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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle December 6th 2008

En maaned er gaaet siden jeg kom til australien. Jeg floej fra Kuala Lumpur til Perth i Vestaustralien - en af de mest isolerede storbyer i verden. Jeg ankom om natten og det viste sig at mit dankort ikke virkede her, saa jeg endte med at skylde penge til en fed taxachauffoer, mit hostel, og jeg fik nogen penge til toget af en venlig vestaustralier. At alting saa koster tifold af de asiatiske priser +den daarlige start var jo naermest ved at tage modet fra mig. Men men, efter at have fjollet rundt i forskellige hostels og set jobmarkedet an, endte jeg paa "the Old Firestation" i Fremantle (Freo blandt venner), hvor jeg stadig bor. Stedet er fantastisk, man kan faa smaajobs gennem receptionen og stemningen er saadan ungdomsklub'sk med lidt Christiania blandet ind i.. Saadan ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle November 30th 2008

Drove up along the coast to Fremantle which is at the river mouth south of Perth. Walked along the seafront and booked our tickets to go to Rottnest Island on the Monday. Walked through town and went in to the Fremantle Markets. Realy nice feel about the place, all sorts of crafts, food etc... Then went up to Fremantle prison ( it's now closed - to inmates - !!! But open to the public - in case any of you were wondering!!! ). It was a prison from 1850 to 1991 and was built by the 75 inmates that arrived from the UK in 1850, it took around 8 years to finish the 3 main areas. There is a 3 meter white band that runs along all of the walls in the prison, so the bright ... read more
The paint bucket...
A Painting...

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle November 26th 2008

Fremantle is a laid back beach and harbour town, its full of the young and the dreadlocked, and the kool and the rich, so there's obviously no place for me. But that's OK because we're in a very nice apartment overlooking the port, albeit on the edge of town and away from the kool downtown area where our very presence must embarrass and annoy the under 25's. We got off to a bad start here in Fremantle. The flight got in at 2am and we'd imagined it would get in closer to the morning hours, this left us a long time until we picked up the keys for the apartment at 2pm, long enough to warrant getting a room right there and then as we were tired from the 27 hours travelling already, this is what ... read more
Fremantle Beach
the little creatures brewery

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle November 15th 2008

After more than a month in my new home here in Western Australia, we decided to go a bit farther out and visit Fremantle. After a quick stop in Perth (30 minutes or so by train) to get some cash, we took the train to Fremantle (I think another 30 minutes). It was a gorgeous day and Fremantle was the perfect venue for a day out. First we had lunch at Cicerello's, reputedly the best restaurant at the Fishing Boat Harbour. I don't know about the other dining outlets there but my Seafood Basket was great -- the shrimps, squid and fish were super fresh -- lovely with a bit of salt, a squeeze of lemon and a dollop of tartare sauce! Yummmm! . The servings were gigantic of course and it's such a waste I ... read more
doing time in fremantle
doing time in fremantle
doing time in fremantle

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle November 4th 2008

nov 3 so to sit here in swanbourne overlooking that western shore after three years, to be 'home', reconnecting with family and friends at least i'm able to write these humble words when before paralysis of angst and indecision seized me. oh the golden west where resource riches ruled. it will be an interesting vantage point for WDII, world depression two, following logically from great war, great depression, WWII. andrew 'twiggy' forrest lost ten billion in a month, at least he can stil afford the absurdly expensive lifestyle here in w.a.. long walks on foreshore seeing birds i can't find in book. was it a plover playing on the rocks? a darter dryed then dove in. more preedators. lunch of kidney beans, carrots and homous. at least the beer block was cheep. must buy a vehicle! ... read more


Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle November 3rd 2008

After a 1.5 hour delay in Vancouver due to a tire, turbulence during every meal and causing delays for the connecting flights, I have finally landed in Perth and the weather is about the same as it was when I left... depressing. Nothing has really happened so far just trying to get things organised for the next week. I'm in a room with a Canadian, American, Swedish girl and another girl from England. We went out for lunch and then off to my favourite pizza place for dinner. I'm out with some old friends either tonight or tomorrow night then apparently I get to go clubbing with them! woot for being legal here!! Just a short entry today to let you know that I am here... I'll let you guys know more once things start happening. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle November 1st 2008

01/11/08 Saturday Day 79 Fremantle Prison The reason we’re back here is that we didn’t get to see the Fremantle Prison the last time. This time we did see it and it’s a great tour and attraction. Plus some of the Irish Fenians were sent here during the 1890’s. Some of them even escaped. The tour shows you most of the prison, including solitary confinement, the kitchen, the cells, and even the gallows where 44 people met their fate. Our tour guide was very good and had loads of extra knowledge about the place too. There’s also a night tour you can do of the place where you’re given flash lights. It also has functions that you can have there including themed dinners. Tomorrow we give back the van which will be a sad moment as ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle October 19th 2008

18/10/08 Saturday Day 65 About half way down we stopped in a place called Gingin. This is another tiny place. We stopped at a filling station to have a home made sandwich curiosity of our campervan worktop! This bit is funny cause it only happens in the movies. You need to get a key attached to a block of timber to get access to the toilets. Gas! We then headed to Coogee Beach caravan park which is 6 kilometres south of Fremantle which is south of Perth. After a spot of dinner we decided to head to the town for the night except that we were waiting for about an hour for the stupid taxi to show up. When I ran for a third time, the wan at the other end gave the phone number of ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle October 12th 2008

Oct 3 Exmouth. Spent the morning doing the washing, working on the internet and all the fun things. Walked around the CBD. Not much there. Then went up to Bundegi Beach where we walked a bunch and Linda picked up a number of nice shells. Went out to the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse. Pretty spectacular. A few sailboarders taking advantage of the really strong winds. Supper at Whalers. Good food, relaxed atmosphere. If you didn’t make a reservation, you might not get in. Very popular place. Oct 4 Exmouth Finally got into the 21st century. Put Skype on the laptop and talked to Jennifer & Rob. Kathryn wasn’t home. Really, really nice to talk to them from such a distance. And at hardly any cost. Walked to the Home Hardware (yep!!) and picked up a small tarp ... read more
..1OT swimming at the Katherine Gorges
..2OT trying to talk to the fish in EF
..OT looking for family at Edith Falls

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle October 9th 2008

Well, I have just celebrated my second birthday and also my 9th wedding anniversary in Australia. The first one was 5 years ago and was spent in Cairns on the beach in glorious sunshine watching wild dolphins swim by this year it was a working day and raining and grey so just like being in the UK! We decided to just have a quiet night in and celebrate at the weekend instead and thankfully the weather picked up so we had sunshine! On the Saturday night Doug cooked a lovely dinner and we had a bottle of champagne ... lovely! On the Sunday we went down to the beach with the dogs and had a lovely walk until we were rained off! You could see the weather coming in from the ocean really fast. It is ... read more
Cell from 1850 - 1860
The Gallows
The cells

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