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Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis June 30th 2017

June 30 - Where even are you, Jenn? Right. Remember the dodos? The big goofy birds that went extinct when we ate them all by 1681? I'm on that island where they used to live. It's off the east coast of Madagascar, which is off the east coast of Africa. I decided I would get moving and back to my normal travel self today. No more lying around on the beach. I got up at 7am and was ready to leave by 8:15. I saw Bernard and he said the technician would be in to fix the tv and when I got home, the tv worked. Magic. I walked over to the bus stop and waited for a bus going to Port Louis (Louie), the capital. I waited 5-10 minutes and then I was on my ... read more
Gate at Botanic Garden
Enormous overhead spider
Scary angle shot

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis May 4th 2016

PORT LOUIS, MAURITIUS - 14th April Mauritius lies in the Indian Ocean, due east of Madagascar, it is just north of the Tropic of Cancer. Port Louis is on the north west coast and main port. The beautiful island boasts moonscaped mountains that dominate the interior with wild gorges and sweeping fields of green sugar cane (for the rum). Mark Twain said in 1896 "Mauritius was created before paradise came into being, and served as an example to the latter". Our tour took us to the south of the island and high into a mountainous region and as we drove it became darker and more gloomy. We had left the port in glorious sunshine. The first stop was the Trou aux Cerfs crater, formed by an extinct volcano. Not much of a crater to look into ... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis March 28th 2016

When we tell people that we are going to Mauritius, their first reaction is: where? When we explain that it is an island off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, they want to know how long it takes to fly there. Our answer is, we don't know. But we do know that it takes 8/9 days by sea from Fremantle in Western Australia to Port Louis, the capital. Leaving Fremantle, the seas are mild and the winds are strong but as we head out to sea the waves get higher and the chop gets shorter and the ship begins to bounce around. Sylvia and I are not affected (we got our extreme sea-legs crossing the Atlantic) but a lot of passengers choose to stay in their cabins for the two days before the sea ... read more
Mauritius - Fruit Market
Mauritius - Mannequins
Mauritius - Charity Walk

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis February 15th 2016

Geo: -20.1605, 57.4977We arrived in port early and after breakfast we caught the shuttle bus to St Gilles-Les-Baines. This was a thirty minute trip from the port and is a seaside resort with the only white beach on the island. Reunion is a volcanic island and other beaches tend to have black sand. From where the bus dropped us off it was a short walk into the small town. We found a bank and withdrew some euros. It did not take long to walk up and down the main street. It was a Sunday so not many shops were open. It was also very hot so we sought shelter at a café, O Ti Marche where they had fans and we tried the local Dodo beer. Their WIFi was excellent so spent some time catching up. ... read more
At O Ti Marche
View of the river and bridge
At the beach at St Gilles

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis August 24th 2015

Today we get up a bit earlier. We have booked a tour to the Mauritian capital of Port Louis. Our guide turns out to be Ibrahim who is the driver who took us from the airport to the hotel when we arrived here. We drive past the Le Morne Brabant mountain which Ibrahim tells us is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He tells us a very sad story about the mountain. During the years when slavery was being practised in Mauritius, the mountain was used as a hideout by runaway slaves. When slavery was abolished, some of the slave masters found out that slaves were hiding there, so they climbed the mountain to tell them the good news that they were now free men. The slaves saw them and thought that they were coming to ... read more
Port Louis Racecourse from Fort Adelaide
Firing the cannon, Fort Adelaide
Walls, Fort Adelaide

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis October 23rd 2014

Photos of Port Louis and Mauritius...... read more
Port Louis
Beautiful beach

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis February 15th 2014

About Mauritius... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis January 18th 2014

Geo: -20.1605, 57.4977It is always a sad time at the end of a cruise, when we say goodbye to all the people we have befriended and to all the staff who have looked after us so well especially Max the Macedonian sommelier who took particularly good care of us!The ship was docked at Post Louis on the isle of Mauritius. First views were of a luscious green island with volcanic mountains in the background. It is very hot and very humid. After the inevitable delay in finding our taxi driver we were whisked off to the Meridien Hotel in the North West of the island. This is a large resort hotel looking out over the sea. All the main public areas are open sided which means the only cool areas are the air conditioned bedrooms. It ... read more
cocktails in the bar
by the pool
view from back of hotel

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis September 28th 2013

Just happened to be walking through the Mall with Libby this afternoon and noticed there was a presentation from China – Mongolia happening in the amphitheatre. So we abandoned our WIFI expedition and sat down to watch instead. It went for a couple of hours – singing, dancing and acrobatics. It was an impressive performance and all for free.... read more
DSCN3038 (1024x768)
DSCN3046 (1024x768)
DSCN3055 (1024x768)

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis September 18th 2013

Departed Rodrigues today – wanted to leave at 7am, but customs don’t open until 9am. We had to go yesterday to advise of departure, and pleaded our case of leaving early enough to arrive into Mauritius in daylight. They took pity on us and said they’d be down at 8am. As did Immigration. So by about 8:30 we had cleared (cocokai got in before us) and we were about to head out, but I noticed Cocokai dropping their anchor in the channel on the way out. And although we had been told we could go, apparently we also had to sign a form for coast guard. So we waited and called them on over after Cocokai. Eventually departed soon after 8:30. 21st September Arrived Mauritius!! Had a good sail over, bit bumpy, but not too bad. ... read more
Port Louis
DSCN2861 (1024x768)
Port Louis at Night

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