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North America » United States » Colorado » Denver May 30th 2007

Howdy! I took a few days off following the Memorial Day weekend to get my chill on - ahhh! I had great ambitions about getting some writing and French lessons in, but... All's not lost though as I've done a good bit of reading; Candide, The Beauties and the Furies, and some short stories by Jean Rhys (whom I'm enjoying quite a bit). Gary and I spent a couple of hours toodling around downtown. I pretended I was a tourist and took lots of pictures (this is a travel blog - right?). If you want to see all the pix we took today in the city, click on the GALLERY icon on my homepage (the page with the countdown timer on it). Double click on the image under DENVER to open up the album (there ... read more
Mail Box Building - Take 2
Qwest Building
The Brown Palace

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver May 30th 2007

Motorhome News from North America 44 17th May - 30th May 2007 A nomadic swan-song. The magic of Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons There’s a new way of life just around the corner; a life of cars and motels, turning onto the tourist track on the western fringe of Wyoming and the borders of Montana, Idaho, Utah and back into Colorado for the last two weeks of our tour of North America before flying out from Denver on the 30th May. We’ll miss the Winnebago: the stops for coffee and lunch at the nod of a hat, home cooking, knowing where to find a clean pair of socks, the diary, a map of Utah, the telescope (deep in the suitcase when you most need it); a bottle-opener when it’s absolutely essential - and the toilet, ... read more
Ralph and Jojo with Birdmobile II - and David
Cody, Wyoming
Glorious Yellowstone

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver May 27th 2007

This blog is dedicated to those who helped us load and unload all of our earthly treasures this past week. We really appreciated it! Well, we have arrived safely in Colorado for six weeks of fun. It is surreal to load everything you own into a truck, drive it halfway across the nation, and call that new place “home”. I don’t think we would do so well as nomads. Prior to loading we spent about three weeks saying goodbye. We had a fair amount of going away parties and dinner engagements, as well as several last conversations. On the one hand it was really difficult. We cried pools of tears and had to drink lots of water to make up for it. On the other hand it was awesome to realize how many people love ... read more
Moving Day
The Rolling Apartment
The Road Home

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver May 16th 2007

It finally looks like the skies are ready to part a bit and let the sun shine after two days of blahhhh. I took Baylie for a walk this morning and saw the hugest coyote I've ever seen. He was as big as a golden retriever - yikes! He stared at me as he crossed the street and hiked up a neighbor's drive, "I'm just doing my own thing here, no need to panic. Although, that little dog of yours looks mighty tasty!" Thankfully Baylie's bangs keep him partially blind so he didn't even notice. That would have been a good time, I'm sure. I was reading about Sarkozy's swearing in yesterday. I'm not familiar with the political climate in France, but it seems that Chirac wasn't an entirely effective president (sluggish economy, 8.3% unemployment rate). ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver May 14th 2007

Yesterday was very nice and relaxing - a perfect way to spend Mother's Day! Gary gave me lots and lots of flowers - he even planted some in the front yard - and my kids gave me a t-shirt from Hooters. Fabulous! :) My dad came up from Palmer Lake on Saturday to take the kids to the flea market. I don't get the whole concept of flea markets, but for whatever reason, my kids love to go. Afterwards, they talked my dad into going to Hooters for lunch. While they were there, a woman apparently flew into the parking lot, threw open her car door, and began yelling at her ex-husband (who was sitting on the patio) for drinking away his child support; a nice touch, really, to an already disturbing scenario. I love ... read more
My Writing Partner
The Hemingway Desk


North America » United States » Colorado » Denver May 12th 2007

I've been to some pretty cool places in my life, but there is nowhere I'd rather be in the spring than Denver (except maybe Paris!) It's a gorgeous day here; the weather is PERFECT and the birds are singing right outside my window. Everyone seems to be outside today - tending to their yards, washing their cars or talking with neighbors. My son, dad and I played some basketball on the driveway a little bit ago - but I lost them both to video games and a lazy afternoon nap, respectively. It seems all I can do or think about relates to my trip. I'm stressing a little about the language; and the more I learn about things (places, people, culture), the more excited and nervous I get. I'm very much looking forward to visiting Shakespeare ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver May 8th 2007

Brady and I will soon be going to Europe and this is the place to find our stuff from our trips as we go. Please subscribe to this blog to get emails when we post new stuff. --Ben... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver May 6th 2007

I'm about three weeks into the planning of this trip. About a week after I began the process, I sent an e-mail out to friends and family letting them know about my endeavor. I've really enjoyed the reaction; people get so excited about traveling! My mom and aunt will be joining me for a week and my husband is also coming out for a week. Others have asked - or hinted:) - but I have to stay firm and say, "NO! I want to be alone!" I was in Paris for a couple of days in 2000 and absolutely fell in love with it. It's like nowhere I've ever been and it exceeded my expectations a hundred times over. I've wanted to go back, and knew that I would, but I guess I never really thought ... read more

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