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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Granada July 8th 2014

It's 11:45 and I just stepped in the door. Tonight I ate at my favorite bar/restaurant Torcuato, where the bartender knows me and gives me free refills on my wine and free tapas. I guess it pays to laugh at his jokes! I haven't yet learned his name but the locals call him "calbo" or "baldie." I call him generous with his pours. Tonight I had three glasses of wine (the last one a freebie) and two cups of gazpacho, two fish sticks, and scrambled eggs with shrimp & avocado. The tapas are not necessarily what I'd order for myself--but who's complaining when they were all free?! LIke I said, I just walked through the door and like clockwork, Pablo will soon be shouting "Guapa!" outside my front door. Speaking of which, I've received several requests ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 8th 2014

Back to London today! Feels so great - it’s like going back to my second home - I really have missed it terribly. I had a two hour wait at the train station, but I took the time to finish my book (“The Yellow Birds” - great read) and to watch some Y&R. Yes, my guilty pleasure lives on while I travel haha. Anyway, train ride itself was uneventful except for the fact it brought me back to my glorious London :) I really can’t pinpoint what’s so great about this city, but it is my honorary second home and of all the places I’ve been this is where I most enjoy coming back, so that must say something. But ugh, London hostels... one of the few things I despise here. I've stayed at some decent ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt July 8th 2014

Switzerland - Zermatt, July 5-8, 2014 Our train travel from Lutry to Zermatt was not uneventful, because, first, we thought it was unnecessary to reserve seats, but the first leg of the journey was very crowded, so we were kicked out of the seats we chose, and with the enormous suitcases, it was not easy to relocate, and every seat was taken. Also, we had been told to change in Visp, and when the conductor finally came through to see our tickets, he told us that this train did not in fact stop in Visp, and that we should get off in Sion and take the next train that came along to Visp. Fortunately he told us this just before Sion! So it might be wise to reserve seats when traveling second class on popular routes, ... read more
First view of the Matterhorn
In search of marmots
Cable car from Sunegga to Blauherd

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Penzance July 8th 2014

I am absolutely exhausted, but today, our second consecutive annual trip to St. Michael's Mount was completely worth it! I'd recommend it to anyone, so have decided to post a bit about my adventures there, but any advice and information to those who want to visit! History Not only does the small tidal island off the coast of Cornwall have some beautiful panoramic views, but also boasts an interesting history. It's the perfect family day out and has something for everyone. As the states, the mount has been involved in major historical events in English history, from the War of the Roses to the English Civil War, primarily down to its useful geographic position. For a history student like myself, it's a really interesting place to visit, and the architecture alone ... read more
The boat trip
One of the many beautiful views from the top of Saint Michael's Mount
British weather was on top form from the boat today! Poor driver!

Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík July 8th 2014

Day 6 It was showering with rain when we woke but it cleared before we drove to see the Goðafoss waterfall. It was certainly coat and gloves weather but it was good hiking weather. We then drove another 40-odd km to lake Mývatn which is one of the biggest lakes in Iceland. Next was Skútustaðir, a little further down the road where there are pseudo-craters. These were formed when the geo-thermal pressures underneath the soil came up at various points and raised some hillocks. Fascinating! A little further along the shores of the Lake was Dimmuborgir which is where a beautiful lava labyrinth with very strange lava formations can be observed, which provide shelter for the abundant vegetation. We walked about 4 kms around to see all the different forms of the lava. Another 15 minutes ... read more
Godafoss Waterfall (9)
Husavik (3)
Puffin Island - Lundey near Husavik (66)


Europe » France July 8th 2014

08/07/14 - Fragnes We zijn gisteren niet vertrokken uit Fragnes. Er is hier een kapsalon naast de bakker en Josiane wilde wel haar haren eens laten knippen. Maandag dicht, dus wachten tot vandaag. Maar dat is niet zo erg. Wij hebben alle tijd in tegenstelling tot mensen die een boot huren en op de laatste dag van het huurcontract weer in de basis moeten zijn. Morgen doen we een poging om hier weg te geraken. De sluis stroomopwaarts was defect vandaag. Je kan het je al voorstellen. Iedereen ligt hier nu te wachten. Tegen 18 uur was het defect hersteld en kwamen er van de andere richting ook een 10-tal boten. Morgenvroeg gaan we het spel van “wie eerst weg” goed in de gaten houden. Er zijn er nu al die zich op de kop van ... read more
automatisch kan ook stuk gaan

Europe » United Kingdom » England July 8th 2014

The Hampton Court Palace.... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Sifnos July 8th 2014

La météo a vu juste, les vents se sont un peu calmés. Nous levons les amarres vers 9h30 direction l’île de Sifnos. La mer reste houleuse et une bonne partie de l’équipage a l’estomac fragile; seule Pascale semble immunisée come le mal de mer. En longeant Sifnos, il semble difficile de croire qu’elle est habitée. Parois rocheuses très élevées parsemées de quelques arbustes, elle semble désertique. Poutant, au détour d’une ouverture dans la roche, on aperçoit le village de Kamares. La vue est saisissante, les classiques petites maisons cubiques blanches, au fond d’une gigantesque vallée. Une fois à quai, nous ne pouvons résister à l’appel de la petite plage municipale pour nous rafraichir un peu.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 8th 2014

What a fantastic trip this has been so far; I can't believe we are already done London. And what a beautiful city it was! I do have to mention there were major drawbacks due to the fact that we were there for the busiest weekend of the year. Tour de france, 3 music festivals and Wimbledon were all going on that weekend. Needless to say, the crowds were stupid. I have never seen anything quite like it. The hostel we stayed in was great. It does advertise as having no kitchen or common areas, but that didn't even matter. It's called destinations at the rose and crown, and it's in southwark (London bridge area) just of the beaten path. This meant that it was accessible but quiet. The beds were almost as comfy as my beds ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich July 8th 2014

Today sadly due to weather I jumped around different shops in Munich and checked out the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum which was pretty cool and talked about ancient beer making techniques, turns out wooden shoes were used to grind the grain before the batch was brewed. Bavaria being catholic means the churches here are much nicer and a more elaberate since lutheran churches because of the counter reformation as well. What was cool here was the St. Micheal church which had old Bavarian Royalty buried in its chanmbers in metal coffins. The church itself is beautiful though with lots of relics. I ended up watching the Germany game with Max, Michelle and their friend Erik and it was a good game, their host reserved seats for us and since he worked there too our tabs were ... read more

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