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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Hathersage April 18th 2014

Weer een jaartje ouder, en dat vieren we tradioneel niet in België. Kris, Dieter en Jerina hadden besloten ons te vergezellen voor een klein 5-daags tripje naar the Peak, UK. Erik en ik reden vrijdagavond, de 11de april al richting de eurotunnel. Nog diezelfde dag stonden we aan de overkant en stopten pas halverwege Sheffield. We besloten onderweg een paar uurtjes te slapen. We hadden voor mijn verjaardag allebei een NeoAir Thermarest gekocht. Amai, wat een luxe (6,3cm dik) en opgerold niet groter dan een nalgene-fles en nog stukken lichter in gewicht ook. Ik ben een grote fan!!! De volgende morgen rond een uur of 10 zaten we in the Outside iets te eten. Kris, Dieter en Jerina vervoegden ons daar. Een dik uurtje later stonden we op Stanage Plantation. Het was koud, rond de 9°C ... read more
Moe maar voldaan!
Friend 4!!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London April 17th 2014

Great day! Camden Market and British Library card! Having done too much yesterday, I had a slow morning until about 10:30. Then off to Camden Market, a simple walk of about thirty minutes. Long before the market, the walk was fun, because on Camden High Street there was every kind of shop – from hardware through grocery to clothes and shoes. After a while the variety turned more punk and goth, with a liberal sprinkling of charity shops. Then the first of the markets appeared, called “The Camden Market”, perhaps a trademarked name, because it is a bit away from the others. It was full of clothing stalls – either modern baby-doll dresses for young women or coats for men and women, plus lots of T-shirts with edgy sayings on them. Across the street was a ... read more
Camden locks
St Pancras Parish Church
Reader Card

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Den Bosch April 17th 2014

Written in English... and Spanish by Dan (edited by Ana) It has been several weeks since we last added to the blog so we have a lot to write. To start Ana has been busy building her business as a language coach. At our local library she did a presentation about Argentina and is running a Spanish table Wednesday nights, and both have been popular. At the Spanish table last Wednesday there were around 20 people! Additionally, all this work she is doing has helped her find more students for private lessons. We have continued exploring our city and the rest of the Netherlands. We took a tour of Den Bosch and learned that when they were fixing the main cathedral a few years ago they added a statue of new angel with a cell phone. ... read more
2. Bikes rescued from canal
3. Amsterdam Pillow fight
Artist we like

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool April 17th 2014

Somebody is very nearly a year old, so we are all getting together to celebrate. Its good fun.... read more
early birthday present for Martha
a late birthday present for Granddad
and an early one for Grandma

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence April 15th 2014

Due to the car issues, we had only one night here which is a real shame as the apartment was lovely and spacious. After a good breakfast in the hotel restaurant, Em played in the playground at the hotel and watched the geese, goats, pigs, chickens... We also didn’t get a chance to see Verona either as we had planned a lazy day to wander the city with two larger drives either side. Being a day behind, we had another big drive today as well so we set off for Florence with our google-guide. Feeling more comfortable with maps today, we stayed off the motorways and cruised down to Florence. A pizzeria in one of the small towns provided us with the opportunity to have our first Italian pizza. Oh yeah! Huge and delicious, we got ... read more
Our Tuscan Villa


Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris April 15th 2014

I suppose I’m somehow dating myself here, but I can’t help thinking back to the days when you would buy a 45 or an album because you liked a particular song you heard on the radio. Invariably you took it home and played it a million times. It was your favorite song and you felt as though you were the one who had discovered it. Of course, as time went on, you noticed more and more people were also enjoying “your” song. It actually became popular and it seemed everywhere you went people were humming the song or talking about how great the band was. It was still the same song you discovered, but in some way it seemed different now that so many other people liked it. Other people were interpreting the meaning of the ... read more
Gargoyles at Notre Dame
Chateau Fontainebleau
Eiffel Tower and Carousel

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona April 14th 2014

One last feed of the cows for Em then it was time to pack up. After cleaning up and saying our farewells, a taxi picked us up to take us to our rental car which was in Zell am See on the far side of the mountains about an hour’s drive away. We got the car with no problems but then realised that it had no satellite navigation system. As we like to stay off the motorways when we can, this is a pretty big issue for us. Their advice was go to another Europcar store to see if they had any handheld devices. Where is that? Innsbruck. 2 hours away. How do we get there? They produced a map of Austria and told us it was the best they could do. No detail even how ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool April 14th 2014

It was a glorious spring day so Mum and I walked down the canal into town and ended up in Tescos to buy Easter eggs. There was a chilly wind when the sun went in, so that's why she's so well wrapped up.... read more
shall we have this one?
or this one?
dont forget to pay

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool April 13th 2014

The storm we had on Feb 12th not only took a bit of our roof, but also broke the front door. The roof was urgent, so repaired quickly. The door I sealed with plastic feed bags filled with newspaper, so we were fine. Just couldn't open the door. BUT this weekend we got a spanking new PVC job - it took a long time for me to decide that's what I needed, and it will take a while to get used to a white door instead of wooden. But practically its sensible, and I just need a lick of paint round the porch and we're done.... read more

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