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Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo August 6th 2019

Je veux aller ici parce que je veux voir les différences religieuses et comment les gens traitent les touristes. Je volerai de la Suède à l'Egypte. J'apprendrai à apprécier et manger la nourriture. Je visiterai le Complexe Pyramidal de Gizeh et Khan el-Khalili. Je verrai le Musée Égyptien et la mosquée de Muhammad Ali.... read more
Le Complexe Pyramidal de Gizeh
Khan el-Khalili
La Mosquée de Muhammad Ali.

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo January 16th 2019

Addio pace e quiete: sono arrivato al Cairo, che con i suoi piu' di 10 milioni di abitanti si appresta a diventare una delle piu' grandi megalopoli del pianeta. E come non accorgersene? Viali ad otto corsie attraversano il centro e mostruose sopraelevate oscurano il cielo; fiumi di automobili intasano le strade e muri di gente ostruiscono i marciapiedi; rumore di clacson e fumi di gas di scarico appestano l'ambiente, cumuli di rifiuti per la strada e palazzi decrepiti prossimi al crollo: una dannata citta' infernale? Niente affatto, il Cairo non e' poi cosi' male! La gente e' in gamba, simpatica ed affabile, alcuni quartieri sono ovviamente peggiori di altri ma in ognuno di essi e' possibile trovare qualche vicolo tranquillo dove la gente ama sedersi all'aperto gustandosi un caffe' fumando rilassatamente una pipa ad acqua. ... read more
Alessandria: la nuova biblioteca
Giza: cammelli e piramidi
Fuul Power

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo August 25th 2018

Today, was dedicated to exploring the wonderful city of Cairo. Our first stop, the Egyptian Museum! The Egyptian Museum The Egyptian Museum houses the worlds largest collection of ancient Egyptian Artifacts. During our trip to Cairo, the Egyptian government had just finished building a beautiful, new, more advanced, and larger Egyptian museum closer to the Giza plateau. The museum officials were in the process of moving the artifacts from the current Egyptian museum to its new location. So not all of the artifacts were on display at the old museum. The old museum looked like it needed a makeover as it was in a state of organized chaos. It was small and overcrowded with no air conditioning. However, it did have the ambiance of an old storage warehouse. Going through the museum would not be as ... read more
Hanging Church
Mosque of Mohamed Ali
Khan El Khalili bazaar

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo August 18th 2018

We finally arrived! After a long flight Renata and I finally reached Cairo. At the airport, we were greeted by a representative for Travel Talk Tours who kindly helped us with obtaining our Visa and Luggage (which took forever). We were then on our way to our hotel, the Oasis Hotel Pyramids, which I highly recommend. Today was a day to relax as we slept and swam in the luxurious hotel pool. Later that evening we met up with our tour mates and Egyptologist guide, Sam. Sam went over the itinerary and optional excursions of the Egyptian part of our tour. Afterwards a group of us decided to go on the optional group dinner and cruise. In hindsight, the cruise was unremarkable and the food tasted bland. However, it was great getting to know the other ... read more
Dinner Cruise
Dinner Cruise
Dinner Cruise

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo October 14th 2017

Day 2. Egyptian Museum, Tahrir Square, a felucca ride then a cruise with dining on the Nile. Honestly I was dead tired. But gotta go so I did. But first to stare out my bedroom window for the millionth time, eyeballing Khufu and the Great Pyramid. I never tired of that privileged view. Other Pyramids are there but the two main ones command attention. Even the Sphinx is dwarfed, peering from behind a tree, its face disfigured. Who did that? Some said the Roman conquerors back 2000 years, others said the French recently, in disbelief that faces obviously African, could be revered and exalted, so they smashed the features out of the faces. Others said Christians in their zeal to convert hearts and cleanse temples into becoming churches. Kind of Daesh tactics. So we don't know ... read more
Hatshepsut Pharaoh of all Egypt for 22 years
Me and Hatshepsut
Hatshepsut destroyed

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo October 12th 2017

My eyes were burning from tiredness, I needed sleep. But that wasn't going to stop me. Tonight the very first outing in Cairo, a visit the Khan Al Khalili bazaar with my guide Galael and driver Salaeh. Driving through the streets, the teeming chaos of traffic and people still fascinate me. People LIVE here! This city, this place belongs to them - they do exactly as they please. Drive as they wish. The Cairo Symphony... honking horns. Cars squeeze 4 lanes into a 3 lane highway or 5 into 4 lanes, honking to announce every change of direction on the way while pedestrians suddenly appear, crossing the road anywhere. Even I did it too! It's what you do. Men, women, mothers with toddlers, children. Cars even honk at the traffic cops telling them to hurry up. ... read more
The ancient fortress gate to the bazaar
on the streets inside the bazaar
A family night out in the Bazaar

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo June 3rd 2017

After about 30 hours of flying I have finally made it to Egypt! It has been a very long day! I left New Zealand on about 1.5 hours of sleep and didn’t manage to get much more rest after that. The whole trip was actually very cruisy. Had a girl next to me on the plane from Wellington to Auckland who suffered from quite bad travel anxiety, in particular, flying. We ended up holding hands about three times because there was turbulence or the engines slowed down a bit and she panicked. I felt pretty sorry for her, especially when she told me she had to fly again a few days later! I also stupidly didn’t even organize my visas for Australia and Abu Dhabi. I’ve spent nearly two decades in New Zealand now, and sometimes ... read more
Etihad Flight
Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo May 14th 2017

I'm back on the road and back with the blogs for a few weeks, and as the title suggests I'm EGYPT!. My earliest memory of learning about the ancient Egyptians comes from when I was in year 4, so when I was around 8 years old. Ever since it's been a dream to come and visit some of the oldest structures in the world, built by some of the most amazing humans to ever walk the planet...or aliens ;). I wanted to come when me and Dave first set off 15 months ago, but due to flight prices going up when we wanted to book we went straight to India, much to my dismay. Given the current “situation” in the country, now seemed like the perfect time to visit Egypt. A situation that doesn't exist by ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo February 21st 2017

Geo: 30.0982, 31.2461... read more

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo February 18th 2017

Geo: 30.0982, 31.2461I am going to try to do Egypt in 3-4 postings. This is the first. Egypt is an amazing place to visit. I chose to do a tour with G Adventures. This is a small group tour company that I also used last year to go to Israel and Jordan. Brenda, my travel buddy, also did the tour. We have known each other since 6th grade and first traveled together, to Europe, right out of high school. I realized very quickly how little I know about its incredible history. Of course, I knew it was ancient and could name a few historical figures – Tutankhamen, Ramses II, Nefertiti, Cleopatra etc.. I had no idea of the actual periods of time of their existences and how important or not important they were in the overall ... read more
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