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Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region March 3rd 2019

1 mars L'avion de Lufthansa dans lequel je somnole se pose sur la piste de l'aéroport de Bole à Addis Ababa, capitale de l'Éthiopie. Il était 21h45 lorsque les pneus cognèrent le tarmac effacé par la nuit, bang, d'un heurt appréhendé mais brusque comme un coup de feu, nous faisant tous sursauter dans l'aéronef. Il n'y avait que le cockpit qui connaissait le moment exact de l'impact: nous, passagers, venions de vivre notre atterrissage à l'invisible. Assis dans l'allée centrale, je n'ai eu aucun accès aux hublots de tout le vol Franckfort-Addis Ababa. Par dessus l'épaule des passagers, j'avais pu entrevoir quelques points lumineux dans la noirceur en approchant la capitale, mais c'était tout. Aucune idée donc de l'étendu de la ville, ni même dans quel décor je m'injecte. La nuit, tous les chats sont gris. ... read more
Premier repas
Vu de ma terrasse: décharge municipale
En route vers l'église

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region December 23rd 2018

Probably every traveler who has been outside their own country more than once has discovered that counting the countries they have visited is another way we humans have found to rank ourselves amongst our peers. Travel is not really a competitive sport but people will always have a necessity to compare themselves to others, no matter what the endeavor. Eventually, most travelers will come across websites with a list of recognized countries and what they have determined actually constitutes an official visit to a country. Like rules to any game we have created, we must set requirements to actually keep score. Some sites suggest that you must spend at least one night or must spend money or must at least leave the airport, cruise ship terminal or transit facility to get credit. Some sites make an ... read more
Lucy Restauraunt
Busy streets of Addis Ababa

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region October 4th 2018

For once it’s obvious which title I should use for my blog entry. Perhaps the standout attraction of Addis Ababa is the Ethiopia National Museum which houses the skeleton of Lucy, a well preserved 3.2m year old fossil, considered to be an early ancestor of man. It was discovered in 1974 in the Afar region of Ethiopia and has been described as simply one of the most important fossils ever discovered. At the team campsite after the skeleton was discovered the lead scientist played a Beatles cassette and the track “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” came on. They already thought that the skeleton was female so the name seemed appropriate and stuck. The real Lucy skeleton is securely locked away in a vault, but if you didn’t know that you wouldn’t realise. There is also ... read more
Lucy in closeup
Status of Emperor Haile Selassie at Ethiopian museum
You might not guess it from the picture but this is Addis Ababa

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region September 15th 2018

The flight from Dubai on Ethiopian was surprisingly comfortable plenty of legroom reasonable food and beverages and good entertainment if only my fellow travellers weren't so over the top it would have been pleasant. I find the Africans I meet extremely friendly almost overly friendly which leads to suspicions that may be totally unwarranted, but I am more cautious than I would like to be. Getting through immigration was easy and Nur and I were soon heading for our hotel transfer vehicle and our hotel located in the Bole area of town. After check in we walked to the Black Rose to meet his mate who works as a correspondent for Reuters. The bar was quite nicely set up and the booze is cheap, we then moved further down the road to the Piano bar which ... read more
Ethnological Museum
Lake Koko

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region January 1st 2018

Most of us are so fortunate, either already retired (like us), or working in a good job. But have you ever stopped to think about people in poor countries? Take a look at these: The average income in the world is about $10,300 per year, per person. But can you believe there are many countries where the per capita income is less? Let's see if I have visited any of them (two only). Tanzania has a per capita income of only $900. But it does have domestic and political stability. My visit there was primarily focused on two safaris, one in the Ngorongoro Crater, and the other on the Serengeti. At Ngoro, we stayed in a better than average safari resort, and on the Serengeti, in luxury tent cabins. Though gold is their top export, they ... read more
Unexploded ordinance in Laos
With my friend, Mr. Willie in Tanzania

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region January 28th 2017

China in Ethiopia1 Ethiopia 1 17 17 Ethiopia Cultural show 1 2017 1:5China in Ethiopia 1 2017 \ 1-17-2017 Ethiopia Toi den Addis Ababa luc 3AM, 1 gio bay tu Djibouti city. Toi di den khach san ma toi da o 1 nam ve truoc khi toi den day. Khach san Nahna o trung tam thu do Addis Ababa. Addis Ababa co nghia la New Flower. Ngay xua o day la khu dat trong va hoa no day duong va thinh thoang co loai hoa la nen thu do nay duoc coi nhu la loai hoa la nen duoc dat ten la Addis Ababa. Sang toi thuc day toi nhin qua ben kia khach san thay dan homeless van con do. 1 nam truoc day toi tu khach sang nay di thang vao khu homless nay ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region February 23rd 2016

So I grabbed two mini buses to a bigger bus station and found me a bus headed straight to Shashamane…This 500 acres is the sacred home for Rastafarians that His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I gave for all those who wish to repatriate. I don’t want to get into too much detail here because I could go on for daaaaays about the history of this religion and all the weird ties that make it seem pretty legit. Buuuuuut as most religions come to the same deep understanding in their own certain way, it was very interesting to see how super devout Rastas handled the “new Jerusalem.” I got off the bus with no idea of where to stay as the Lonely Planet chapters I purchased online did not include this town…and as it turns out, there ... read more
they indulged me!!!
room with a view

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region February 19th 2016

Again I am at a loss for words upon arriving at a new African destination. WTF?!?! Where am I?!?!?! first leaving Kigali airport was a treat in and of itself which I appreciated the superior nervousness I obtained while taking my first inter-African flight. I succeeded in arriving in Addis Ababa, but somehow failed to connect with the guesthouse I booked and more importantly with the driver who was supposed to pick me up at 1:30am…..blurg….buuuuuuut I yet again managed and arrived to not speak English to the security guard but did get a room with my own toilet paper, towel, soap, sandals, and bottle of water. #WINNING!!! So my first day entailed arriving (success) and then trying to find contact solution as I was running low. Contact lens solution is a rare commodity in the ... read more
so close close...

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region October 26th 2015

Ethiopia: Ethiopia Toi la nguoi Phi Chau. Hom nay toi di tim ve nguon coi cua minh. Trong hanh trinh tim ve nguon coi , cach day khong lau toi da di Phi Chau qua cac nuoc: South Africa, Zambia, Zimbawe va Botwana nam ve phia nam Phi Chau. Hom nay toi tien len phia Dong cua Phi Chau de di den cac nuoc Tanzania, Kenya va Ethiopia, dong thoi toi cung ghe qua trung tam Phi Chau la nuoc Nigeria. Phi Chau la luc dia lau doi nhat so voi Au Chau, A Chau, My Chau va Uc Chau duoc tao thanh cach day 300 trieu nam. Luc khoi thuy do, Phi chau co khung long roi ke tiep la dong vat di bang 2 chan qua nhieu tien trinh cua tao hoa de roi ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region October 18th 2015

My visit to Ethiopia started in Addis Ababa, which means New Flower in Amharic. With more than 3 million people, it’s the capital and largest city of the only African country that wasn't colonized during the end of the 19th century and beginning of 20th century, when greedy European countries (F, GB, P, I, D, B, E) invaded most of Africa for their own benefit. The Italians tried to colonize the country by attacking in 1896 but were defeated by the Ethiopian army! This fact is a source of pride to many Ethiopians. In 1935 the (Sh-)Italians, under command of dictator Mussolini, attacked Ethiopia again by illegally using chemical weapons and took control of the country for about 5 years. Ethiopia uses a different calendar than we do. They just celebrated New Year 2008 (Enkutatash) last ... read more
Holy Trinity (Haile Selassie) Church
View of Addis Ababa
Eating "kitfo" with injera

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