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Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Arba Minch September 25th 2011

ETHIOPIA...Nech Sar & Arba Minch. 514 sq miles of savannah, dry bush & groundwater forest in SW Ethiopia...a haven for 104 species of mammals and over 189 species of birds...welcome to Nech Sar (Nechisar or White Grass) National Park. Accessed from Arba Minch...along one of the roughest tourist roads in Ethiopia...the isthmus between Lakes Abaya and Chamo...known as "the Bridge of God." Stunning scenery...but with a bloody history. In November 2004, 463 thatched huts of the Guji-Oromo people were burned down by Ethiopian park officials and police...forced relocation. But why? In 1965 after spending 3 months surveying wildlife areas in Ethiopia, a UNESCO team proposed a game reserve to the east of Lake Chamo for the protection of the Swayne's Hartebeest & other wildlife. In 1967 Nech Sar National Park was proposed but was not established ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Arba Minch December 2nd 2010

After breakfast we were heading to Awassa, leaving this beautiful city, Arba Minch behind. On the bumpy road again with Sami, Wondy, Miki, Susi and me, through banana plantation, mountains, Rift Valley, stream, villages, savannah, daylight, sunset, starshine. One of the DOT members, Engda lives in Sashamene, 17km from our destination, we called him to book a hotel for us in his hometown, as it turned out that every accomodation was fully booked in Awassa as it was celebrating it's 50th birthday . As soon as we arrived the car broke down in front of the hotel. It was a miracle anyways that this old Toyota Corolla survived the dusty, surfaced roads, crossing the stream and other extreme circumstances. After some hours of preparing the car, fixing the cables, waiting and freezing (in Shasamene it's only ... read more
banana fields forever

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Arba Minch November 30th 2010

Ready for the adventures we woke up and had breakfast at Tourist Restaurant, where we met our collegue, Sarah. She is from Arba Minch, so knew everything and everyone, thus we let her organize a boat trip to Lake Chamo. We had to drive 20minutes on road and 15 off road through a cotton field -that I haven't seen before so I was really surprised to find it here- to get to the "port", where some 3 motorboats were lying, there was one guy sleeping in a tent, others were cutting the trees with matchetes -at first I was not convinced about our safety, but at the end we ended up playing and posing with the weapons :) And than the boat peaceful and relaxing rolling on this giant lake while the sun strokes our ... read more
happy hippo

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Arba Minch November 28th 2010

While seeking for breakfast on the roads of Arba Minch a youngster fell behind us. Typical question: where are you from, and I was ready for the typical reaction: silence (I haven't told my worst and on the other hand funniest story yet, happened in front of the Sheraton Hotel, a young beggar kid was following us and kept on asking where we were from, etc. I said I'm from Hungary and he started to laugh and said "ha ha, funny girl". This was the point where I lost my patience. I told him again that I'm Hungarian, then he was laughing even louder...pffff...I started to speak in Hungarian...he was: "good joke, funny girl"...I got even more furious, I pointed at the back cover of Lonely Planet and showed my country on this tiny world map, ... read more
Rift Valley from Arba Minch
Rift Valley
DOT way of having fun (Miki, Samy, Wondy, Susi, Zsuzsi)

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Arba Minch November 26th 2010

7am: waking up, coffee, shower, tea, breakfast 9am: planned time to leave (we just have finished breakfast) 9:13 am: SMS from the workmates who have the car that they are on their way 10:30am: actual departure time 10:40am: stop at the supermarket to buy some food for the trip It is always nice to leave Addis for a while. The pollution of the air is so awful in the city that I could hear my lungs opening a bottle of campaign and hiphiphurraying in my body that they can breath fresh air again :) And of course the view...descending from 2500meters to 1600, from the dusty, crowded capital to a hilly, remote landscape...pure beauty. So we immediately said YES to the invitations of our workmates who have to work in Arba Minch (Forty Springs) for a ... read more
Sunset 2.0

Why not? A potentially hazardous motto to live by, I admit, but when adhered with at least a few carefully determined boundaries in place, it can make for one heck of a weekend! Thursday night we FINALLY moved into our new home! From passed blogs you can tell that Addis real-estate is a frustrating market. 3 fundamental rules to shop by: #1 Ask the right questions -Is there running water? -Is there hot water? -Is there electricity (except where there are blackouts)? -Will you sign a contract saying that the price will not increase? -How much commission do you expect? -Does anyone else have a key to the home? -Who else lives on the compound? -Is the area safe? -How much needs to be paid in advance? -Does ‘this’ work? / Will you fix this now?... ... read more
Rammed Bus
Colours of Earth
Boat to Cross the Bridge of God

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Arba Minch February 10th 2010

Geo: 6.03939, 37.5905OK, my buttocks never seem to get accustomed to the long bus rides. After 4 hours, I always seem to get sore. Kind of like road cycling, but I'm not getting any exercise. The trip to Arba Minch takes 7 hours, but I make it just fine. We have dropped in elevation, and the last three hours are very hot, and as the usual, no one wants to open any windows!! What really amazes me, is some of the travelers are wearing a jacket as well as a shirt. Wow!!My first full day here I am able to take a long boat ride as well as being able to access the Nechasiar National Park from the boat. I've made arrangements with a German man to share the cost and we depart. On the way ... read more
Croc protection
peek-a-boo...I see you
Nechisar National Park

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Arba Minch November 17th 2009

Geo: 6.03939, 37.5905Thankfully this is the first civilisation for nearly a week. We have camped in a hotel with a large camping area on the side which was very quiet, infact we are the only ones there. Yeah Yeah!!! This is a blessing as the constant crowds everytime we stop is getting a little draining. Picture this, the four of us freshly showered, fed and sitting around quietly in the evening watch another overland vehicle pulls into the camp. Germans jump out of the car and bail straight over to talk to us. Trouble is they did not have an 'off' button. Hmm so much for the peace and quiet. Things then turn from bad to worse when they go back to their car on the other side of the camp get in their car drive ... read more
Fellow Travelers

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Arba Minch February 28th 2008

One of the most amazing things that we discovered about Ethiopia on this trip is the incredible variety of culture, scenery, and wildlife that you don't expect when you first think of Ethiopia. We never imagined that we'd be on a game drive in Southern Ethiopia, but here we are seeing loads of zebras and gazelles in a park that you would expect to see in Kenya. It may not have been as exciting for some others, but being our first real experience with Zebras in the wild, we were absolutely thrilled! Some others commented that these were some of the nicest looking zebras that they had seen in Africa. Needless to say, we snapped away several hundred photos...... read more
Two heads!

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Arba Minch February 10th 2007

On Friday, Clare and I took a local bus up to Chencha, after sitting on the bus for two hours in Arba Minch, waiting for it to fill up. We decided to get off at Dorze, and walk the rest of the way to Chencha as Clare had not been to Dorze before. The huts at Dorze are different to houses found elsewhere, and look like giant beehives. The walk was pleasant, but unfortunately, accompanied by every single child we met asking for money. Some tourists must give in to their demands of “Give me one Birr!” otherwise they would not continue. After several kilometres, it began to get very irritating. Even worse, one group of children, who were no more than 10 years old, starting throwing stones at us when we refused to give money! ... read more
Dorze Hut
Women working
Chencha Market

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