugabwe’s playground. It is hard to believe what this country has been reduced to. ... read more
Erm.... it’s not going to fit, is it?!

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal May 7th 2018

Saw the last of the ‘Big 5’ this morning 10 mins from the end of our final game drive in South Africa. Not only did we spot the elusive leopard in the shade on the opposite side of a dried up river bed, but she had 2 cubs with her! After three days tracking, it was a real climax to finally see them. Beautiful creatures, even though, the previous night we had heard her asphyxiating an Impala in the deep bush. Thankfully we didn’t see that. But that’s Mother Nature. The circle of life. We saw the carcass this morning though. Stripped to the bone. The trip notes were vague but described our tented accommodation as basic. Uh uh. We have never even had a luxury hotel suite that come close to these tented lodges. And ... read more
Just in case!
Night drive
the elusive leopard!

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