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Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis May 24th 2012

Me and Carmen woke up at 11.00am, with the TV was still on. We got ready and left to go to the city to get some lunch. We stopped at Nando's and we ate. Carmen had Chilli Chicken and I had Lemon Chicken with salad. We stayed in the restaurant for a while and just absorbed the atmosphere. The waiters/waitresses were extremely friendly and very hospitable to our comfort. We left Nando's at 1.00pm and walked around looking for some good shops. We stopped at a jewellery store and went inside. Everything was incredibly cheap. You could buy 18 carat gold hoop earrings for only $100.00 and a 24 carat gold chain for $170.00. I spent $400.00 dollars alone in that store. We left the shop with our hands already full. We went into a Billabong ... read more
Scuba diving

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis May 23rd 2012

Carmen and I got off of the plane at 10.45am, I had never felt so hot in my life. The sun was so bright and i could feel my skin sizzling straight away. We walked through security and the guard gave Carmen a frisk search. She was clear and we made our way. Wed tried to hail a cab but other passengers from the flight took all them. We were waiting for 20 minutes for the taxi company to send one out, so we just walked. On the way to our hotel we saw a lot of the beautiful features of the islands capital. The locals were very friendly and welcoming to us and showed us around and even walked us to the hotel. When we arrived we said good bye and then gave them all ... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis February 26th 2011

Mauritius is the biggest of the Mascarene Isles, Reunion and Rodrigues being the other ones. Although first discovered by the Portuguese, the Dutch were first to settle there. It became however French territory before becoming a British possession. As a consequence we have today a very unique and rather complex linguistic situation. I think Belgium could take some lessons here. The official language is English, it is mainly used for administrative purposes. French is mainly used for business while creole is really the 'local' language. As 70% of the population is from Indian origin, Indian languages are also spoken and so is Chinese by the 3% Chinese minority. We could speak English or French with any person we met, whatever his/her ethnic background, what a dream... Most of the places have French names such as 'Grande ... read more
Partial view of Port Louis
Partial view of Port Louis 2
vieuw of PL

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis April 17th 2010

Right in the middle of the Indian Ocean there is a beautiful volcanic island called Mauritius. Some of these places we are calling upon are so remote you wonder how people ever got there in the first place. And once there, what do they do? This was the home of the dodo bird until it became extinct in the 1600s. For centuries Mauritius was used as a provisioning stop for ships traveling around the Cape of Good Hope. We took a bus trip across the lush island past mile after mile of sugar cane fields and beautiful rock formations caused by lava flows. We then took a ferry across to Ile-aux-Cerf, the island of deer. We did some beachcombing and swimming. This is an unusual island in that it is strictly reserved for recreational usage. There ... read more
Ile-de-Cerf Beach
Lunch Time!
Masala on the Beach

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis April 6th 2010

After two days at sea, having left the Seychelles with a whole new direction and itinerary, we spent time working out the details of a possible safari with Norm Pieters and the other six. It was a bit challenging for Norm as he was coordinating and putting everything together with his son in their Florida office via his phone, texting and email. Things were coming together but he needed to be sure we were all committed. The ship was still working on several things, so they did keep us in the loop, but in the final analysis, the eight of us all felt that Norm’s deal was definitely the best, most reasonable and easiest, as we had a charter flight from Richard’s Bay directly to the Mala Mala Camp airstrip. He felt this was one of ... read more
Jamie and Dana

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis January 21st 2010

The first ten days of the first lunar month of the Muslim calender when the Ashura is celebrated ! ... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis April 1st 2009

We circled above the gorgeous island of Mauritius before landing occasionally spotting beautiful stretches of white sand belonging to innumerable 5 star resorts. Most people associate the island with honeymoons and expensive family holidays but we were there for much more important and special occasions. Lucie’s brother Jonathan lives on the island with his wife and newly born baby girl, Jordan. Luc hadn’t seen him or Nat for 2 years, I had obviously never met either of them, and Luc was about to meet her first niece for the first time! I have to admit that I was quite nervous meeting Jonathan for the first time, which is unusual for me, but all my anxiety disappeared as soon as we stepped off the plane and were greeted as we left the airport. We drove for a ... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis March 14th 2009

Two days, two very different islands, two very different impressions. Yesterday we arrived ahead of schedule (pronounced "shed-jul") in Port Louis, Mauritius. This used to be a British Colony, but became independent in 1968. The official language is English, but most of the signs and people we ran across spoke French. The shuttle bus from the ship to the "downtown" was a disaster. It took us over half and hour to get to the other side of the harbor (no more than 1/4 mile as the crow flies) where the shopping mall was. Not the center of town at all. It was very hot and pouring rain. Mom and I wandered around (we do that a lot, don't we?) looking in the fabulous jewelry store windows and through the "Crafts Market" which was mostly high priced ... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis December 7th 2008

Its being please to visit IIe Aux Cerf it is relayy a true paradise on earth. The variety in water sports thrill you to be a part of it . Its a small island you can visit it with the help of speed boart and enjoy a lots from para sailing to surfing and last but not the least u can enjoy scuba driving also. with banana boat sailing .... read more
Aryan is enjoying the sea
Niraj with a rare Tourtoise
With Friends

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis October 22nd 2008

I'm too lazy to upload all of my photos to the various Web sites I belong to, ie Flickr, Facebook, Snapfish, Travelblog, MySpace etc. So here they are, in all their glory -- and in one place. I've just uploaded shots from Darwin to Bali, and then from Bali to Mauritius. read more

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