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Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan January 28th 2011

Thank goodness we left Cairo today, Friday, 1/28/11. There were to be more protests and no one knows what will happen. We do have the ability to access the internet on the ship but it is being blocked by the government. So far, we’ve had a snow storm and now rioting in Cairo. Maybe this trip wasn’t meant to be! I’ll be writing this as I have time and will post to the blog whenever we get internet access. Today, Friday, 1/28, started with a 3:15am wake up call and back to the Cairo airport at 4:30am. I got to bed last night about midnight. We flew to Aswan, in southern Egypt, and then waited for the other ½ of the rest of our group to come in on the next flight. Egypt is called Upper ... read more
Aswan High Dam
012811 Philea Island Mainland (1)

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan January 20th 2011

Piti herata ajoissa. Auto nouti meidat hotellilta klo 7. Assuaniin on matkaa jotain paalle 200 km, mutta sinne meni liki nelja tuntia. Emme kylla pysahtyneet teelle kuin kerran, mutta matkalla on muita hidasteita: toyssyja ja tie vei taajamien lapi. Asutustahan oli koko ajan. Kavimme katsomassa Assuanin patoa ja Nasser-jarvea. Sitten parkkeerasimme auton lahelle Assuanin basaaria ja kavimme syomassa. Assuanin kaupunki naytti isommalta kuin Luxor: rantakadulla oli komeita rakennuksia. Kerkesimme takaisin viideksi, eli niihin main kun aurinko laski. Kavin kiertamassa kaupunkia illalla, oluella Ali Babassa, kokiksella Televisiokadun paikallisessa ravintolassa (muut asiakkaat egyptilaisia), farkkukaupoissa. Vasymys iski kuitenkin sen verran varhain etta piti menna nukkumaan jo kymmenelta.... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan January 14th 2011

8th & 9th Jan – Days 99 & 100 – Feluccas Felucca along the Nile River. Something you don’t get to do everyday, and we got to spend 2 nights on it. Today we left Aswan, but we did get a nice sleep-in. We checked out of our hotel at 10:30am, ready to get on the felucca’s at 11am. We actually had to get on another ‘water taxi’ to where we jumped on the camels the previous night, as Ashraf was the owner of the feluccas. There were 3 feluccas for 22 people, so we got to spread out across, with our felucca only having 6 people on it. The feluccas are the old Egyptian-style sailing boat as you will see by the pics, with one sail attached to a mast, and a big ‘boom’ that ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan January 14th 2011

7th Jan – Day 98 – Aswan 2:55am, still half asleep, we dragged ourselves downstairs, collected our breakfast boxes and piled back onto the same coach as yesterday. The Egyptian government believe it is safer for the tourists to travel in convoys when travelling long distance, so tours groups are allocated a time slot when they must meet the convoys so this is why we had to get up at such a ridiculous hour. Jess didn’t get any sleep on the coach but Mischa managed two one hour stints. It wasn’t the most comfortable ride, knees jammed into the seat in front of you. We drove to the meeting point where the coaches lined up to be scanned by the police for bombs (especially after the bombing at a Coptic Christian church last night, not nearby). ... read more
The Great Temple

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan January 13th 2011

6th Jan - Day 97 – Aswan Late start (finally!!), we made the most of it. Slept in and missed breakfast but were able to make our way along the Nile to Maccas, where the breakfast menu was available until 11am. Yay! We weren’t the only ones from our group to make the short journey up the street… After brekky we walked back one block from the water to the souk. A bustling and quite lengthy stretch of market stalls (mostly selling the same things as their neighbours!). We were in search of ‘cheap’ traditional Egyptian costumes as we had a dress up night planned for our first night on the feluccas. What an experience… every man invites you into his shop to “just look, no hassle” (yeah right!). It is a dampener on the fun ... read more
On top of Hgh Dam

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan January 4th 2011

A reasonably early start today. After breakfast we were straight on to a Felucca and made our way over to Qubbet El-Hawa, or Nobles' Tombs. Our first tombs!! Mike warned us about the stairs we could look forward to but when I saw them I thought, "Ahh it's not too bad, I can do that easy". Little did I realise that a lot of the steps themselves were quite tall so, for a shorty like me, the top could not come soon enough! Great work out for my legs though and completely worth it once you turned back around and saw the view of Aswan from on high! We made our way to the very end of the lineup so we could work our way back and it was an interesting path - we were essentially ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan January 3rd 2011

We were allowed a bit of a sleep in today and it was definitely appreciated! Breakfast was at a very civilised 0900 and new to me was having lettuce, tomato and cucumber with natural yoghurt as a breakfast option! I also tried something new in 'Ful medames' (.."mashed fava beans served with olive oil, chopped parsley, onion, garlic and lemon juice".. thanks Wikipedia) and well... I can't admit to really loving it, but it was definitely edible. After breakfast, and before we were due to meet in the foyer, we were shown to the money exchange place by Amy, who had done this tour once before. It was no more than 50 meters from out hotel and the amount of tourist police planted along the way was quite amusing to me! I didn't really need any ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan January 2nd 2011

It all started with the late "drinky" NYE with Dorianne and Jamie. I had intended on a very quiet night but how could you not bring in the New Year with some sort of celebration? We had the house to ourselves; we went in the pool, drank lots of bubbly, made some delicious experimental pizzas from scratch and eventually made cocktails, as the night's plan had intended. I have a small regret about drinking as much as we did, the night before an international flight, but it was a fun night so that definitely outweighed the flicker of a hangover I had the next day! A couple of Panadol solved the problem mostly and I spent the morning cleaning out the rabbit cages and finishing the last bits of packing that needed doing. Stuart and Erin ... read more
View from the Philae Hotel
Felucca on the Nile
Philae Hotel from the river

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan December 27th 2010

I am so glad that we didn't have to find the train station in Cairo on our own, because I don’t think we would have figured it out. It was under construction so it didn’t look like anything, and there were no lights in the front, it was very shady looking! The guy walked us all the way to our sitter car, which was small and had only 3 seats! No door, cold, and a window that banged as the train swayed but nice because we had it to ourselves. I was stuck in the middle, and got no sleep. The train ride was something around 15 hours and I only used the toilet once because it was really gross!!! Breakfast was 30 Egyptian Pounds and was 2 of those rolls we have seen lots ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan December 23rd 2010

Once again two pages of pictures. Enjoy! We decided to stay in a nice hotel in Aswan with a view of the River Nile. You do, of course, have to pay for the privilege! A short taxi ride from the train station and we found ourselves in the imaginatively named Nile Hotel with a stunning vista of the river from which it takes its name. The river may well be beautiful here, but a walk alongside it is hardly peaceful. “Mister, you want boat ride? You want camel ride? You want belt made from camel leather? You want taxi tour tomorrow? You want nice restaurant?” At least they weren’t offering Russ girls too!! A simple NO wasn’t always sufficient and it all became a bit of a hassle after a while. What we wanted to do ... read more
Burkha clad passengers
One of many camels
Climbing up to the Tombs of the Nobles

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