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November 18th 2019
Published: November 19th 2019
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Pleasant surprise on checking in, to find that we had randomly been allocated the Penthouse Suite. Had a goodbye dinner at a wonderful quirky restaurant, called, you guessed it, Magic Bean. Had a decent sleep in cosiest bed ever, and late breakfast as no alarm needed for first time in 3 weeks! And you thought this was a holiday! Then big repack and off to airport for long return flight via Amsterdam, to Edinburgh, followed by 4 hr drive north to Portmahomack, which, according to BBC weather app, is a cool -3. Only 24 degs less than Quito....better get the fleece handy! Customary reminiscence about another fantastic travel experience, and, as always, an acute appreciation of how fortunate and privileged we are to have been able to do this. Never taken for granted. .....and now it's time to start thinking about the next adventure. Whether or not it happens, a lot of the fun is in the planning and research that precedes every adventure. Carpe Diem.

Species seen; (will be added to as I remember more!)

Mainland ; Red Squirrel, Cappuccin Monkey, Spider monkey, Sloth, Tapir, about 20 of Ecuador's 153 Hummingbird species, Vulture, Parrot, Tarantula, Wolf Spider, Poison
View from the Quito HiltonView from the Quito HiltonView from the Quito Hilton

Penthouse Suite,, of course 😱
Dart Frog, Stick Insect, Galapagos; Marine Iguana, Land Iguana, Lava lizard, Galapagos Giant Tortoise, SeaLion, Fur Seal, SallyLightfoot Crab, Humpback Whale, White tip reef shark, Sea snake, eel, Pufferfish, Ray's, Giant Turtles, Angelfish, etc, Flamingo, Black Hawk, Heron, Red footed Booby, Blue footed Booby, Narcus Booby, several Noddys, Frigate Bird, Swallow tailed Tropic Bird, Mocking Bird, Galapagos Oystercatcher, several of Darwins 17 finches, Flightless Cormorant, 6 Canadians, 4 Americans, 4 South Africans, 3 English, 2 Norwegians, 2 Irish, 1 Geordie.......and a Tortoise in a Crab Apple Tree !! Over and Out.


19th November 2019

Looks like it's been a busy, exciting trip... hat scarves and gloves definitely needed when you are home..

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