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Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg February 19th 2015

February 19, 2015 (Johannesburg, South Africa) Well time has come to leave Africa. We had a productive, inspiring and very educational trip. We have made new friends, discovered new adventures and now have some exciting projects that will help deliver much needed care in rural Swaziland. Next stop for Taylor and I is Atlanta via Delta flight 201! See you then! Jeff is off to Munich and then Nepal. With an itinerary like that, we think he's working as a spy! ;)... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng February 13th 2015

February 13, 2015 (Johannesburg, South Africa) We spent the night in the City Lodge Hotel in O. R. Tambo airport which made it more convenient to catch the flight to Manzini. The hotel had a nice breakfast included with the room and after breakfast we walked over to the airport. The check in was in Terminal B and once I got my suitcase checked, and ticket in hand, found our that it left from Terminal A. O.R. Tambo is a large spread out airport so there was a bit of walking involved. Boarding was smooth, the passenger load was light and the flight uneventful – a quick 30 minutes and we disembarked at the new King Mswati III International Airport (SHO) ahead of schedule.... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg February 13th 2015

February 13, 2015 (Johannesburg, South Africa) The Global Eye Care Program (GECP) is dedicated to the World Health Organization's Vision 2020 Programme for the elimination of preventable blindness due to cataract by 2020. Our work follows the tenets of WHO Vision 2020 and targets underserved populations in Oklahoma (our home) as well as in Swaziland and Southwestern China (Chengdu, Sichuan Province). Our activities center around being a technical specialist to help advance and expand existing eye care in Swaziland in alignment with a National Eye Care Programme. Today there are two ophthalmologists operating in Swaziland at Good Shepherd Hospital and at Mbabane Government Hospital and nine optometrists serving the entire country. A 2008 WHO repor... read more
Cataract Screening

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg February 13th 2015

February 13, 2015 (Johannesburg, South Africa) For those of you who do a lot of traveling across time zones and places where plugins are just a bit larger and carry a kick to the charge (220V), you'll understand that recharging is as much about getting some sleep as it is recharging your laptop, iPhone, iPad, GoPro, digital SLR, noise cancelling headphones... OK, maybe I over do it. At least I didn't bring a Tesla!... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg February 12th 2015

February 12, 2015 (Johannesburg, South Africa) Joining me on this trip are two people from OU’s CCEW program – the Center for Creation of Economic Wealth. The Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth is an economic development organization at the University of Oklahoma specializing in technology commercialization, software business development, social entrepreneurship, and agile product design. This entrepreneurship center focuses on entrepreneurship (including social entrepreneurship) based on OU technologies or ideas. Both undergraduate and graduate students participate in targeted projects aligning themselves with a faculty mentor and a community based advisor for the projects. Jeff Moore is the Executive Director for CCEW and is based at the OU Norman Campus. Prio... read more
Taylor Potter

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg February 12th 2015

February 12, 2015 (Johannesburg, South Africa) To give the CCEW's engagement with the Swaziland project I want to introduce you to Team Swaziland from the Tulsa CCEW crew. This team of four graduate students is committed to a 16 week engagement with The Luke Commission (TLC) to look for expansion opportunities. I'll give you more information about TLC in a subsequent blog. For now I want to introduce you to the team in Tulsa and give you a brief background on their charge. Given the success of the TLC approach to reaching out to the most remote patients in Swaziland, they are seeking to replicate the model both in Swaziland and in surrounding sub Saharan countries. Well on their way to deploying the second TLC team, the CCEW group is tasked with exploring how best to ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg February 12th 2015

February 12, 2015 (Johannesburg, South Africa) A very full but very smooth 14 hour 40 minute flight DAL 200 got us across the south Atlantic and to the eastern part of South Africa. The flight was completely full - it is impressive how efficient the booking process for these major flights are. Perhaps it is the advantage of the non-stop flight. I actually don’t feel to bad - dozed a lot of the flight, watched two movies, a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory and read a little. Jeff Moore and Taylor Potter caught up with me in Atlanta - we are seated across the cabin. Just checked in and looking forward to a good night’s rest in the City Lodge hotel right in O.R. Tambo airport. We fly out to Swaziland tomorrow morning - ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg February 12th 2015

February 12, 2015 (Johannesburg, South Africa) The Luke Commission (TLC) is a faith-based NGO in Swaziland that delivers compassionate, comprehensive, healthcare to the most isolated and underserved populations of southern Africa in collaboration with local communities, government, corporate, and non-profit partners. TLC's vision is to end the isolation of rural communities to quality, compassionate healthcare, and they have been extremely successful. The model is community outreach to remote villages by taking a mobile hospital, setting up for a day in a local school and seeing between 600-800 patients a day. With an emphasis on comprehensive compassionate care, TLC has made huge inroads addressing the most needy in a country with a very high prevalence of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. To leverage their success, they are looking to add on ad... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg January 8th 2015

Yesterday was a slow day in Victoria Falls. Two days would have been better than three. Viewing the falls only takes 2-3 hours. Last night we did a sunset river cruise. YAWN! A few Americans, mostly So. Africans, and a group of 10 from China. Everytime the boat captain mentioned a bird or hippo sighting they all ran to that side with their cameras. Fun to observe. All of South Africa is a security camp. If you are middle class or above and own a home or condo the entire perimeter of your property either has a ten foot high wall or metal fence with a metal gate entry. On top of the walls are coiled barbed wire or if you are really loaded, then electrfied wires. Withinin these seemingly secured properties , all the first ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Sandton December 28th 2014

Arrived yesterday after 2 GRUELING flights on Virgin Atlantic. Less legroom than Asian carriers. At hotel adjacent to airport. Drove to hotel in our rental car on the British (wrong side) of the road. Will leave shortly for 8 hr drive (sight seeing route) to overnite in Pilgrim's Rest. Will drive rim of Blyde River Canyon, third largest on earth. #1 in Namibia and #2 is Grand Canyon. Both of these are arid. Blyde is tropical and green. Hopefully we get good pics since weather is rainy. Tomorrow we head out for Kruger.... read more

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