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Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen February 7th 2014

Chefchaouen (hereafter referred to as Chef' as I'm tired of writing it in full. That AOUE thing is a chore somehow) is located on a Rif Mountainside about 4 hours drive North from Fes. You can take a bus for 70 Dh from Fes or you can opt for a driver if you plan to stop along the way. In that case you will pay 800 Dh. Our driver was a Berber from the Sahara who had swapped his camel for an old Mercedes 240D. Morocco is not what we expected. It is as green as Ireland and as fecund as Vietnam. Vast fields of food crops tended to by men, donkeys and dogs. Beautiful rolling hills covered in fuzzy, silver-green olive trees. People along the road man large produce stands that hold the largest strawberries ... read more
Karlie, Abbie, KJ and 'Funami'
Blue Arch
Reda, Mike, Santana and Karlie

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen July 18th 2013

The blue city, Chefchaouen There are incredible advantages to being in the northeast of Morocco. It is hot, but not nearly as hot as the south. We are near both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. We are close to the Tangier ferry which can take us to Spain (in 35 minutes) and Italy. We are close to the capital of Morocco, Rabat. We have a huge supply of produce at our fingertips daily and fresh fish 30 minutes away. We have a fantastic PCV couple nearby in Larache, and one of the most beautiful beaches, Asilah, is only 45 minutes away by train. Our region for work purposes spans all the way across the country to the border of Algeria, so we have many opportunities to visit other PCVs in all kinds of climates ... read more
Talk about low overhead... I love this picture!
Can this view be more picturesque?
Getting quite good at taking pictures this way!  :)

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen May 8th 2013

We were invited last night to take a trip with the young French couple staying in our hotel. Silvain and Delphine are from Grenoble and are in their late 20s. They have a rental car and were going on a hike to a natural bridge up in the mountains an hour's drive from here, in the Talassemtane National Park. We left around 9:30 and met the guide they had hired at the beginning of the trail. We could go on the mountain trail that came out above the bridge, or the river trail, where we had to cross by wading (we understood we would cross once...hahaha....). We decided on the river trail, and hiked above the Gorge de Farda, then beside the river, then in the river...really in the river....! At times we were thigh-deep in ... read more
Men in Hats
With Delphine and Sylvain
Our guide is on the left

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen May 7th 2013

We hiked up to the second mosque on the hills outisde town today....all alone on a trail with wildflowers, olive trees, and the occasional goat. I will go to a private hammam tonight for a bath and skin rub. I have been told the public ones are often dirty, and this one costs only $20 for an I took the chicken route.... It's hot here today, but still cooler than Seattle! Later: the hammam was wonderful....I entered and was greeted by Zara, who didn't speak much French or Spanish (many people here speak Spanish rather than French), but had me understand that I should strip down to my panties and come in and lie on the heated tile floor. She proceeded to wash, scrub and massage me for the next 40 minutes, and then rubbed ... read more
Spring where the river begins
Rug Washing in the river
Modern washing tubs along river

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen May 6th 2013

We arrived here today after a gorgeous bus trip across the plains and into the Rif mountains... A strangely wonderful moment was Macklemore playing "Can't Hold Us" on the bus radio....! (A Seattle based band...) All along the road were carpets of wild flowers....lots of olive trees and wheat being grown in between. Much of the harvesting, including wheat, is done by hand, although we saw several small combines. Donkeys are used for plowing in most of the smaller fields, and used for transport to and from the fields. The main crop of this area is still kif, and while it is illegal in Morocco, obviously there are ways around the laws. This town was a backpacker hangout for years, but has now become more mainstream. It is touristy, but not overly so yet. Prices for ... read more
Riad Staff
Saying goodbye to Riad Ahlam
Linda Harlow, your Mercedes came here and multiplied!

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen March 20th 2013

After almost a week of pretty much going non-stop, we finally had a day where we can take it easy and nothing was really planned. The rain from the night before had given way to beautiful sunny skies with lingering cumulus clouds. I had gotten used to waking up early on this trip and today was no exception. At 8:00, I went down to see if anybody was having breakfast but nobody from the group was there. Apparently, everybody took advantage of the free day to sleep in! I went back to my room to relax for a bit and found the resident house cat relaxing on my door mat. I went back down for breakfast at 9:30 and found a few members of the group there. We were all discussing what to do with our ... read more
Hotel Dar Echchaouen
Hotel Dar Echchaouen
Hotel Dar Echchaouen

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen March 19th 2013

We left Fez aboard a public bus heading to the town of Chefchaouen. Called Chaoen for short, Chefchaouen is arguably Morocco's most beautiful city. It is set in the heart of Morocco's Rif Mountains and is well known for it's blue colored homes in it's medina. Abdul also gave us a little surprising heads up in regards to the availability of marijuana in Chefchaouen. He told us not to be surprised if we were offered some marijuana as the surrounding hills are known to be a hotbed for marijuana production. The bus ride was just a few hours as we drove through some very beautiful and verdant countryside. The weather took a turn for the worse upon arrival into Chefchaouen. What had been a slight drizzle throughout much of the bus ride had now turned into ... read more
Moroccan Countryside
Moroccan Countryside
Driving Into Chefchaouen

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen February 15th 2013

We hope this finds you all well. Happy valentines day! The dizzy heights of day 8, and a very short message to announce that we have made it to northern morocco and the car is running well. We have been stopped twice by the police: the first for no particular reason, but they decided to search the car and confiscated our hand axe- until Jo smiled sweetly and with a " c'est pour le feu" it was returned.. The rif mountains grow 75% of the world's marajuana (ish) and luckily, most of it has been offered to me ( david) by hilarious seedy youths......I must look like the type..... I have also been mistaken for American, so have ditched the baseball cap.... Love to all David and Jo Medical fact for the week: Keeping two tortoises ... read more
Triana Bridge, Seville with Katie and Oliver
Rhubs in Zahara, Andalusia.

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen October 8th 2012

Well trip went without a hitch to Marrakech travel wise. Started off nice and early, which was good because the flies were starting to become more than a nuissance the warmer it got. So with 180 plus miles to Marrakech we took the toll road to ensure we made good time. Unfortunately Dave woke with a very bad stomach, but managed to make it all the way to the campsite before being sick. Later that evening after phoning home I also felt bad all of a sudden, so went and got it out of my system, after which I was totally fine. This was luckly as I think that if I had slept on it I too would have been out for the count all the next day. So it turns out that Pesto doesn't keep ... read more
Morocco 001
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Morocco 012

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen September 25th 2012

This morning we sent mark and Alan in to Tetouen to experience the culture or more precisely the taxi ride. They came back amused and with car insurance by lunch time, so we set off for the the next site. On route we stopped for fuel, where i had to serve myself, but Dave had his filled for him, plus have his windows cleaned, he obviously looks like he's more loaded than i do :) . I lead us all to the next place using my Uncles Sat Nav, which did the job, even though half a mile from the campsite it sent us up a dirt track which looked like it was nothing more than a construction route, with a damn nigh verticle, 5 metre acsent to reach the tarmac again. Once settled in we ... read more
Morocco 012
Morocco 011
Morocco 003a

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