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Need Help! - Communication Styles in Ethiopia

Need help on communication styles in Ethiopia for a college paper
10 years ago, December 9th 2008 No: 1 Msg: #57075  
N Posts: 2
I am currently taking an inter-cultural communications class at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. I have to write a report on communication styles in Ethiopia for my final project and we are supposed to get information from natives of the culture, or people who have spent an extended period of time there, as well as in the American culture for comparison. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.

Suggested differences:

-any different concepts of personal space? gestures? facial expressions?
-generally more open or closed with emotions? which particular emotions are more acceptable for public display or are not?
-any big differences in eye contact, greetings, etc?
-are pauses in conversation different? use of interruptions?
-are styles of argument different?
-is communication with strangers closed or open?
-how does social/political status play into interpersonal communication?
-a difference in the kinds of topics commonly talked about or avoided?
-is the individual or collective emphasized more?
-anything different in what is considered acceptable or unacceptable?

Basically, any kind of communication style that anyone has noticed, or any difference anyone has noticed between the two cultures.

Thanks so much! Reply to this

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