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Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan January 23rd 2013

Ahmed joined us again this morning when we met Hussein to arrange the transfer of our luggage to the Mövenpick Hotel on Elephantine Island and advise us that our Cairo hotel has been changed from the Hilton in the city to Le Meridien Pyramids out at Giza. Even before we left Australia we thought that this could happen because the Hilton is very close to Tahrir Square. After seeing just how close the Hilton was to the buildings that were damaged in the revolution of 25 January 2011 when we visited the Egyptian Museum, we thought it even more likely that we might be relocated to the hotel at Giza when we returned to Cairo. Of course our return to Cairo coincides exactly with the second anniversary of the uprising against President Mubarak. With our bags ... read more
Temple of Isis Philae Island
Temple of Isis Philae Island 2
Temple of Isis Philae Island 3

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan November 13th 2012

We awake around 9.30 in the morning. It has been such an amazing sleep. The best I've slept in such a long time. The farmers have been by this morning because now there is a donkey and its baby on the grass where we are docked. I try a couple of times to pat the donkey but they don't really like us getting close. Right toilet time, the thing we dread the most. It involves grabbing some TP paper, heading off the boat and popping a squat behind a bush. It's not glamourious but that's the only down side to the felucca. We have our breakfast which is delicious. Then we sail off. It's beautiful and calming. We dock at a beach for lunch. There are 3 children on the beach with a donkey and a ... read more
Music and Bonfire Madness
The Haka

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan November 12th 2012

The sleeper train was fun, very bumpy I am woken in the morning by a man bringing breakfast to my door. As we are waiting to arrive I spend a little bit of time looking out the window. The Contiki guide tells us about the Nubian houses. They are like a box without a lid. Their lids are leaves. They are designed this way to keep them cool in the summer which can sometimes reach 50 degrees. People out here sometimes die just because of the heat. When people die here they are buried and a rock is put where they have died. No headstone saying who they are or whatever. Just a rock. We arrive in Aswan at 10.30am. I hop off the train and am greeted by another Mohamed who takes me to the ... read more
The High Dam
Dayna - Isis
Philea Temple Egypt

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan October 28th 2012

Nile Cruise: Sunday, October 21 Wake up call at 6 am for an enormous buffet breakfast and the trip to the Valley of the Kings. We went into tombs 2, 6 and 11. Impressive to be in the tombs and there were some areas that still had vivid colours from almost 5000 years ago. It’s hard to believe they weren’t painted in the last 100 years. I wonder how much of our present culture would withstand 5 millenium of wars, tomb raiders and environmental deterioration. Next stop was the Temple of Hatshepsut that was cut into the mountain with impressive columns facing the west, the Madinet Habu Temple and the Colossi of Memnon. All of these also have great photos from the hot air balloon ride from yesterday. Back to the ship ... read more
it's grass or desert - no in between
locals posing
how to see the Nile

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan October 18th 2012

October 18, 19, 20, and 21st. Thursday 18th - Nile Cruise ending in Aswan We arrive at Aswan and I am up early as we sail in under the Aswan bridge. We have a busy morning visiting the High Dam, Ancient unfinished obelisk site and then a boatride on the Nile over to the Temple of Philae. This entire temple had been moved off an island in the 1970s and took 5 years to move. Difficult to comprehend. 51 countries assisted in the move. We opt out on any afternoon tours that are extra as we are toured out so to speak and want to spend the afternoon on the boat. We are getting ready to head back to Cairo the next morning. Sian had a spa treatment that ended with a covering of mud up ... read more
Temple of Philae (14)
Fishermen on the Nile River
Temple of Philae (28)

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan August 31st 2012

Are there people out there who feel sorry for me? I had to get up at 3 AM to catch a bus that would drive us 3 hours to Abu Simbel. Of course I slept on the bus, I tried to at least. But that was not the worst part; on our way back, our convoy (the bus) got a flat tire. Guess where? In the desert. Yay! *rolling eyes*. But enough about my complaints that just stands in the way of you reading my experiences in and about Abu Simbel. As I said, we had to get up early to get a convoy to Abu Simbel. Of course, there was other convoys going to Abu Simbel at 11 AM, but the sun would be so strong that you could barely stand the heat. It was ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan August 16th 2012

PHOTOS SOON(DEUTSCH UND FOTOS BALD) "...I was washing my toothbrush with that water?" that's what I was thinking as I seen the river in Cairo, Egypt. Hello everyone for yet another blog. The rest of Istanbul was nice - I even got to take a cruise to the Black Sea, and you'll be glad to hear that noone was stabbed on that ferry. I also got to try "Raki" which tasted alot like Sambucca, but with 20 times worse the headache the next morning. And that was just one shot and sipping it over 40min! The day of my flight was hectic. I had maybe 4hrs sleep from the night before, a headache(Raki), rushed to hospital to take the stitches out(for free), then rushed to airport, ran to the plane as I seen "FINAL CALL" in ... read more
Step Pyramid
Giza Pyramid

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan July 20th 2012

Spent my last day going around to a few remaining places in town. The first stop was the Unfinished Obelisk. Since ancient times, Aswan has been known for its quarries, and most of the stone of all the Egyptian monuments originally came from this area. The Unfinished Obelisk was just one day abandoned because of a crack, but it would've been the single largest obelisk made by the Egyptians. Then drove down to the High Dam. An interesting place, especially given the history. During the over 10 years it took to build the dam, an undocumented number of workers died, some by explosions, others by horrible snake bites. And I didn't know that the High Dam was actually the second dam - the first is from 1902 and is closer to Aswan. Ended at probably the ... read more
Unfinished Obelisk
A Nice Dam View
The Dam Power Supply

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan July 19th 2012

After the pyramids, probably my favorite day in Egypt. Set off with a driver at 11ish for the 3 hour drive South to Abu Simbel. The landscape in this part of the country is nothing but desert - vast, endless plains of sand. At one point, it was 115 F outside the car, and mirages were beginning to appear on the horizon. They really did look like water, and you could see how they could easily lead you astray. Abu Simbel really is the absolute last major Egyptian site mainly because of geography. It sits only about 30 minutes from the Sudanese border. Got in at around 2, and had 2 hours at the actual temple. This was Ramses II's greatest and most ostentatious temple in all of Egypt, and served as a type of gate ... read more
Approaching the Temple
Looking Up
At the Temple

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan July 18th 2012

Convenient being already on Elephantine Island, since this is the oldest part of Aswan. So today I basically just walked down the island. But some interesting things happened along the way. Once you leave the Movenpick you immediately hit two Nubian villages, which are beautiful enough in their way - mudbrick houses, with some farmland attached to them, and a bunch of goats, sheep, and donkeys wandering around. I was led through the villages by a nice young Nubian, and this half-naked little Nubian boy who followed about 10 yards behind me, and was carrying this gigantic walking stick. I found the whole situation very funny and had a grin the entire time. But I was led right up to the gate that goes into the site of Ancient Abu, what this area was at one ... read more
At Ancient Abu
Inside One of the Many Temples
The Vast Wasteland of Abu

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