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Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen November 19th 2010

After much delay, here are the photos from the 3rd and final day of our trip to Morocco. Our third day was spent in the city of Chefchaouen which is a rural city up in the mountains.... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen October 21st 2010

This small town is beautiful... it is in a gully surrounded by mountains. The houses are painted blue and I've been lost many times in the small windy streets. It's actually well known for the production of Marijuana in the surrounding areas and I am constantly offered it on the streets. There are only a few of us (me included just to be clear!!!) in the hostel who don't smoke it... there are a lot of hippies here as you can imagine! I'm sleeping on the hostel roof-top terrace with a few others for only 40 Dh per night (approx $5). I met a kiwi girl, Beni, yesterday. I was keen to do some walking here so when she mentioned she was doing one today I jumped at the chance! What she said would be a ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen October 20th 2010

Rain, rain, rain. Ready to leave the city of Tangier and explore more of Morocco that is off the beaten path of tourists, the group headed to Chefchaouen. As we left our hotel we found Tangier completely and utterly flooded. It looked as if water pipes had suddenly busted throughout the city, but the locals went on with normal life in ankle-deep rain water (even in their soft leather shoes). The narrow streets had turned into canals and even the stairs were now waterfalls. Without a rain jacket, I threw on the only hooded attire I brought which was a cotton sweatshirt. I was soaking wet and freezing cold in approximately six minutes. It was a long three and a half bus ride to Chefchaouen, but at the back of the bus I was surrounded by ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 12

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen October 3rd 2010

We got up at 5:45 so we could meet in the courtyard for a coffee and tea before heading out. The Riad manager called two taxis’s for 6:40 so we could be at the bus station on time for our 7 AM hell bus ride back to Rabat. We all decided this time to let the bus ‘check’ our backpacks to have more foot room. When we arrived at the bus station we took out our expensive things and lined up to check our bags in the bus station office. Ina was first in line and I could see there was some kind of problem. The CTM guy kept shaking his head ‘no’ at her and her bag. Finally he pointed to the date and explained in broken English/French. Our bus tickets were issued for Saturday ... read more
Tangier train platform
Tangier train platform
Tangier train platform

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen October 1st 2010

I spent Friday morning at the orphanage as normal. I help feed the babies and change the cots in the morning and then moved from the 6-12 months to the 1-2 year old children. After placement we finished packing and it is ‘Cous Cous Friday’s’ at the Home Base. After lunch everyone left for their weekend plans. 12 were headed 11 hours away to the desert for the camel trip…4 were headed to the island of Ibiza in Spain…1 to Marrakesh…1 to Casablanca and 6 I think to Fes and Meknes. We should have known things were going to be bad because things started out so well. We were all packed and ready to go on time, we easily caught 2 cabs from the Home Base and we arrived at the bus station in plenty of ... read more
Chefchaoun 010
Chefchaoun 011
Chefchaoun 013

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen September 28th 2010

We are high in the Riff Mountains in a small town called Chefchaouen. It's steep and winding with lots of steps, people meandering the streets and donkeys carting goods. Its quaint and gorgoeus with all the houses and high street walls washed white and indigo blue - to stave off the heat in summer but also good to the eye. The people here are relaxed, friendly, respectful and ready with a smile. There's no hassling you to look at their shops, just a hello please look, and an introduction follows, maybe some tea and then you look - nothing for you- no problem have awonderful day/life. Easy peasy!! That said they can bargain well and we have had to work hard. We are staying at the Casa Perleta, a gorgoeous riad with open coutyard and roof ... read more
Prearing for the carpet spiel
Casbah (1)

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen February 8th 2010

CHEFCHAOEUN Day 19 After many hours of bus and ferry and bus again I arrived in Chefchaoeun, which is a Rif mountain town in Morocco. The ferry took forever to get there and the bus took even longer. I didn’t get into the town until 10:30pm, which would have been fine if the taxi drivers didn’t have some random day off resulting in no way to get from the bus station to the hostel. Did I mention it was pouring rain!?!? Luckily, a girl came along and offered to walk myself and 3 Italians, 2 girls and 1 guy, to a hotel. The walk was long and took much longer because we had to stop and wait for the Italians to catch up. We finally arrived at the hotel just as the man was locking ... read more
chefchaoeun 002
chefchaoeun 003
chefchaoeun 004

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen December 28th 2009

Geo: 35.1716, -5.27069Up at 6:45 ... restless ... and couldn't really fall back asleep, instead briefly drifting in and out of slumber. After breakfast, off to the bus station - they have a very backwards way of registering baggage here. First, you line up and have an attendant weigh the bag and then you line up to pay for it. After paying they give you a tag to put on your bag, which you now have to give to the attendant. As a result, the baggage registration area got pretty backed up. It felt a bit like Spain on board as it was full of Spanish tourists. I guess we've left Morocco early! There seemed to be an issue with people occupying the wrong seats, and some discussions were going on about trading seats. Apparently, Spaniards ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen September 21st 2009

Chefchaouen September 21-22 Two buses and a ferry got us to Tangier in Morocco. It was immediately apparent that we had arrived in a very different country. Tangier had a lot of development of high rise buildings happening, I’m not sure if it was for tourism or for business being such a close port to Spain. The surrounds were very much like a half completed building site, and it seemed like a big wind had blown loose rubbish around everywhere. The streets were very crowded. With many in traditional dress. However, it was surprising how many women did not wear the head scarf. Fortunately our leader had arranged local transport to Chefchaouen instead of the 5 hours that had been the previous time, we should got there in about 2 hours, listenting to techno music and ... read more
White and Blue painted streets
Decorative doors at every turn

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen May 16th 2009

Day Tour: Fez on a Friday Getting there and away: Take a petit taxi to the Medina. You don't speak French or Arabic well enough, nor do you know the area, so don't even bother trying to ask for a specific entrance--just let him drop you off wherever he feels like, and pretend that's what you wanted the whole time. Spend a half hour or so trying to find your way in through a back alley. Activities: BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE TANNERIES. You will have at least 100 + people remind you of this during your day in the Medina. And they will all be more than willing to show you the way. Choose the "guide" that follows you the longest, as his persistance obviously means that he is trustworthy. Orientation: You WILL get ... read more

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