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Europe » Spain » Galicia » La Coruña » La Coruña July 19th 2014

Galicia certainly hasn’t disappointed. I am a little in love with it.. Lovely people, great food at good prices. Barely anyone speaks English as it’s not really on the non-Spanish tourist trail. My schoolgirl Spanish has really helped, though sometimes with hilarious consequences! (More later on this..) I have also finally made it to Santiago De Compostela after reading several books about it – It didn’t disappoint. Things on board are definitely getting slick and second nature for the crew. We’re finding our sea legs. Alcohol consumption and cooking experimentation has increased three fold! Hair also getting bleached, so the grey hairs aren’t showing quite as much – though desperate to get my hair dyed once I work out how to say it in Portuguese?!? Oh, and did I mention the tan – coming on nicely ... read more
Arriving at Marina Coruna
Coruna city beach

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh July 19th 2014

I didn’t fall off the top bunk last night! Today I woke up around 9 and it was great. I got ready and grabbed a breakfast bar then walked down to go on Sandemans free walking tour. The tour was about 2 and a half hours long and I got Sabela again as my tour guide. I also met up with Erin, the girl from Alaska that I met the night before. It started out as a cloudy day, but the tour still continued. This tour made me fall in love with Edinburgh even more. There is so much history, folk lore, and awesome stories about this city. We walked around all over the old town while Sabela told us very interesting stories. We started at the church and talked about town hangings outside of it. ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev July 19th 2014

I only had two days in Kiev so I was going to make the most of it. After my Chernobyl tour I explored the city, there are still tents and barricades around the main square. Despite all this I still felt very safe, although everywhere I went I made sure I had two exits in case something happened. I think Kiev is a very beautiful city and I’m very glad I went, I was almost going to avoid it because of the conflict. On day two I went on a tour of a nuclear missile site. The museum was 3.5 hours away from the city. This was a site that was still in use up until 2001, after this it became know that the site had 12 nuclear missiles pointed at targets like the US and ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Granada July 19th 2014

This trip has really altered my perspective about how people live outside of my narrow scope of the world. Although I've done a great deal of traveling and I've seen a lot of places, I'm enjoying the slow nature that is living in Granada and find myself noticing so many differences & lovely subtleties just in terms of what people do in their day-to-day. I've also been thinking a lot about the expansive time difference between here and home and how people utilize their spare time. That being said, I am afterall in Europe and am in a popular tourist destination. Granada draws people from all over and has largely been influenced by American pop culture as I learned from a discussion I had with Pablo that focused predominantly on Beyoncé, Puff Daddy and R Kelly. ... read more

Europe » France » Corsica July 19th 2014

7. Travel Blog - Friday 4th July to Friday 11thJuly 2014 Friday 4th July 2014. Up early and find our way to Nice and ferry port without any worries. Toll from Aubignan to Nice €35.10. We were loaded last onto ferry and had to back on as we were going to be the first to disembark. However, when it got close to Bastia port, they announced that people to go to their vehicles. About 10 minutes after that, then announced Deck c should go first (that’s us) – the audio system was not very good on the ferry. Too late. That did not happen. We could not get through the mob of people queued up to get down the steps to the vehicle decks. Eventually get around the mob and Tom gets to van first but ... read more
4.7.14 Nice harbour departure (2)
4.7.14 to 6.7.14 Camping Santa Marina at Santa Severa (1)
5.7.14 Macinaggio harbour (1)


Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland July 19th 2014

We arrived today in Edinburgh & after naps; we enjoyed Saturday night in a Scottish pub.... read more
Scottish Pub

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire July 19th 2014

The train gods really hate me on this trip haha. Well, debatable I suppose… although my trains keep running super late (or not at all) I usually get a good story or experience out of it… so… again, debatable. Today I was taking the train up to Haverfordwest to connect thru to Fishguard which is my final real stop in my journey. I’m excited because it’s still Pembrokeshire (which I love) and I haven’t been before. Fingers crossed the weather is decent. Let me tell you - last night it was not decent. For the first time in my many visits I heard thunder in the UK. And I didn’t just hear it - it was so loud and booming I almost fell off my bunk bed from jolting straight up and awake. It was seriously ... read more

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade July 19th 2014

On our first full in Belgrade, we actually had it nice and easy, relative to other days. We started Sarajevo with a meeting with, arguably, the 2nd most powerful man in the country. Mostar and Banja Luka both included important meetings for the days we were there. Here, we took a tour of the downtown area of the city, then our afternoon meeting was cancelled. The downtown area is actually quite nice and I respect this city a bit more than I said yesterday, having seen its different sides. For one, a lot of the industrial look comes from rebuilding after the Luftwaffe bombing of WWII. I suppose they can't be blamed for that. And there are still some nice old buildings, as well. The tour took us through the government section of the city, as ... read more
Serbian Orthodox Temple
Temple inside
Temple ceiling

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Lillehammer July 19th 2014

Sunrise today was around 4:00 a.m. We just found out today that our room had room darkening shades on them, which we didn’t use so I was up for what was promising to be another outstanding weather day. We were all packed and had our bags out at 6:30 and then went down to our breakfast buffet which was delicious. They had a variety of meats, cheeses, fruits, breads, ingredients for muesli, eggs, sausages. Juices. I cannot believe the value of a Gate 1 vacation. We are traveling in a very roomy tourist coach. There are only 29 people, so we can spread out as we like. The tour director really wants us to be in our assigned seats, but some of the group balked a little bit, so we will see what happens tomorrow. Today ... read more
Vigeland Sculpture Park
Vigeland Sculpture Park
City Hall

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen July 19th 2014

Copenhagen Denmark - 16-19 July 2014 After leaving Odense, we travelled over the Great Belt's Bridge to Zealand, another section of Denmark. This bridge is extraordinary (called Storebaelts Forbindlesen by locals) as it covers 18km which is even longer than the Oresunds Fixed Link to Sweden. The bridge has 2 spans and in the middle is a manmade island, plus a tunnel. It was finished in 1998. Taller and three times longer than San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, Denmark’s Great Belt Bridge is a landmark engineering achievement and a vital link for people traversing Denmark. The Great Belt Bridge has about 200 employees to ensure the daily operation. The toll for the bridge is about $35 AUD. Again, Kerrie's Danish friend, Tea, had asked her friends if they would be interested in meeting us and many ... read more
Great Belt's Bridge or Storebaelts Forbindlesen between Funen and Zealand  (2)
Tom enjoying a beer in Nyhavn area in Copenhagen (1)
The Little Mermaid (2)

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