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19th November 2019

Looks like it's been a busy, exciting trip... hat scarves and gloves definitely needed when you are home..
28th October 2019

Have a wonderful time!
Have an amazing time. Which company are you going with. We did it with Gadventures a few years ago. Are you covering more of S. America or just Ecuador? X
7th November 2019

Thanks Rosie
Going on you recommendation. GAdv. Just about finished Equador Volcanos and Amazon and head for Galapagos Saturday. Hope all well with you and Paul. Often think of you when planning travels.
12th November 2018

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8th October 2018

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21st May 2018

Oh how I love reading about your prostate father.
21st May 2018
This ones for Mel and Sue.

Mel & Sue said they love it, although they keep trying to lay babies but it doesn't seem to be working. The big people keep eating them...
17th May 2018
Sunset on the Okavango Delta

Stunning Photo!
Love this Photo.
14th May 2018

Looks like you're both having a fab time. x
From Blog: More tea vicar?
4th May 2018

Happy Birthday
Happy birthday 2u. Happy birthday 2u. Get your pension in your bank account Saves a Post Office queue.
4th May 2018

Happy Birthday
After all those early starts, I hope you get a long lion! Happy Birthday
4th May 2018

May the fourth be with you!!!
Happy birthday. You'll be as old as us soon. Love from B&E to you both. xx
2nd May 2018
The Big 6

Woah! Lovely chooks! Mel & Sue want to be pals.
2nd May 2018

Glad you arrived safe. Looks hot. Its currently raining here.
From Blog: Soweto
27th April 2018

Not jealous at all. Nope. I can't wait to get to work on Monday when you are off gallivanting.
From Blog: Africa 2018
30th April 2014

Dunrovin noway
I have really enjoyed your posts,it is like traveling along,Thanks
9th February 2014

missing you
Great to read your blog and you having such a great time. Enjoy your relaxing week and journey home. Missing you both and really looking forward to seeing you in port eventually. Rollo over last night he has had a whale of a time. will be sorry to see him go. See you soon lots of love from Ian & Wilma X
5th February 2014

The English Language.
Sir, your puns are so awful you have taken to appropriating alliteration awkwardly.
4th February 2014

Hey drifters, been catching up with you & seems you are having a real emotional roller coaster. The scenes & memories of such barbarism must be draining. Hope happier times & bloggs are just round the corner. Back here with continual down pours ( 1/2 golf course under water ); gales; but days getting longer & Dandy Dons in cup final, life is a paradise. Looking forward to seeing you both. Barry
29th January 2014

The old ones are best eh?
Despite broadening your cultural, geographical and kinship boundaries your jokes are still as rank rotten as when you left.
From Blog: Bikes of Burden
29th January 2014

Missed You Both
Your fantastic journey continues. Makes amazing reading!! Just back from Andorra so catching up on everything at home now. Had a great time again but missed you both. We stayed in a chalet attached to Gordon Standeven's home. It was excellent. Met up with Bruce Moira and Solid and met a friend of their's - David Taylor. Hope all is well with Louise. Love to you both Edna and Bill
13th January 2014

Hi you two - what an amazing time you are having. Some interesting journeys by the sound of it! Especially for Shirley. We are off to Soldeu on 20 Jan for a week. We will miss you both. See you in Spring. xxxx
12th January 2014

Tally Ho
Well done you guys, looks like you are both still very much into the tourist mode. Will be interested to see what you say about Vietnam as never been there - just don't spend too much time in the tunnels. Fiji looks brill.
8th January 2014

Hey drifters, a very very happy new year to you both XX. Fiji sounds more like the mutts nuts & looks wonderful. I am salivating at the thought, it looks like the kind of place where badgers should be. I am very impressed with Mrs Drifters new found underwater abilities, swimming through caves & snorkelling. You are the girl shirl\'s...can I see some pics pls :) I recommend you both try the Thai massage, seriously, (but with no happy ending). Glad New Year was better for you & look forward to the next episode of \" I\'m a retiree, get me in the there\".

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