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Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg July 30th 2014

So if there were a contest between Heidelberg and Frankfurt in which had the prettier city, Heidelberg would win hands down. Which had more sights to see? Heidelberg. Which had friendlier people? Heidelberg. Where was the better hostel? Heidelberg. (And I stayed at two different ones in Frankfurt.) I arrived Monday afternoon in Frankfurt to a roaring thunderstorm. In between torrential downpours, I made my way to my hostel, Five Elements. The hostel itself wasn't bad, but it was humid, and a bit musty in the bathrooms. Due to the rain, and questionable neighbourhood, I didn't venture out past 8pm. Sightseeing wasput aside, because I knew I'd be back to the city. Tuesday was also expected to be rainy, but fortunately it held off for mist of the day in Heidelberg. I arrived at my hostel ... read more

Europe » Norway July 30th 2014

Vandaag weer een lange reisdag met onderweg een bezoek aan een husky farm en een bezoek aan het Slida muzeum waar een overzicht gegeven wordt van de cultuur en de leefwijze van de Sami bevolking.... read more

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade July 30th 2014

First, a note to my family and anyone other people or groups to whom I promised to send postcards (you know who you are): I did, in fact, uphold that promise, and postcards were sent out from Sarajevo around July 8th. As you've probably learned from my blog by now, practically everything in the Balkans is super inefficient. As such, it should come as no surprise that I recently discovered those postcards are probably inexorably lost in the Bosnian postal system. There is another round of postards being sent out from Belgrade tomorrow; we'll see if they fare any better. Now, on to today's topics: allow me to be excited for having handed in our executive summary for our disputation for a moment. YAY! With that, my team now prepares our judge's rubrics, questions, and plans ... read more
The city just stops at the river
Lightning strike 1
Lightning strike 2

Europe » United Kingdom July 30th 2014

Last night I decided I haven't got enough experience indeed for a good job in London and as I'm going to be on holiday for the next month and a half, dad and I decided it would be a good idea to go back to Wales for the next six weeks; I decided to take my mum's offer at the family Hotel/restaurant/pub after stubbornly saying no. I'm hoping to do full time, possibly for minimum wage of just over £5 if I'm lucky but as I'm over 18 now I'll be able to do some bar work or reception if they'll allow me too. I'd worked there last summer mainly on my own, but new staff have arrived so hopefully the opportunity will be more thrilling this time around. My boyfriend is off to Kyushu tomorrow ... read more
Calculations and result

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Hønefoss July 30th 2014

Woke this morning to Gry telling me she was off to the hospital to be checked and wondered if I was also wanting to go. I got out of bed and did some moving to assess the situation and didn't feeling it was necessary So I stayed behind, I got up and went down to the main cottage where I made a coffee, wrote in my blog and had some fresh bread and cheese. A little tidying up, emptied the dishwasher and I was ready to do Thea's hair. Gry and I went into Honefoss to do some shopping. It was a great town. We went to the mall and looked at clothes then did a little walk through town which has cobble stone streets. We went to the grocery store where I picked out items ... read more


Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik July 30th 2014

It was a typical first day of the trip today. After 24 hours and traveling through Washington DC and Vienna, Austria we arrived to a torrential downpour in Dubrovnik. This was the first time I had ever seen rain in 7 trips to this city! Fortunately we had a restaurant near our apartment during the storm. After it stopped raining, we had a nice, cool walk through the Old Town. Everyone is doing well. Dad actually traveled well without much sleep. He is still raring to go while the rest of us have run out of gas! Enjoy the pics from the day! More tomorrow.... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Sanremo July 30th 2014

Before leaving Milano Jen, Michael and I told George that we hadn't quite finished with Italia, so being the ever accommodating tour guide he did his research and booked accommodation for us on the Italian Rivera, telling me he'd 'found this great place and it's cheap!....can't go wrong, it's the Italian Rivera after all! As we were on our way to France to catch up with the Tour de France, everyone was happy with this destination, Sanremo is very close to the French border, and right next to Monaco! Should be great! We arrived in Sanremo late in the afternoon and keen to check into our accommodation for the night as George had gone all out and booked us a 'grand hotel'. It was probably grand back in about 1950!! Same era as Sanremo may have ... read more
Gnocchi con crema fontina
Our new boat

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Lourdes July 30th 2014

During the Tour de France the king of the mountain wears a red polka dot jersey! Our planned route led us to Lourdes to see the fourth last leg of the tour, and the gruelling mountain legs of Col du Tourmalet and Hautacam. Seeing the Tour de France has been a life long dream of George's, and our holiday motto of 'don't leave a man behind' meant we were all committed to a very long, but exciting day. The mountain legs were about a fifteen minute drive out of Lourdes, so we were up very early to prepare for our day. We had baguettes,water, snacks, wine, towels, sunscreen..even serviettes, the bags were very heavy. Thanks George, Jen and Michael for carrying the bags. After brekky we drove Pablo to a little town at the base of ... read more
Crepe stop
Crazy kids having fun
Vincenzo Nibali

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Nordkapp July 30th 2014

Nordkapp (North Cape) Norway 29 July 2014 - on top of the world This was the day/night that we had been waiting for. Will we see the midnight sun? After leaving Karasjok, the sky was cloudy and there were a few showers of rain around. We told ourselves that the sky would clear before 12MN - I am forever an optimist, but I just knew mother nature wouldn't let me down. I had waited all my adult life to see this natural phenomena. Mum and I used to talk about the midnight sun. The road north was beautiful, a little bumpy in parts and occasionally narrow, but on the whole, very good. The scenery was spectacular - stark, treeless, layered granite stacks, cliffs to the water in places, multiple coves, a sprinkling of red houses, rolling ... read more
Sunset at North Cape or Nordkapp in Norway 29 July 2014 (2)
The Globe on the cliff ar North Cape Norway 0n 29 July 2014 (3)
Mother and Child sculpture at North Cape (2)

Europe » United Kingdom » England July 30th 2014

Today we visited Churchill's grave in Bladon and then saw the Blenheim Palace where he was born in 1874, 2 months prematurely while his parents were visiting his Uncle, Duke of Marlborough. Blenheim Palace is England's largest palace & it was really beautiful. It is enormous; the current Duke and his fourth wife live there most of the year. The dining room which seats 40 is always used by the Duke on Christmas Day. There are several gardens on the estate with manicured lawns, sculptured shrubs and fountains surrounded by statues and flowers everywhere. The inside of Blenheim is filled with exquisite furnishings, paintings, tapestries, etc... read more
Winston Churchill's grave

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