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Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan March 18th 2012

Aloha from Aswan!! Well, today is my birthday! I decided that because it was my birthday, I could sleep in as late as I wanted and spend the day however it would please me. And then I realized that EVERY day must be my birthday, because I get to do all that on a regular basis!! Today I will commune with the Nile, visit the Sahara Desert, and perhaps take a boat trip to the Temple of Philae. I will spend time with wonderful people and have a day full of laughs and connection. I am wishing you the same! Have a wonderful, joyous day filled with friends, family, fun and laughter. And Happy Birthday! Blessings, Aloha and Namaste, Sue Divine (aka Sue Nehme)... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan February 25th 2012

Wow did the wind pick up last night!!! Kamikane (wind in Hawaiian) raced through the hills, howling and causing windows to shiver within their frames. Across the Nile, a sheet of white film filled the sky, as the sands of the Sahara were blown about. It's so beautiful and powerful to watch nature cleanse the earth... especially from inside the villa! It was also so hot last night. Such a dichotomy in my mind. Wind = Cool. I am also staying in a newer section of Aswan, where houses are being built and construction is almost non-stop. In fact, they are so nocturnal here that some of the work doesn't start until after sunset - including the jackhammer! Last night was no exception. Bulldozers and large trucks were in and out of the area all night ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan February 21st 2012

Tis not too late to seek a newer world. Push off, and sitting well in order to smite. The sounding furrow; for my purpose holds. To sail beyond the sunset and the batts of all the western stars, until I die. (Alfred Lord Tennyson.) Ulysses. If Cairo is frenetic Aswan is tranquil. Nestled below the gigantic Lake Nasser it is charming and scenic. Aswan the main town on one side of the river and a Nubian village, where we are staying, on the other. The two are a contrast, one coloured brown the other painted shades of blue. The cultures are also different, with the aggressive Arabs versus the relaxed Nubians. Our house is a small eight roomed establishment with a view to die for (Beit Al-Kerem): to the front of us is the ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan February 19th 2012

What the ...??? Yesterday was an interesting day. As usual, Cindy and I knew that we were processing unseen energies. We've been doing a lot of that! :) Normally, in the late morning, I sit with Cindy and Ashraf (my hosts) for tea and discussion which can last several hours. Most of the time, esp when Cindy and I sit and discuss the metaphysical life, we can both feel energies filling up and processing in the background. For me, it often shows up physically as getting lightheaded and sometimes feeling like I am about to leave my body. Or I will get chills up and down my body out of nowhere. Yesterday, instead of sitting together and chatting over tea, we each went our separate ways in the house. Sure there were chats and passing comments, ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan February 18th 2012

Aloha! Today is a day for blog entries, to be sure. I have to catch you all up on what's been happening! :) The other day, as my friends Cindy, Ashraf and I sat around sipping tea, we were commenting on what a beautiful day it was. The Nile was calm and deep blue and it was cool outside with a very light wind. Cindy decided it was the perfect day to take me down the Nile River. We met up with their friend Tutu for a cruise. He is a lovely gentleman, very kind and hospitable. There are chairs and a separate place to lounge on the top of his boat. We headed down the Nile, with both Ashraf and Cindy pointing out all the amazing tombs and houses along the way. We encountered several ... read more
Tutu and Ashraf on Tutu's Boat
Nubian Village

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan January 18th 2012

Today was the day I was going to head back to Cairo. I had until 4pm before my flight. So I woke up early this morning, at about 8am, and had a day trip planned to the Temple of Philae. I had to first get to the entrance of the site, then take a boat to the island which the temple was situated on. It was an intriguing journey. I took it all in. I think this is the site I've spent the most time at. It's simply beautiful and breathtaking, and the surrounding land and water scapes made it even more so. I spent a good hour admiring the place. It was going to be the last attraction of its kind that I would see. Getting off the island was a bit of a problem ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan January 16th 2012

Today I had to get to Aswan. So I checked out of my hostel and made my way to the train station. One guy passing by on a motorbike asked me if I was looking for a hostel or place to stay. I said no; but as if that answer wasn’t enough, he proceeded to ask “Why?”. And he kept on following me and repeating it until I crossed to the other side of the road. Anyway, so I got to the train station, only to find out that there were no trains running to Aswan that day, despite what the online timetable showed me. I was aggravated. Looks like you can’t rely on anything here. Thank goodness I have a flight back from Aswan to Cairo, otherwise the train might “not run” and cause me ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan October 5th 2011

From Cairo we set out to Aswan by overnight train. What was supposed to be a twelve hour train ride turned out to be 15 hours. Aswan marks the country’s ancient southern frontier. In ancient times, it was of strategic importance serving as a garrison town for military campaigns against Nubia, its quarries provided the valuable granite used for so many sculptures and obelisks, and it was a prosperous marketplace at the crossroads of the ancient caravan routes. Here the Nile is wide and stunningly beautiful, flowing gently down from Lake Nasser. Aswan is also the site of the Old Cataract Hotel & Spa. It was in this hotel that Agatha Christie is said to have written part of her novel Death on the Nile and the hotel featured in the movie. Its banks are lined ... read more
View of Philae Temple from the Nile
The right gate of Philae Temple
Sunset at Philae

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan May 26th 2011

Since Egypt was cooperating and decided to stop at toppling the government but avoid full scale civil war we left it on the itinerary. After learning a lesson from India we decided to start in the south of the country and work or way north… instead of backtracking and going north – south –north as we had originally planned. We started our trip out deep in the south of Egypt (the upper Nile) in Aswan. Most people have never heard of Aswan but while researching the country I came upon rave review after rave review of the city. Most of the city’s fans focused on how relaxed and laid back the city was in contrast to either Luxor or Cairo, which can be a hassle as the competition for your tourist dollar there can be fierce. ... read more
Abu Simbel
Dilapitated mosque & tomb of nobles in background
Camel ride in the desert

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan April 4th 2011

I woke up before Michael. I glanced at my watch and it was 9:00am. It wasn’t a bad night’s sleep at all considering we were on a moving train the whole time. Almost as if the conductor was listening for movement, he knocked on our door and asked if we were ready for breakfast. I replied yes and Michael jumped right out of bed at the mention of food. Men. We were given assorted pastries, jam and tea. Not too bad. As we ate we admired the view out our window. The farms along the Nile were luscious and green. Egyptians were hard at work towing the fields. The handmade scarecrows made me laugh to myself. They were literally t-shirts on a cross with some metallic ribbon tied to the top. It is simple, yet probably ... read more

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