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Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis October 14th 2008

Arrival in Mauritius Oct. 14, 2008 Port Luis, Mauritius Norfy woke me at 12 a.m. Well, almost 12. a.m.. "Alex. You're up. 10 minutes to 12. Tea will be ready in a few minutes," Norfy said. I was awake, but barely. We were 8 miles east of Mauritius. Skipper James had asked that I wake him with 5 miles to go to our last waypoint, which was effectively the final approach to Mauritius. Norfy was off to bed and another 30 minutes or so and James was awake. I spent the next 2 hours at the chart table plotting our positions, while James was at the helm. It was dark and we sailed through a few squalls and storm cells so visibility was minimal at times. "I left rainy and cold England, and THIS is what ... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis April 23rd 2008

Reunion After 3 days at sea, we arrived at the Island of Reunion on Monday the 21st of April. It is a French Protectorate and it did not take us long to realize it! We all got loaded on our buses for the various tours and the Taxis decided to call a surprise strike and blocked the exit from the port with cabs so none of the buses could leave. The Cabbies wanted access to the Port and claimed the buses were taking away all their business. After a couple of hours of negotiation, they finally opened the gates. Needless to say, everyone started the day with a bitter memory. We took a tour to St. Denis, which is the largest city on the Island. The mountains are pretty dramatic and rise straight up to over ... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis March 8th 2008

We arrived early morning and walked into town (which took about 15 minutes) rather than take the ferry, just to see a little of the local life. In the event, our seeking of an internet cafe took us to a shopping centre close to where our fellow passengers were arriving. M did the internet stuff whilst D took a few beers on the waterfront with a fellow passenger from Wales. Mauritius is an independent country in Africa. The republic of Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands, a group of islands created by volcanic activity in the Indian Ocean. The Republic of Mauritius includes the main island of Mauritius and the island of Rodrigues to the east of Mauritius, as well as many smaller islands and archipelagos. The Republic of Mauritius thus includes the North Island ... read more
M at Grand Bassin Hindu Temple
D at Grand Bassin Hindu Temple
Deer's Arse Crater

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis December 27th 2007

Thursday 27th December Tana Airport 13:06 (UK), 16:06 (Madagascar) In approximately 54 minutes I will be heading down the runway and leaving this Fair Isle. A month has passed very quickly and I feel I have done a lot, seen a lot, learnt a lot, and changed a bit. You know, I think I have managed to slow down. Just a little bit, but I am fine with dead time now. There has to be some time in which nothing particular happens and in which you have time to be with your thoughts and yourself. I have never previously been content with this time. In Madagascar things move at such an unimaginably slow time that you have to quickly adapt to having this extra time in which you are waiting for something that allows the next ... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis April 9th 2007

In all honestly, I never heard of this tiny African island before I knew I was going to be one of our ports on Semester at Sea. I was happy just to be getting on land again after a week of incredibly rocky waters due to a slight brush with a cyclone coming around the southern coast of the African continent. It’s a little unsettling to have your plates and utensils move around the table on their own if they aren’t held down. We were told that our three days in Mauritius were going to be equivalent to a Spring Break, which was convenient since there is not a whole lot to do there except go to beaches, which are quite beautiful. The number of bays on the coast are home to a variety of ... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis December 15th 2006

Almost got everything sorted now! :) We are going to rent a flat that is in Trou Aux Biches on the north west coast of Mauritius. With great help from Fatiha and Clarel at Le Capitaine we got a large flat with a spare bedroom close to the centre of Trou Aux Biches for a very good price! :D:D:D We will be moving up there on Sunday so will post some pictures once we get sorted with a connection there. AND hey guys! This is your golden chance for you to come and stay with us in Mauritius! :D ... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis December 8th 2006

On day two they bought a car… Thanks to our friend Clarel who got us in connection with Shameer we now are the proud owners of Dayflower! It is a white Nissan Sunny from 1992 and is a beauty. She had a bit of a flat tire today, but after a refill of air at the gas station her tires are doing fine! :) One interesting point is that in Mauritius they drive on the left just like in the UK, but for whatever reason the controls on the steering wheel are reverse! So the wipers are still occasionally going when we are trying to signal that we are turning. I don’t understand the reason for this, but the Mauritius guys only say; it is from the French…. Yes, we know, but why? We wonder if ... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis December 7th 2006

We arrived in a very sunny and friendly place with the husband (Clarel) of the manager (Fattima) of our hostel Le Capitaine waiting at the arrival area outside the airport. We not only received a transfer, but a tour of half the island! Clarel, whose other job is in insurance, seems to make it a hobby to help visitors enjoy their time in Mauritius. He says it is just typical Mauritian hospitality. After dumping our stuff at the best-value hostel in Maurtius, we caught a ride to the nearby local beach. After taking a dip at a lovely little lagoon with no tourists, we set out to go grocery shopping. They have little stores here and there but also monster stores called "Jumbo" that have everything. We thought it was close by as we set off ... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis October 14th 2005

“Oceans apart day after day, and I slowly go insane. I hear your voice on the line but it doesn’t stop the pain...” - Richard Marx Mauritius (More-ish-us) I was going to edit this entry because it’s not very uplifting, but the more I thought about it, I didn’t think it would be fair to you or me to sensor it to make my experience here something different than it was. There’s a quote from Mark Twain about Mauritius and I shouldn’t even quote it because its not exact, I didn’t write it down fast enough when I heard it, but it’s something like this: “Mauritius was made first, then heaven and they copied heaven from Mauritius…”The way Twain said it is more eloquent than my version of it, but it’s the same point… The morning ... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis October 13th 2005

After some of my past journal entries this one is going to be relatively short. As our substitute for Kenya we went to Mauritius for three days. It is a small island/ country in the Indian Ocean near the north east coast of Madagascar. From what we heard previous to coming to Mauritius it is paradise. Mark Twain made some sort of quote about God creating Mauritius and then creating Heaven after and modeling it after Mauritius. Well, we all hope that wasn’t true. Don’t get me wrong, it was really nice. Beautiful white sand beaches and clear turquoise water and plummeting waterfalls. But that seems to be where it ends. It’s just a really nice island in my opinion, nothing spectacular. This could be my still-disappointed-about-Kenya mouth talking, but I think I’m not augmenting the ... read more

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