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Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge April 23rd 2014

Tues 22 April 2014 Dublin Hi everyone Finally arrived in Dublin yesterday after an epic 28 hours of travel. It’s was a killer, but worth it to get here. We arrived at Sydney airport to find our flight had been delayed by 7 hours, which was a concern for our connecting flights and the accommodation we had booked in Dublin for one night. After a little trepidation, Singapore Airlines got us on to a Qantas fight leaving at the same time. So, no A380 and no upper deck. Not to worry. We arrived in Singapore in the middle on the night and wanted to quench our thirst. Cath got a few beers that only cost $34 Australian (WTF) and that is normal price around here. Needless to say Singapore will be off any future holiday destinations. ... read more
$34 worth of tiger beer in Singapore

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Majorca April 22nd 2014

Winter is finally over; not that it was long here in Majorca, but it was cold. I haven't been so cold in my own house for... ever! Luckily we have a chimney, but Majorcan houses are prepared for the heat, not the cold, so from December to April everybody cuddles up in front of the fire and waits for Spring. Majorca looks great in Spring: all covered in green and full of flowers everywhere; shame they won't last long, as soon it will be too hot to bare. This is the thing with this island: it goes from very cold to very hot nearly from one day to the next! To me, this is the best time of the year to be here, so we are making the most of it before it gets too hot ... read more
Cabo Blanco

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Cascais April 22nd 2014

Last night we once again had a bit of trouble getting to sleep on account of some man screaming outside. At first I thought, how nice, some late-night Fado! Nope, just repeated yelling of the same unintelligible, though somewhat lyrical thing. We still managed to get up a bit after 8 and head down to our gourmet breakfast of assorted breads, yogurt, and sliced cheese. Once showered we started to make our way West toward the Museu Nacional do Azulejo, the National Azulejo Tile museum. Lisbon's azulejos are iconic and ubiquitous throughout the city, so it was interesting to see their history and evolution. The word itself comes from the Arabic 'azzelij' or 'az zuleycha' which means small polished stone. It was cool to see the various styles and influences, from Arabic geometric patterns to Eastern ... read more
Passing by the Praça do Município
Canned feast at Sol e Pesca!
Praia da Ribeira - Cascais

Europe » France » Lorraine » Metz April 21st 2014

It is by wonderfully sunny afternoon, this Sunday December 1st that I boarded the regional train towards the City of Metz and its Christmas Market, Christmas Markets should I rather say as they are 6 in total spread around the city centre, but all within a walking distance. As soon as I arrive in the historic train station I was greeted by the towering silhouette of the giant Vosgian Christmas Tree dressed in silver and white which welcomes you in a City that knows to celebrate Christmas with warmth ! I know the centre of Metz quite well and yet it was a a wonderful surprise to discover all these familiar Streets and squares dressed in festive colours starting with the Place de la République with its Big Wheel and its Ice Skating Rink then to ... read more
Metz Christmas Market
Metz Christmas Market
Metz Christmas Market

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg April 21st 2014

When one arrives like myself in the 3 Borders Country and one speaks about Christmas Markets, one name comes back on everyones lips, Strasbourg ! The largest, the most beautiful and famous Christmas Market of all and as I discovered while researching prior to my visit, the Capital of Christmas, nothing less ! And as I boarded a comfortable double decker grand tourism bus for the very reasonable price of only 19.00 Euros return filled with a joyous crowd of people coming from all parts of the country, I wondered if the city of Strasbourg which I was about to discover, with such a fame and reputation would live up to my expectations, and I must say it even exceeded them ! To say that I arrived on this December 05th in a city dressed up ... read more
Strasbourg Christmas Markets
Strasbourg Christmas Markets
Strasbourg Christmas Markets


Europe » France » Île-de-France » Fontainebleau April 21st 2014

Na 2 dagen thuis, vertrokken we terug richting Fontaine Bleau. Kris, Dieter en Jerina waren eveneens terug van de partij. Vrijdagavond stonden we op de overvolle camping in Grez-sur-Loing. Carol en Bertrand heetten ons hartelijk welkom op de camping. Is altijd reuze plezant om zo aan te komen. Dan vallen de horden allemaal wel te verdragen. Dieter en Jerina vervoegden ons 's morgens in de vroegte. Na een gezellig kopje koffie vertrokken we richting de parking van Rocher des Oiseaux. Iets verder werkte ik verder in een project van mij. Iets verder vonden Kris, Dieter en Jerina zelf enkele leuke boulders om te poetsen. 'Triple hop' en '....?' werden er geboren. Alleen viel er sporadisch regen uit de lucht, spijtig. Al snel wandelden we terug richting Rocher des Oiseaux. Daar klom Kris 'Action Direct'. Dieter sneuvelde ... read more
Mauvais mine
Fur Immer
Action Directe

As I write the final entry in our first ever travelblog, we are safe and sound back home in Farnham Common. Pepper is back with us and we are now getting our minds quickly around to work and school which will all kick off tomorrow. Looking back over the past three weeks, we have had the trip of a lifetime, seen many new things, undertaken many different adventures and spent time with some truly great friends. I am sure we will look back fondly to our Australian adventure in the coming months, but we also have a great summer to look forward to. I hope you enjoyed reading the blog (despite the odd technical glitch) half as much as we enjoyed writing it. Thats it for now, just the 2000 photos to sort!!!!... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Sintra April 21st 2014

Day three started a bit later thanks to Lisbon's SLE soccer team having won the Portuguese title. We lay in bed for literally hours as young guys screamed/chanted and blasted air horns. I got up naturally around 10 thinking it was dark and dreary, but Chris had shut the shutters so it was actually gorgeous out. We'd also missed breakfast, so we'd have to grab something at the train station before getting on the train to Sintra. Well, the train station ticket window and automated machines were a shitshow - I really hope that things return to low-key with tourists once Easter Monday is over. After waiting 30 minutes in line and missing two trains, I figured I'd have Chris see if he could get through the gate with our metro pass, since a train symbol ... read more
Quinta da Regaleira
Tower & Terrace of Quinta da Regeleira
Chris in the Regaleira Tower

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Lanzarote April 21st 2014

Wakacyjne zdjęcia z wakacji w Lanzarote. Mam nadzieję, że wszystko jest dobrze. Napisz do nas o nowościach jak usłyszeć od ciebie. Pictures from our recent holiday in Lanzarote.... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City April 21st 2014

Welcome to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and its Capital Luxembourg City ! Despite of its relatively small size - 2.586 square kilometers for 500 000 inhabitants - the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is an authentic state with a rich and eventful history. Located in the heart of Europe, between France, Belgium and Germany, it has contributed to the great European évolutions. The eventful past of the Grand Duchy is a real condensed of the history of Europe. In the Middle Ages, its Princes wore the crown of the Holy Roman German Empire. During the more recent history, its fortess was a major goal in the dispute between the major powers of the time. Before finally gaining independance in the 19th century, the Luxembourg belonged to a succession of Counts, then the Dukes of Luxembourg, then ... read more

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