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Europe » Germany July 29th 2014

Yesterday, while we slept, the ship started up and took us around the Zee Hamm, leaving the Mosel and getting back on the Rhine. Then, at the Boppard Hamm, we docked at the small village of Boppard, the site of an old Roman garrison. No doubt you'll remember that 'Hamm' refers to a big, u-shaped curve in the river. On the west side of the river was the boundary of the Roman Empire, while across the river were the wild Germanic tribes. The Rhine formed a natural barrier between the two cultures. In late 400 AD the Germans finally did conquer the Roman Empire, which was the start of the so-called dark ages in history. Parts of the garrison are still standing, along with some murals and storage bins. As usual, a visit to a local ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Uppsala County » Uppsala July 29th 2014

Uppsala and Gavle north of Stockholm After leaving Stockholm we drove 80 km north to the university town of Uppsala which is the fourth largest city in Sweden. In Uppsala we saw the biggest cathedral in Scandinavia, which has quite a few crypts and tombs inside. We briefly visited Gamla (Old) Uppsala, which was once a flourishing 6th-century religious centre. This is also where Viking royal burial mounds and temple remains from the time when Uppsala was Sweden's capital. We then went onto Gavle and had lunch. From there we headed west to visit one of the most beautiful regions in Sweden - Dalarna Region.... read more
We saw this car being pulled out near Uppsala Sweden (2)
Biggest Cathedral in Scandinavia in Uppsala Sweden (1)
Biggest Cathedral in Scandinavia in Uppsala Sweden (2)

Europe » Germany July 28th 2014

Yesterday we spent our last day on the Mosel River docked at the old village of Zell. We have progressed upriver towards the headwaters of the Mosel as far as our ship can get. Last night the ship cruised back to the Rhine while we slept. Zell is noted for their Reisling wine, and one brand in particular: Zeller Schwarze Katz. We have tasted this wine previously, and it is a nice wine. There are pictures of the black cat everywhere in the village, advertising this wine. We started the day, as we usually do, with a walking tour. In the main area there was this large mural on a wall with the name "Hamm" prominently displayed. In German, Hamm refers to where the river makes a big bend. So now we know. There was a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England July 28th 2014

After leaving our hotel (The Francis), we went on a walking tour of Bath with our Guide - Andrew (a very witty man) who took us to the Royal Crescent, the Circus, Bath Abbey built in 1499 by Bishop Oliver King & the Roman Baths. Following that, we had afternoon tea at the Pump Room, which was beautiful! We then toured the Jane Austen Centre - a must see for us since we love her books - unfortunately, Mr. Darcy was nowhere to be seen!!... read more
Royal Crescent

Europe » Bulgaria » Blagoevgrad Province » Dobrinishte July 28th 2014

Up early - well we were. Everyone else strolled out of bed after 10, 11 etc. Phoned Anton and he arranged to drop of the key at 11.30 and true to his word the key arrived. I had already nipped out and got some fresh bananas and bread. We were on our way out when Anton gave us the key so we just popped down to check the key worked and we could get into the Gym. Looks very nice, nice boxing bag fixed to the roof, table tennis table with bats and balls, cycle, weight machine and cross trainer. Changing rooms have been provided as well and I think I can see where the Sauna will go. Then we drove over to Dobrinishte and uptowards Bezbog hut where we are going to get the cable ... read more
Hotel at Gotse Delchev
Uncle Bulgaria on tour


Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia July 28th 2014

27/28 juillet (De Varna vers Sofia) Je suis dans un vieux train rouille en direction de Sofia. Night train. Je suis le seul passager de ma capsule. Il y a quatres bancs vides devant moi qui font face aux identiques quatres bancs de mon cote. Le train ballotte dans la tiede nuit ferroviaire. Parfois, pour me degourdir, je vais longer les corridors metalliques en m'imaginant agent secret en terrain ennemi. Ke-Klock, Ke-Klock, Ke-Klock font les rails sous les wagons. (Musique de James Bond) Par les fenetres entre ouvertes, j' observe les paysages industriels illumines par les usines au ralentit et par les veilleuses rouge des inactives cheminees s' etirant comme des canons qui auraient la puissance de trouer la lune. Thermo nucleaire. La fenetre dans ma capsule personnelle s'ouvre grande comme une porte. Je l'ai teste. ... read more
The Wake Up! Cafe
Changement de garde
Gaz Mask

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen July 28th 2014

Well. We are most impressed with Stavanger and the trip down was great. Seeing new country and having to catch the ferries. Travel is so easy now with all of us being able to go in one car as Chris and Hege have a new Nissen Qashqai 7 seater. So good to be able to travel together. While there we looked at a lot of sights and and the old town was very nice with the water front. Some shopping was done{isn't it always}. A visit to an Animal farm with a huge play area attached were the girls especially loved the horse riding, flying fox and the hay jumping. A good way to spend 3 to 4 hours walking around the grounds and playing. A very well kept place with heaps to do. A lot ... read more
Lilly's 7th Birthday.
Food time.

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » La Palma July 28th 2014

The ship is in the water! That means cooler conditions and more lights. We are back on water restrictions because three of the four tanks are in the process of being repaired. The families have moved back to the ship. Things are still on schedule to go to Tenerife sometime at the beginning of August. Some bunkering was done today (loading of fuel). The work continues to the inside of the ship. I have been working long hours in the café and store. Our staff was down to three because some long-term people take a vacation during dry dock. I mostly sold cold drink and phone cards in the evening. Sometimes I made popcorn if enough people wanted it. Last weekend I had off on Saturday and most of Sunday. A group of us went to ... read more
Nice and Clean Now
Men at Work
Hospital Floor Getting a Make-over

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Huy July 28th 2014

Voor twee daagjes op naar onze Ardennen, iets preciezer Awirs. Erik en ik hadden er nog een date met enkele routes. Wat werd me dit een avonturen-weekend! Zaterdagochtend geraakten we allebei niet erg goed op gang, maar toch. Tegen de middag stonden we op het vaste plekje in Awirs, de noordwand. In een korte broek waren we al vrij snel voer voor de muggen. Maar wat is een beetje jeuksel... Ik startte met "The Fin" (6c). Kobe had deze vorige week nog behaakt en samen met Erik nog vrij geklommen. Ik had die kans niet meer gehad en ik vond het een keitoffe uitdaging. Dus bij de derde poging stond ik geheel en wel boven. Was echt tof! De eerste poging was inpikken, de tweede poging focus wat kwijt, dus derde ... voilà. Mijn geplande uitdaging ... read more
Vorige weekend, Erik in 'the Fin'.

Europe » France » Burgundy July 28th 2014

Or maybe a bottle of wine? This week we bought some new bikes, not got round to using them yet but they are on the back of the boat ready to take us along canal paths to the nearest place to buy bread and wine. We are still in Briennon, nearly finished the cleaning and minor mods to get our new home usable. Scrubbed the hull above the waterline, cleaned fenders and reinstalled on one side. We are still amazed at the selection of fruit and veggies available; shopping is a pleasure with everyone so polite. After years of wearing Tee shirts and shorts it is a pleasant change to be able to wear something a little more upmarket and even shoes and socks! Not sure how long the novelty will last. Decided to have a ... read more
France (2)
La Benisson Dieu

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